Optic Nadeshot is highly skilled on “Call of Duty,” is a professional joystick player of American origin. His ability is highly praised throughout the world and is best known for playing all competitive games.

There is no restriction that how a man earns differently from the rest and perhaps Nadeshot is the best example. Ischemic ability is not restricted in the boundaries of his native land but has gone in the wide scope of the international frontier. In 2011 he was crowned by the Call of Duty XP. His Supremacy over the gaming was further recognized at the Major League Gaming in 2014. At The Game Awards, he was declared the best e-sport player. His collections are filled with innumerable medals and certificates.

He is immensely popular as a gamer has enabled him to represent Astro Gaming and Scuf Gaming, concerns in manufacturing hardware for games. He is the co-owner and the main force behind Optic Gaming.

Nadeshot is an excellent gamer and earns quite a lot of money through gaming and choosing this as his career. His fans are quite eager to know about his net worth and from his patterns of lifestyle. Nadeshot luxurious style of Living indicates the quantitative amount of salary. His net worth is estimated somewhere around$2 million.

Early Life

Nade’s original name is Matthew Haag. Born in the year 1992 in the United States of America, Matthew was born to father Jeff who was a carpenter by profession and mother Christina hack who suffered from a deadly ailment till the day she lived. Nade brought up with two other siblings, and it is reported that all of them had a memorable childhood unless the health of Christina their mother suddenly collapsed. Christina was the backbone of the Haag family.

But life goes on, and Matthew joined the Amos Alonzo Stag High School in Illinois. He did his graduation in the year 2010 and moved on to get a degree in business studies from the Moraine Valley Community College. Matthew is also an active athlete who is listed in the Red Bull eSports and also and prominent participant of the famous Twitch TV the show is basically a streaming program which is sponsored by famous hardware gaming companies including Scuf Gaming and Astro Gaming.

Nadeshot had a decent childhood along with his brother and was into playing video games. Soon his habits of gaming got transformed into participation in sports at the school level. He is quite famous among his friends for accepting all the challenges for winning the games which he used to participate and never even cared about the dangerous moves in the person shooter game “Halo.” Matthew is a man with a professional life, but not much information is given about his personal territory.

He is famous for his handsome personality and a decent nature that have made him prosper in his life and gain a lot of money. Matthew is known to be a perfect philanthropist helped by the organization optic flame word that donates a considerable amount to the hospital that treats cancer in children.


Matthew is the brand ambassador for the brand Red Bull and proudly poses BMW i8. He is quite obsessive with new models of cars and spends a lot of money in changing the car models for bringing the latest ones. Matthew is popularly known to people as the owner of the famous game Hundred Thieves.

He even had shot for making people know typical gaming techniques which made him achieving a gold medal in the year 2014. In the list of the prestigious awards, the Game Award can be ranked as the topmost honor that a gamer can achieve in the course of one’s career. Matthew is successful enough to achieve the prestigious Games Awards.

Matthew is considered the master of two popular games, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Mathew son moved on to form his own unique team for gaming and name it the Call of Duty World League. He is having a huge fan base on all the social networking sites he is active in with the Twitter account of 2.06millions and 1.1millions for the account on Instagram.

Personal life

Presently Matthew is settled in the city of Los Angeles and is a popular and successful professional gamer. Much little is known about his personal life. But there is a rumor up in the air that Matthew is presently beating Jenna Ezarik who is a famous YouTuber. They are spotted together very often. Though the couple has not declared about the relation in public but would soon marriage would be on the card.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Matthew Haag

Date of Birth: 3rd August 1992

Birth Place: Palos Hills, Illinois, United States

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Gamer, YouTuber

Height: 1.65 M

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2 Million