Today’s text is dedicated to a famous American TV person called Jenelle Evans. In this text, we will reveal to you her childhood life, her career stream and details of her private life. She became known at the age of 16 for participating in the TV program “16 and Pregnant”. After participating in several episodes of this TV program, she became popular and many wanted to learn more about her. At age 16, she became a mother and had to sustain her son with her mother who helped her.

After participating in the first TV program, Jenelle continued to appear on television. She also took part in a similar TV program called “Teen Mom”. After this, many more people heard about Jenelle and she received many calls for various shows. She had a turbulent life and often changed her love partners. She also had several offenses and she almost end up in the prison.

After that, she managed to make her life and now she has her own YouTube channel, which is very popular. She has many followers around the world and she often throws videos that have millions of reviews. Jenelle said that she would appear in the future more often on television and that she will surprise her fans.

Early Life

Jenelle Evans was born on December 19, 1991. She was born in Oak Island, Carolina, USA and grew up with her parents and brother and sister. She had a rather happy childhood, but she had been in love relationship with 16 years and then she became pregnant. After that, her life changed because she had to dedicate to a child at the age of 16.

She still had support from her parents and her mother helped her to raise her child. She broke the relationship with her child’s father and decided to take care of her child without him.

At the age of 16, she participated in the TV show “16 and Pregnant”, and then many people around the USA heard about her. This show was popular and many people watched it. After that, she started her career and since then she has often appeared on television. She always had the support of her parents who helped her with their grandson. She showed her talent for acting as a little girl, and she thought she would be an actress.

Although she did not succeed in this, she became a popular TV personality and now many people around the world have heard of her.

Jenelle had several love relationships in her youth, but she quickly broke up. Parents and friends always said that she had a dangerous character and that she was very stubborn but that she has a good heart. She always liked to express herself and to be the main in society, and it helped her to make a career on television.

Because of that, she received calls for various TV shows and she gladly accepted them. After appearing on TV, she set up her own YouTube channel, which also brought her a lot of popularity.


Jenelle Evans began her career when she was only 16 years old. She did it with the help of a TV show called “16 and Pregnant”. Many people watched this TV show and she received support from many people. She said that it was not easy to be a mother at the age of 16, but that she would accept her responsibility. That’s why she decided to apply for this TV show and to make a career that will help her in the future.

After appearing in the show, she made a short pause but reappeared on television in a TV show called “Teen Mom”. This show has brought her much more popularity and has appeared in many more episodes of this show. After that, her career on television started ascending, and people around the world knew about her.

She has stated that she will continue to participate in various shows and that she will try to get a role in a film. She had casting for a Hollywood movie, but she got pregnant again and had to make a break in her career. She was disappointed that she would not appear in the film, but she thought that she would get a second chance in the future.

Jenelle toured in various TV shows and was a guest at shows with popular TV leaders. She always spoke openly about her private life and her career. She always said that she would try to make progress and try to become a more popular TV personality. She thanked her family and friends who always helped her.

During 2017, she opened her YouTube channel, which in a short time collected thousands of followers. She began to record video clips and dealing with various topics and give advice to girls who are pregnant with underage. Her video clips became popular and they also had several million views. She managed to secure a financial life, and in this way, she makes good money every month.

She also advertises various products through her channel and in that way she also makes money. That is why we can say that Jenelle has made a good career and has succeeded in securing a good life for her children. Jenelle said that she would be more on television in 2019 and 2020 and we will maybe see her role in a movie.

She has new projects that will delight her fans and will bring her much more popularity and financial profit. She earned over $ 100,000 while participating in “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”, but now she has much more financial profit. During her career she earned over a million dollars and she managed to secure a financial life.

Personal Life

In this section of the text we will reveal some details about the private life of Jenelle Evans. Jenelle was pregnant at age 16 and got her first child with the then boyfriend. She soon broke up with him and decided to take care of her child with the help of her mother. She helped her a lot because Jenelle started her career on television and had to stay away from home for a long time.

During 2011, she started a new love relationship and married in 2012. This marriage did not last long and in 2013 Jenelle divorced from her husband. She got one son with him and then she had to shortly stop her career. After that, she began to appear again on TV and took part in several shows.

In 2016, she began a new love relationship and she married again in 2017. With her new husband, she got daughter and this is her third child. She stated that she enjoys the role of mother and that she will make an effort to provide her children with everything that they need to enjoy in life.

She often received questions about why her love affair lasts briefly and why she cannot stay with her partner for a long time. She stated that she had divorced her first husband because he often cheated her and that he had problems with the law.

He ended up in jail during 2014 and this happened after their divorce. She met her new husband in 2016 and she said she is very happy with him and she had a daughter with him. She also stated that she thinks that love with the present husband will last forever and that she will remain with him for the rest of her life.

She thinks that her children are the most important thing in her life and that she will do everything to give them a happy childhood and great love.

During 2014, she had a problem in divorcing with her first husband because he did not want to give her a divorce. After much controversy and conviction, they divorced and Jenelle started her new life then.

She currently has three children with 3 different men but she is dedicated to every child. Her youngest child showed talent for singing, and she stated that she would try to help him to build a career in music.

She is currently the most involved in recording videos on YouTube and she deals with various topics in her videos. She has many followers on all social networks and she is very popular on the Instagram.

She often shares photos where we can see that she often travels and enjoys in life. Her photos have many likes and positive comments and we can see that she has many fans around the world.

In the beginning of 2019, Jenelle gave an interview in which she revealed some of her future plans and the next steps in her career. She said that in 2019 she will often appear on television and that we will be able to watch her in some shows.

Jenelle also works on new projects on her YouTube channel and her popularity grows every day. Her videos have over 5 million views and we can say that she’s very popular on YouTube.

She has a great deal of support from her present husband he helps her in everything. Jenelle believes that she will succeed in getting a role in a movie whose name she does not want to spin.

She says that she has a talent for acting, but she has not shown it to the audience. She believes that 2019 and 2020 will be her years in which she will gain world fame.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jenelle Evans

Date of birth: 19th December, 1991

Age: 27

Birthplace: Oak Island, North Carolina, USA

Profession/Occupation: TV personality

Net worth:  1 million $

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 48 kg