Salomandrin the name has evolved out of Alejandro Saloman who people all over love to follow and appreciate. He has come to the limelight after opening his channel on YouTube. He has become a perfect role model for many who want to achieve something in life. It won’t be wrong saying it is his richness and affluence that attract people most as the present generation believes wealth in one’s possession is the proof of his doings.

Still had a long way to go to meet the ultimate horizon of his life but already had become a star for many. The largest of Mexico is in his possession, and no description is enough to enumerate his collection of most expensive models of cars which waits to take their master to his destination. Alejandro has the magical expertise of making a whooping earning. So far the astonishing young entrepreneur has accumulated an enormous amount of net worth which comes around not less than $30 million dollars.

Early life

Salomon was born to Alejandro Salomon and Ari Sanders. He was born on 7th December 1984 in Mexico City, Mexico. Although Salomon is born in Mexico and had passed few year of his early in his native place but later moved to America and presently hold American Nationality.

After the days of his primary and secondary education got into Anderson National College in 2006 and continued till 2008. While doing the formal education, Salomon wanted to decipher more and therefore simultaneously enrolled himself at the Forum for International Trade Training to gain more knowledge of trade and business. For further acquire more expertise in 2012 he started going to the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation.


Salomondrin is quite passionate about films and went to the city of Los Angeles for prosperity. He is the founder of the famous production house Helios which is a path of the motion picture development and also a popular production house. Solomon dream is the soul entrepreneur of the company and manages all the d2d hassles and tackles all the business issues. He is quite focused on his business strategies and comes up with new business content that can make the business be in the competitive market.

Salomondrin is a sound strategist who is proficient enough to amalgamate the personal relations in financial sectors. He even owns the house of Salomon Investments through which he controls all the ongoing projects of the real estate business. His company is adequately tied up with potential partners and stakeholders whose capital investment and funding are quite regular for initiating the continuous business flow.

He is also an eminent actor who appeared in brilliant films like One Day like Rain, Martial Science, Slightly Single in L.A. Training Wheels. The most famous and best films are “Tormenta’s Ear” “The Final Battle,” and “The Key Lime Lie.” Alejandro Salomon was actually born in the city of Mexico and is a prominent entrepreneur who is a potent juggler of investment and real estate firms. As Salomondrin ‘annual income is about 30 million dollars, it can be well understood by the lavish way he lives his life. The main sources of Salomondrin’s income are the production house Helios, the Salomondrin Investments sector and his abilities to be a YouTuber has also helped him with enough fortunes. Besides making a lot of money from the real estate industry, he also makes a profit from the dairy industries and his registered companies if entertainment.

Salomondrin’s huge net worth makes him the owner of the latest models of the car such as the Acid Green Porsche, Viper and the Rolls Royce Ghost. Being a producer and an entrepreneur he is a great business tycoon who is also available on the YouTube channel. This passionate entrepreneur is also an executive producer who has given way to several films and has followed his dreams to reach the success.

Salomondrin has worked in several fields, but finally, he declared that production of movies is the most interesting venture out of all the other possible commitments. He is a fun loving simple person who is passionate about all things he does in his life and makes the required adjustments to instill the creativity within.  He considers friendship to be an important component without which life is incomplete. This entrepreneur with a terrific personality is a happy go lucky man who takes life as it comes to him.

Personal life

Salomon left Mexico and reached the most dominating nation of the world when he was nineteen. He migrated with his friend. Belen Maria Salomon is his wife. Salomon exchanged rings and vows with Belen on 20th May 2015.

She has come from Southern Spain and is a professional designer. She has a great knack for fishing. He takes his wife along in all his endeavors. The question of thinking otherwise does not arise as he has no complaints towards life.

Actually, the person who believes in himself never contemplates on other’s affair and gives his full effort to achieve the joy inherent in every sphere of life. Well, it would be quite a mistake to omit the loving pets, Bella and Zoey, who also get their dues from their master.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Alejandro Salomon

Date of Birth: 7th December 1984

Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 33 Years

Profession: Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Car collector & Real Estate Investor

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $30 million dollars