Patrick Swayze is an American actor and dancer.

Early years

Patrick was born on August 18, 1952. in Houston,Texas.
He studied and learned dancing at his mother’s own dance school.
He graduated at Waltrip High School in Houston and after that joined the San Jacinto College in Pasadena.

He was excellent in  swimming, football and gymnastics but he found himself in dancing.
When he came to New York., he joined the „Harkness Ballet“ School and „Joffrey Ballet“ School and continued perfecting his dancing talent.

Career development

He was a professional dancer in „Disney on Parade“ in a role of Prince Charming.

Patrick  started acting  in the Broadway musical „Grease“. His first film role and debut was in 1979. in „Skatetown U.S.A.“. In 1981. he made it to television in series M.A.S.H., portraying a wounded soldier.

In 1983. He became known for gis role in F.F. Coppola’s film „The Outsiders“. With a leading role in a popular history TV series „North and South“ in 1985. And in the series „Young blood“, he became a good choice for the hit „Dirty Dancing“.  This movie was filmed with a very low budget but in the end it was a surprising hit.

It made him a star and showed all of his dancing talent. He also showed his music talent in a song „She’s like the wind“, dedicated to his wife Lisa.

In 1989 he starred in two action movies:“ Road House“ and „Next of Kin“ with modest success.

His another blockbuster was in 1990 with a romantic drama „Ghost“, where his film partner was Demi Moore.

In 1998, he acted in a  movie ‘Letters from the Killer’ where he broke both legs and stayed off filming for a while.

His next movies didn’t get the best critics, but he was praised for his role in a Broadway musical „Chicago“ in 2003.

He was a cast of the „West End Theater“ for a long time.

Personal life 

He struggled with alcoholism for a very long time, and the roots of his problem were mostly in the fact that he couldn’t cope with his father’s and sister’s death..

His first wife was Lisa Niemi.

He has known her for a very long time since she was also a student in his mother’s dance school.
Lisa was younger than Patrick so she had to graduate high school first.

Then she joined him in New York, where they both trained and learned ballet.

He married her in 1975. and they were together to the day he died of pancreatic cancer in 2008.

Philantropic work 

He was involved with a programme „Stand up to Cancer“, and found himself fighting with that illness.

He was also associated with „Pancreatic Cancer Action Network“ and „Entertainment Industry Foundation“.

Quick summary

Full name: Patrick Wayne Swayze

Date of birth: 18 August 1952

Birth place: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Age: 57 at the time of death

Profession: actor, dancer, singer, songwriter

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net worth: 40 million dollars in 2009.