Judi Dench is a famous British actress and director.

Early years 

She was born in York in England on December 9, 1934.

She was a pupil at Mount School in York after what she studied designing for one year but soon enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

The Mount School was a Quaker school so she became a Quaker.

She finished her study as an outstanding student and got a degree in Drama.

Career development

Her first theater experience was with the Old Vic Company in 1957. in Hamlet.

Soon after, she joined The Royal Shakespeare Company and acted in a lot of plays: “Measure for Measure“, „Henry V“ and more.

Her first film appearance was in 1964. with a film called „The third secret“.

She appeared in a BBC show „Talking to a Stranger“ in 1966. and has won a BAFTA award for her role.

Ten years later and many theater plays after she received praise for her portraying of Lady Macbeth in „Macbeth“.

Dench was also interested in directing so in 1988. her debut film „Renaissance Theatre Company“ came to light and in 1989. came a film „Look Back in Anger“.

In 1987. she succeded to astonish the public again with her performance of Cleopatra in „Anthony and Cleopatra“.

Her world-known role came in 1985. with a James bond movie „Golden Eye“ where she played the role of M, Bond’s boss, which was always a male role in this franchise.

In 1997. she had a role as Queen Victoria in „Mrs Brown“ which had a very big commercial success.

In 1997. she starred in another James Bond movie,“Tomorrow never dies“, and continued in 1999. with „The World is not enough“, „Die Another Day“ and 2006. „Casino Royale“.

Judi won an Oscar for best supporting actress as Queen Elizabeth in 1998. In a huge hit „Shakespeare in love“.

This film was directed by John Madden and starred by Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In 2001. she was in Richard Eyre’s film „Iris“ with Kate Winslet and in „The Shipping News“ with Kevin Spacey and Juliane Moore.

After that the public saw her in „The Chronicles of Riddick“ and „Pride And Prejudice“.

Personal life

In 1971. she married Michael Williams, a British actor.

They had only one child, a daughter Tara born in 1972., and were together until he died in 2001. from cancer.

Philantropic work 

She works with „Survival International“, „Revitalise“ and other organizations for helping people in need, especially disabled ones.

She is also a patron of many English theaters and she teaches and gives classes to students.

She is involved in helping a lot of hospitals, schools and cancer research programmes.

She was made a Dame of Order of the British Empire in 1988. so most people call her Dame Judi Dench.

Quick summary

Full name: Judith Olivia Dench

Date of birth: December 9, 1934

Birth place: Lonodon, England

Age: 82

Profession: actress, director

Height: 1,55 m

Weight:  53 kgs

Net worth: $ 35  million