Today’s text is dedicated to an older man who contributed to women’s tennis. We will talk about Richard Williams who started his coaching career as coach of his daughter. This man is very interesting and fascinating and he managed to realize a plan that he developed for several years. He made great success because he managed to make a big career with his daughters.

His daughters are Serena and Venus Williams, and they are one of the most famous tennis players in the history of this sport. He has always been with them and helped them to become great players and to enter into the history of this sport. He always liked tennis and taught this game day by day.

He managed to raise this game to a higher level and became very popular in the world of this sport. We decided to reveal more details about his life, and if you are interested in finding out more about him, it is certain that this text will greatly interest you.

Richard has left a big mark in this sport and it is certain that all tennis fans have heard of this man. Over the years, he developed his own ideas that helped him to make an excellent career for his daughters. In the next sections of the text we will introduce you to his childhood, but also with his coaching career and his private life.

Early Years

Richard Williams was born February 16, 1942 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and grew up with his parents and four sisters. He has always been one of his favorite family members since he was the only male child. His family was not rich but they lived a modest life and had the necessary living conditions. During the elementary school, he had excellent grades, but he decided to move to Chicago in the middle school and to continue his life there.

Initially, it was very difficult for him to separate himself from his family, but he later managed to get up and provide a good life. He has always been interested in sports, but his favorite sport was tennis. When he was 20, he decided to learn everything about this sport and to try to build a career in the future.

In 1962, he met his future wife with whom he married after three years. He acknowledged that he immediately realized that this was his soul mate and that he would spend his life with her.

He later received two daughters with her who are well-known to all tennis practitioners – Serena and Venus Williams. They also have 3 sons and they succeeded in creating a great and happy family. Richard has been tracking tennis over the years and thought he would become successful in this sport as a coach. He had excellent tactics and plans to play this sport.

He had excellent ideas and explanations on how to perfect the game in this sport, and he later proved it when he trained his own daughter. He never gave up on his ideas and was sure he would succeed in making excellent players from his daughters. He showed talent for this sport at a young age and later managed to show it to the whole world.


Richard started his tennis career when he was 25 years old, but then he did not have much success in this job. He initially had to learn to gather knowledge from other tennis coaches as well as the player. He has followed many tennis matches and has been trying to understand every detail of this game.

He had several tennis models that helped him to make a coaching career. In the beginning, he tried to develop his ideas and ways of playing properly. He was taught by several famous trainers and this helped him to become a great trainer.

He mostly learned from a tennis coach who had the nickname “Old Whiskey”. This man helped him to understand many things about this sport and to develop many abilities to become a great trainer. He learned every day and he developed his skills and felt that besides trainers he must also be an excellent psychologist and had good communication with his players.

When he watched the game played by Virginia Ruzici, he decided to direct his daughter to tennis. It was his great move because he soon realized that his daughters had a great talent for this sport. He made his tactical plan to show his daughters and try to make great athletes from them. He began to train them when they were 5 years old and immediately made an excellent approach with them.

He trained them over the coming years and he tried to pass on his tennis skills on them and to make excellent players from them. They showed great abilities and in their early youth everyone could see that they had talent for this sport.

Their first tournament was in Richard’s hometown and at that tournament Serena managed to come to the finals. People from his hometown were delighted with her game and they thought that in the future she would become one of the best players in this sport. After this tournament, Serena received calls for participation in several other tournaments and showed excellent results in them. Venus was an older sister, but Serena showed better results in this sport. Venus was also great, but it did not initially show great success as Serena.

After 1995, Serena began to train individually and decided to fully devote to this sport. She also continued to train with Richard but did not need much help from him. In 1999 she won her first major tournament. She won the US Open and it was a great success for her. After that, she became very popular and won many fans around the world.

Venus continued to train with Richard and in 2000 managed to win one of the best players in the world – Lindsay Davenport and to win Wimbledon. After this victory, Richard said that he managed to achieve his goal in life and that he made champions from his daughters. He made a great celebration in which he stated that his daughters will leave a great mark in this sport and that they will enter history.

During the following years, he did not deal with coaching career as before but was still advising his daughter and was trying to help them continue to show great results in the future. He attended every match and tried to help with his advice and tactics. He made one of the best players of this sport and he was very proud. Serena and Venus continued to achieve great results and won many important tournaments. Serena may have become the best tennis player and it is certain that all people have heard of her.

After 2006, Richard decided to become a coach for a male player, but that did not take long. After that, he decided to take a break in his coaching career and to become advisable to his daughter and to help them psychologically before each match. Nowadays Richard continues to attend the games of his own daughters and Serena is still one of the best players in the world.

Personal Life

Richard’s private life is not widely known to the public and he does not like to bring out details from his life.

In his interviews, we could conclude that he is very happy and enjoys life and that he managed to transfer his knowledge and experience to his children. He managed to make one of the best tennis players in the world and is very proud of it. He and his wife managed to provide an excellent life for their children and to direct them to sport and healthy life.

Quick Summary

Full name: Richard Williams

Date of birth: February 16, 1942

Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Age: 76

Profession: Tennis coach

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Net Worth: NA