Chelsea Chanel Dudley is an American singer, model, actress and TV personality. Chanel is professionally known as Chanel West Coast. She began her career with singing, but she became known to the public after appearing in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Chanel continues to appear in the popular TV program ‘Ridiculousness’ as a TV host.

In this text we will talk about this beautiful, young and talented lady. Chanel has won success in various career fields, and she has proven that success can be achieved through hard work and persistence. Chanel has achieved great popularity as a singer, actress and TV host. She always believed in her talent, but she was aware that only hard work would help her to realize her dreams.

We will devote this text to her life, we will talk about her difficult childhood and growing up and we will talk about her career and private life. Chanel has never covered her private life; she has always been open and honest.

Early life

Chanel was born in Los Angeles, California; she had a very difficult childhood with a lot of problems and worries. Her parents divorced early; Chanel was only 5 years old at that time. None of her parents wanted to give up on Chanel, they fought in court for custody. As a child, Chanel lived in two locations; she stayed with her mother in North Hollywood, while she and her father stayed in New York City.

Her father was a DJ, he worked in night clubs and Chanel was always with him. Her mother was quite opposed to this situation; she thought that Chanel was quite young, and that she should not spend time in such an environment. Chanel was a great support to her father, and she insisted on being on all his performances. Her talent for music developed thanks to her father, who first noticed the talent of his daughter.

Chanel was very close to her father, she admitted several times that she had better communication with her father than with her mother. She said that he understood her completely, he was her biggest support, he never jugged her decisions, and Chanel also admitted that she spent more time with her father. Her mother was a professor of English in high school; she was very strict and professional. Her mother did not have much free time, she would come home late, and she could not fully devote to her daughter.

When she was eight, her father discovered her gift for music. Shortly thereafter, Chanel began with music and dance classes. At the age of 10, she began to play guitar, while in her free time she learned to use mix tape. Her father had a great influence on her; he was her role model as well as her support. Chanel said that her father only believed in her, even when she did not believe in herself, she always told her that she was talented and that the world would one day understand her talent.

Chanel says that her love for music began thanks to her father, he taught her that music is the greatest gift from God and that only rare people have this talent.

Chanel was a very good student in elementary and high school, her mother was deserving of her success.

She helped her in school, and hoped that Chanel would have good results. Chanel participated several times in English and French competitions.

In addition to music, she was interested in reading and journalism. Her mother considered that Chanel should devote to learning and she thought that Chanel had a great chance to achieve a successful career as a writer or journalist. We need to mention that her mother put a lot of pressure on her and asked Chanel to listen to her advice.

In high school, Chanel faced with problems and stresses, at one point, her father was seriously ill and his life was in danger. Chanel was a big support to him in these days; she was constantly with her father and helped him overcome difficult days. Her father was diagnosed with lung cancer; the only lucky circumstance was that the cancer was in the initial phase.

After several months, her father managed to overcome this disease. This was a very difficult time for Chanel; in several interviews she noted that she has never felt so lonely and frightened like at that time in her life. Nevertheless, her father managed to get out of this battle as a winner.

After this situation, Chanel begins to live with her father. She helped him to recover and she has begun to write her first musical texts along with her father. Chanel then decided that music is the best choice for her future. She decided to start her career as a DJ, her father helped her, he arranged her performances, and together they prepared a selection of music.

Chanel had many serious and good performances at the beginning of her career; in this period she began to use her nickname Chanel West Coast. She attracted a large number of guests; the clubs were always full when she had an appearance. Despite her successful career, her mother was not happy with her decision.

She believed that it was a very dangerous and unhealthy environment for a young girl. Chanel understood the care of her mother, but on the other hand she felt very happy and satisfied with the new job.

After finishing high school, Chanel decided to continue her career as a musician. She liked her job as a DJ, but she wanted to record her music and become a successful young star. Her greatest role model in music was 2pac; Chanel wanted to create music that was similar to his.

Chanel was in love with rap music, she managed in a special way to express her emotions through this musical genre. Still, a lot of people had prejudices and they felt that rap could not be a music genre for one lady. Chanel fought for a long time against these prejudices, at one point she decided to listen to her intuition and start a career as a rap artist. After a few years it turned out that this was the right decision for her and that she made a great choice.


Chanel West Coast began her career in 2008 when she received a call from her friend and former skateboarder Rob Dyrdek to take part in his show called Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. This show was filmed on MTV television and was broadcast until 2015.

This show has gained great popularity and Chanel has become a television personality. She participated in the 3 season of this show and then got a call to play in one movie. This was her first role and she worked on MTV Television again because the film’s premiere was on this television. After filming, she returned to this show and continued recording. In the coming seasons, we could see various events and Rob and Chanel were very cooperative.

During 2012 Rob made a new show on MTV and Chanel again collaborated with him. This show is called Ridiculousness and this show continues to be shown on MTV. She has taken part in these shows, and has gained many fans around the world. In 2013 she borrowed a voice in an animated film and this brought her extra success.

In addition to television, Chanel also managed to make a musical career. She has always been interested in music and her favorite genre has always been rap. She grew up listening to songs from 2pac and he has always been her musical idol. She recorded the song for the first time in 2009, and she started her musical career that year. She recorded several songs with different guests that year and her first song was called “Melting Like Ice Cream” featuring Tiffanie Anderson.

These tracks gave her a certain amount of popularity and people recognized her talent. She had her kind of music in which the rap was prevalent. During the next two years she has worked with several famous rappers, and in 2010 she recorded a very popular track with Lil Wayne. In 2012, she was guest on his album and together they recorded 2 songs that have gained great popularity.

During 2013, she collaborated with famous performers such as Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Robin Thicke and Honey Cocaine. After these featuring, many rap music fans heard about Chanel and she achieved much more popularity.

At the beginning of 2014 Chanel said that she was recording her first album, which will be released during the year. The album was released in 2016, and by then Chanel released 3 singles during 2014 and 2015. She said that the album should have been released much earlier, but that she had to wait for the album to be determined in the best way.

This album has reached a lot of popularity and has been top 50 best in 2016. Two songs from the album were used in Rob Dyrdek’s shows. This album brought her a certain financial profit, but she also became active on YouTube where she shared her new singles and videos that became popular. Also, the show where Chanel is a special guest of Rob Dyrdek is very popular around the world.

She made a profit of about 5 million dollars during her career and achieved a lot of career success. She is currently dedicated to her career on television but is still engaged in music and she says that she will record a new album in the next 2 years that will delight all her fans. In June 2018, Chanel released a single called “Nobody”.

This single, after 3 days, had 2 million views on YouTube. This single has brought her much more popularity and received positive comments from many famous singers in the USA. By the end of 2018 she recorded duet songs with several pop singers, but also with one famous rapper.

Chanel managed to make a successful musical career and it is certain that in the future we can expect many of her new songs. She also plans to take part in a new animated film and to lend a voice to the main role in the film. In this animated movie, her new track will also be used.

Personal Life

Chanel is not a controversial personality and she always tried to hide details from her private life. She was in a relationship with one singer from 2014 to 2017, but she broke up with him. She always tried not to talk to the public about love life and it is not known at this time if she has a new partner.

Chanel has earned about $ 5 million in her career and we can say that she enjoys in life. She has over 800,000 followers on the Instagram profile and over 500,000 on the Twitter profile. She publishes new images on a daily basis and we can see that she enjoys all the moments.

She often likes to travel to various cities around the world and her favorite location is the Maldives. In her pictures we can see that she visited Maldives many times. She currently hides her love status and it is not known if she is in a relationship. She promised fans that she will record a new album which will be released in 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

In 2018, Chanel had an incident when one of her fans tried to kiss her. During the concert he went out on stage and tried to kiss her, but the security was immediately reacted and he was arrested.

In that situation, Chanel turned out to be a very good person and after the concert she paid a bail and he was released from prison. People were delighted with her gesture and felt that Chanel is a person with a big heart.

Quick Summary

Full name: Chelsea Chanel Dudley

Date of birth: September 1, 1988

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 31

Profession: Television personality, rapper, songwriter, singer

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Net Worth: $5 million