For today, we have prepared a very interesting topic and a very interesting text that will surely attract you attention. Today’s theme will be a lot of different from others topics and we will talk about one of the most important and interesting things in the world.

In today’s topic we will talk about the favorite things of many people and about something without which we could not imagine our lives and our everyday activities.

We will talk about music without which the present world would look empty. Music is something that connects all people in the World and every person in the world has the kind of music that is his favorite. Music has been among people from ancient times and without it the world would be different.

Today’s article is reserved for rap music and we will talk about this type of music which is becoming more and more popular year after year.

If you are interested in this kind of music, then this text will surely be interesting to you and will reveal some new information you may not have known up to now. This music has always attracted many artists who want to express their freedom of speech. In these songs we can always find different opinions and in them, rappers always express their emotions and theirs everyday life. Rap is music that is not accepted well in all countries in the world. This music is most popular in the USA and from this country we have a large number of artists who have gained global fame.

In this text we will talk about an American rapper who has long been on rap scene and you probably heard of if you are a fan of this music. He has achieved a lot of success in this music and has released many songs and albums.

His artistic name is Redman and he began to deal with rap music from the beginning of the 1990s. His start in this business was not easy and he had to make a lot of effort to become a popular rapper. During his career he collaborated with many other popular rappers and is best known for collaborating with Method Man.

Their common songs were very popular and their collaboration was excellent. Redman also managed to make an excellent solo career and his songs have always reached popularity around the world. He also worked in acting and participated in several films. We can say that Redman is one of the best American rappers in history and in this article we will talk about his career and his private life.

Early Years

Redman or Reginald Noble was born on April 17, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He grew up in this city with his parents and a sister. His father died when Redman was 4 years old and he stayed to live with his mother and sister. They were not in a good financial situation and his mother had to do various jobs in order to provide them with a normal life.

Redman enrolled a primary school in this city, but he was not a good student and was not interested in learning. His mother was trying to direct him to school and told him that he had to finish school and college to become successful in the future. He was interested in other activities and he liked music.

When he was 12, he met problematic guys from his end and began to deal with them. They often made trouble and had a lot of problems with the police. His mother was trying to direct him to school, but Redman was not interested.

When he finished elementary school, Redman enrolled at Montclair State University, but after 2 years he was kicked out because he did not show enough knowledge and did not have the desire to learn. In that period, Redman had no other option than to return to his city and to live with his mother again. His mother was disappointed that Redman left the college and advised him to find a job. However, he again began to deal with problematic guys and went on to deal with illegal jobs.

Redman began to sell cocaine and in that way he made money. He dealt with this business for a year and then his mother found out about his jobs. After she found out, she threw Redman out of the house. At that moment, Redman did not have a home and had to live on various motels.

These moments were very difficult for him, but he decided to dedicate himself to music and started working as DJ and MC. He performed at various parties, parks, landscapes, and he managed to make money. He did not make a lot of money, but it was enough to survive. His first artist name was “DJ Kut-Killa” and in the beginning he performed under this name.

When he performed at a private party, he became acquainted with the then famous rapper and producer Eric Sermon. Eric saw that Redman possessing a great talent for rap music and they became friends. Eric said that he initially saw that Redman possessing something special in him and that he would surely become successful in the future.

After getting acquainted, they were in contact for the next 2, 3 months and Eric invited Redman to move to his home in Long Island. Redman moved to his house and then joined his EPMD group.

He traveled to concerts together with this band he helped them in all the jobs and worked various tasks for this group. Redman became part of this team and together with them he performed freestyle rapping on the stage.

His life changed when he was invited to EPMD Show in New York and when he rapped freestyle about himself and described himself with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. After this, Redman became an official rapper and began collaborating with Eric Sermon on his first album.


Redman began his rap career in 1990 when he joined the EPMD group and this year he recorded his first songs. These songs became very successful on the American rap scene and people recognized his talent. From 1990 to 1992, they recorded over 10 songs and held several concerts throughout the USA.

Redman became one of the main members of this band and began working on his debut album. In 1992, Redman recorded his first album, “Whut?Three Album”. This album was a mixture of funk and reggae and these songs became very popular. This album ranks on 40th among top 200 albums. This year, Redman was honored for being the best rap artist of the year.

This award was highly motivated him and in 1994 he released his second album called “Dare Iz A Dark Side”. His first single from this album “Rockafella” is a song that is most often sampled in hip hop music. This album has achieved a lot of success and after that Redman has become one of the most popular rappers in the world.

In December 1996, Redman released his third album called “Muddy Waters”.

This album received a lot of positive reviews from rap fans and was among the top 20 albums of that year. The song from this album “Do What You Feel” was the most popular song from this album and was used in the GTA Vice City game. This game brought him even more popularity and his songs were listened to by all fans of rap music around the world.

In 1997, Redman made a connection with the rappers Method Man and 2pac. He and Method Man recorded several common songs that year, and they also featured on the 2pac album. In 1999, Redman and Method Man recorded a joint album called “Blackout”. This album has achieved great success all over the world and has become one of the top 20 best albums. During 1998 and 1999, Redman also collaborated with Def Squad and recorded a joint album with them.

One of his most successful albums came out in 2000 and is called “Doc’s Da Name”. This album was among the best albums and was ranked 11th among top 200 albums. In the coming years, Redman has worked with many famous rappers and singers and made a global hit with Christina Aguilera. He became one of the best rappers and each of his next songs was very popular.

Redman continued to deal with rap music, and by 2019 he released another 5 albums and said he would continue to deal with rap music as far as he could. He also managed to make an acting career. His first film was made in collaboration with Method Man and is called “How High”.

This film has achieved a lot of success all over the world and Redman has said that How High 2 will be filmed. He also took part in the horror film “Chucky” and in this film he played the main role. In the continuation of his career, he made several more films and starred in several series and managed to make a successful acting career.

During his career, Redman managed to become famous in rap music as well as in film and television, and he managed to gain global fame. Over the course of his career he earned over $ 25 million and is one of the richest rappers.

Personal Life

Redman is known for fighting for the legalization of cannabis and has spoken many times about it. He is one of the most successful rappers and currently lives in Los Angeles.

He is also active on social networks and has over 2 million followers.

Quick Summary

Full name: Reginald Noble

Date of birth: April 17, 1970

Age: 49

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Profession: Rapper

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net worth:  $25-30 million