Reginald has proved that it’s not your name but your action that matters. He is actually Andy Dinh, who had earned this name only through his sincere and dedicated to the gaming world. In the world of video games, Andy “Reginald” Dinh had established an immense popularity. Andy is known as a top-ranked professional gamer in the world along with his contribution as an entrepreneur, a team owner.

In North America, Andy’s team Solomid has earned a huge popularity in eSport League of Legends. A premium player in the Legend League is now trying his label best to get a matching foothold of his reputation in the business world. The American Vietnamese pro gamer has not only established himself as a legend in the gaming world that also has and a huge amount of money through gaming. The estimated net worth that Reginald has accumulated so far in his early young age would be not less than $2 million US dollars.

Early Life

Reginald who is actually as Andy Dinh was born on 7th August 1982. His exact place of birth is not known that as per record he has been in the migrant group of Vietnamese who settled in the areas of San Jose, California. Not much is known about his parents, but Andy has a brother Dan who is also a professional and a champion player in the League of Legends.

From Campbell’s Waste Mount High School. Andy got his education. After completing his schooling education instead of having interest in higher studies, he preferred video games to match up to his expectations.


In 2008 Reginald was gaming career in the League of Legends. Before being called as Reginald in 2009, he founded a group with his sibling Dan to play in the competitions. But because of their technical difference and unmatched playing style, the group did not last long. At this juncture office playing career, he formed Team Solomid which later turned as the master key for his immense achievement. In this site, he expressed his views on the rules and formats of League of Legends.

In 2010 he formed a YouTube channel under his organization TSM. By 2017 the side has gathered over 1.3 billion prospects and more than 600,000 subscribers. Andy’s has collaboration with Red Bull, Logitech, CyberPowerPC, T-Mobile, HTC, Geico,, and HyperX. He got associated with these organizations only after keeping aside the famous League of legions that was known for the recreational playing of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive and the most popular Call of Duty.

Reginald has not been provided with no such eminent amusement mentor in his organization whenever the assistance was required. The players I found to be constantly and anxious at the same time to meet the various diversified systems which had made them win several exciting titles. Winning the games where there only focus which was constantly accomplished. Reginald has not been honored with any official prestigious designation for serving as the most proficient player at League of Legends.

However, on knowing upon his reputation, the proficient diversion makers had arranged to get him honor with a prestigious honor. She achieved various game titles and had achieved and uncountable and magnificent followership. His follower really reads eagerly for his its responses. Introduction of a new game makes his followers expect on Reginald’s account updates.

Reginald is a successful Entrepreneur who has come up with the organization TSM that appears in each and every League of Legends World Championship tournament. Give a successful enough to make his team be placed in the third place in one of the Championship tournaments.

In the year 2011, he had been successful enough to make his team lead the tournament. Finally Andy along with his team which he named SoloMid came out with flying colors of victory. The team played in the Major League gaming province tournament and was placed in the first position.

Personal life

Andy is extremely hard working and has an excellent leadership quality which had made him probably the youngest founder of the team named SoloMid. As Reginald is under 30 years of age, he got listed in the popular group Forbes 30. Andy is a gamer whom a determined young entrepreneur is remaining busy upon gaming the new successful strategies and making his career get a good foothold in the world of games.

He is too busy to think about his personal life and arrange the necessity is that is required to get married. He is happy to be single and make some gain more concentration on the aspects of gaming and updating his website.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Andy Dinh

Date of Birth: 7th August 1982

Birth Place: Vietnamese migrant

Age: 35 years

Profession: Gamer, Entrepreneur

Height: 5 Feet 4 inches.

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2 million