When a man excels beyond his name, the world remembers by his action rather than his name. Imaqtpie is one such word which describes the efforts of Michael Santana. He is one of the most popular and successful professional Elo rating gamers from America. Who has been observed, by not less than 1.4 million viewers over the Twitch and his supreme dexterity has been watched not less than 100 million times by his ardent fans.

He is thought of as one of the most prominent online gamers who started his professional career without any prior recognition. Michael reached the pinnacle of an accomplished gamer through his earnest involvement and extensive popularity. He has not only gathered huge followers with his skills but has also accumulated enough pecuniary strength.

At the present time, he earns at ease nearly $2 million dollars per annum. His estimated net worth at this early age has gone beyond $1 million dollars.

Early life

Michael was born in Margate, Florida, the United States of America on 21st February 1992. He was born to Jose Santana and Maria Santana. There is no information regarding his siblings. His early childhood had experienced the daily life of a normal average family where comfort, as he experiences at the present time, is beyond any possibility. Nothing is known about his early schooling or any educational or vocational training. It is heard that Michael is a keen television watcher from his early childhood. Most of the time on any day he would sit before the TV and watch any food channels particularly the Food Network. Any very important engagement for the boy was to involve in any game in the Play Station.

He was not very serious at the beginning, but while playing the League of Legends sometime down the line, he got a feeling that he is doing quite well. Over the time he has become more adept and started practicing even more earnestly. Slowly a dream was growing large, and the gamer wanted to make an entry in the gaming world. He has no other vision that time and the profession of gamer seemed a promise in the life of Michael. Soon with the encouragement of his friend and close followers he formed his group ‘Oh God Bears.’


In 2011 Michael began his professional gamer career with his group named as ‘Oh God Bears.’ He shifted to California to get closer to his playing platforms, League of Legends and Riot Games. He was noticed by some prominent player as Li and kept growing till reached an enormous height of popularity. At the first go, Michael was not playing in any completion. On the suggestion of Scarra, he joined Rock Solid as AD carry in place of OxiClean. The team won National ESL Premier League.

After sometime Michael was playing for Dignitas as a pro player. Experienced himself of playing in the North American League Championship Series. In 2014 he left gaming. In this very short tenure, he had marked his signature style in the follower’s mind. His fans would be fascinated with his white tee and gym short till date. His casual appearance and long floating shiny hair have become a favorite personal style for many of his followers. He has grown to this indomitable reputation with his unique, tricky line and funny disposition which had also made him still closer to his followers.

His tremendous skill in gaming has earned him a name, Imaqtpie, and today people or even the Google recognizes him with this name. His account on the Twitch which is a streaming service for game portals has gathered more than 1.4 million supporters who have been viewing his skills on such games. It remained a wonder for him that where normally ruin themselves in addiction, destiny has different ideas for him.

He has become a real success only because of his intense addiction. His extreme playing ability was sometimes watched live by more than 40,000 viewers. Now he has been participating in the Riot’s League Championship Series. He is also involved in the broadcasting Twitch. Undoubtedly his biggest earning has come up from Twitch streaming.

Personal life

Michael has remained cool instead of having such huge fan base and recognition of a celebrity gamer. Presently he is staying with his fiancé Lisha Wei in a modern well-decorated house.

He has a special liking for his pets. His have been naming as Mellowcat, Slammcat, and the dog is called as Dapperdog. He does not want labor hard rather believes in the intelligence which builds his life in the light of fortune.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Michael Santana

Date of Birth: 21st February 1992

Birth Place: United States of America

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Gamer and YouTube Star

Height: 6 Feet / 1.82 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million