Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Liza Koshy’s birth name is Elizabeth Koshy. She is a popular internet celebrity who is famous for her six-second Vine videos uploaded to her YouTube account. She has now become an internet sensation and is the most wanted person in social media presently. She is popular because of her excellent acting abilities and interest in theatres. She has a huge fan count, and people want her to update a number of vines on her YouTube account.

She is followed by 7 million fans in her YouTube channel, and in the application musically she is currently having a fan count of 7 million approximately. Presently she is busy in updating her Instagram account where she has already gathered about 10 million fan followers. He earns about $ 300 annually by appearing in the several advertisements and fetching subscribers on her YouTube channel. But the six seconds video platform “Vine” has exclusively made her achieve enough fame and prosperity making her net worth somewhere around $1.5 million.

Early life

Liza was brought up in Houston, Texas, but her origination is from India. It is known for her early life records that her father is from India. Her mother has an origination of white American or the Latino Americans.

So basically she possesses a cultural background of an Indian father and an Anglo mother. She learned the ideals of the dual language program while at kindergarten but after her 5th grade she could not continue with the classes due to intense academic pressure.  Liza from her early childhood days was much interested in learning various forms of dance and even continued the lessons even after reaching high school.

She has a great proficiency in Spanish which she learned long back at Kindergarten. She was the captain of her school’s dance team. But Liza was soon influenced by the rising passion for vlogging.

She soon started off vlogging from a very early age but never thought about neglecting her academic career. While continuing her “Vine shots,” she got a diploma in International Baccalaureate from one of Houston’s local high school, Lamar High School. After her diploma course, she decided on to have a channel on YouTube. She saw had her Vine videos are alarmingly successful, and she can really become a successful internet sensation.

She came up with her first YouTube channel where she posted the videos ending with the banner “Little Brown Girl Out.” Soon after the first success, she started preparing herself for getting on to her channel.

She started off with regular video posts and achieved a huge count of followers and subscribers. She started appearing in several Television series and soon got debuted in the glamorous world of the Television industry. The programs in which she appeared were namely “Freakish” and then went for appearing in “Boo! A Medea Halloween.” Liza also became a part of the group YouTube Red. She also made a special appearance in the program Jingle Ballin.


The Vine videos that Koshy uploaded in the initial stages of her career made her associate with many other YouTube stars namely Jake Pau, Alex Holtti, Tasia Alexis and Crawford Collins. The whole group worked dedicated to update and improve the video named “How Guys Check out Girls” which almost received a loop of thousand and more. The application was spreading almost like a forest fire and by the time the popular Vine application was shut down the team had reached a count of 5 million followers.

She is quite an internet sensation and famous for her YouTube videos created in the year 2013. Koshy has a 971 million follower coverage and about a shocking count of 10 million subscribers. She had started off uploading her with her comedy skits long with her parody scripts which were very interesting to her fans and followers.

Her top videos have typical titled banners namely Doing This Again Dollar Store with Liza Part2 which made her receive a view count of 27 million. Her channel is stuffed an uncountable number of video skits that made her popular among her fans and followers. She is quite famous for her excellent titles.

Personal life

Presently Koshy is known to be single and is probably having no plans of getting married. But she had been in a relationship with her fellow YouTuber David Dobrik in the year 2015. Other than David it is not known that whether she has dated anyone else or not. She is not much interested in settling her love life rather she is much more concerned on establishing her career.

After graduating from Lamar High School, she went for studying Business Marketing at a local established college in Houston as her parents are very strict about her academic achievements. She is very particular about her updates. She is popular on YouTube by the name Liza that has been derived from her birth name Elizabeth.

Liza is originally from Houston, Texas but she presently she resides in Los Angeles, California along with her boyfriend, David Brooke is also a YouTube. Recently the couple had shifted to a new luxurious house that they have boastfully displayed on their channel. She is not having any personal car till but is often seen in his boyfriend, David’s Tesla.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Elizabeth Koshy.

Date of Birth: 31st March 1996.

Birth Place: Houston, Texas.

Age: 21 years.

Profession: Vine star, YouTube personality.

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 1.5 million


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