Reminisce Mackie or popularly known by her stage name Remy Ma is a popular American female rapper who gained her position in the Billboard Top 100.

Early Life

Remy was born on May 30th, 1980 in Bronx, New York. Her life and childhood have been filled with nothing but struggles and sacrifices. The serious drug abuse in the family led to her taking the role of a guardian for her siblings and look after them. While she did suffer severely in the constant neglect, she loved writing poetries. It was her love for writing that she started finding recluse in it.

Remy was a very brilliant student in school and often participated in a number of rap battles that were held there. She continued doing the same around the campus which gained her a lot of popularity around the area and word reached out to the famous Big Pun who took her under his wing. He personally mentored her and Remy’s very first professional break was on the album produced by Big Pun himself. She played two tracks namely “Ms. Martin” and “You Was Wrong.”


There aren’t many female rappers in the entertainment industry, and she is one of those five who made it big in the American industry. It was her song Ante Up (remix) that she released on 2001 that gained her all the attention and fame that she has today. She has also won several awards, the BET Award for the Best Female Artist being one of them.

Although there have been a number of obstacles during the way, it was her unique approach to the lyrics along with her amazing voice that gained her the popularity. She released her debut album in 2006 which became popular right after its release.

After doing professional rap battles and being mentored by Big Pun, Remy gradually started getting that recognition after Pun himself featured her in one of his albums. After his death, it was Fat Joe took over the responsibility that Pun left behind. She started releasing singles with the passing years, each one of them gaining a very good response. Her single “Lean Back” even snagged her a Grammy nomination which was definitely something to talk about. Other singles by Remy include “Whuteva,” “Feels so good” and “Conceited” which topped the charts as well.

She got signed to SRC label and finally released her debut album on February 07, 2006 titled “There’s Something About Remy: Based on a true story.” The album went on to sell around 37,000 units in the opening week followed by 158,000 units more just within a year of its release which was definitely something for a female rapper’s debut album. The album received a widespread review on some of the most popular tabloids and magazines, Rolling Stones and Vibe Magazine being a few of them.

Her career much like her childhood has been hectic and restless. Just when her career started to bloom after the success of her debut album, Remy was imprisoned on charges of involvement in a shooting. She was sentenced to eight years, but she got released two years before that on 2014. She didn’t let this break her down, and she resumed her music recording right after being released from prison. Most of her work post-prison were collaborations with some of the most popular rappers of the time, DJ Khaled, and Jay Z to name a few.

Remy was really hyped and loved while in prison, and people loved her personality and stlye. She was even featured in a short documentary named “Black Lifestyle in Japan” and was considered as the most famous female wrappers in the country of Japan.

Remy finally released her song that she collaborated DJ Khaled with titled “They Don’t Love You No More.” It was 2015 that she mostly did collaborations with other artists. Some of the most popular ones being “Hands Down” that she did with Rick Ross and Yo Gotti and even released an LP titled “Remy on the rocks.” She even collaborated with popular artists like that of Jay Z, David Guetta, and Snoop Dogg.

Remy was also signed by the popular television broadcast channel VH1 for their show “Love and Hip Hop” in which she starred in the sixth season. It was later in 2015 that Fat Joe revealed that they have been working on an album together and the first single, All The Way Up was released in 2016. The album that they released was titled as “Plata o Plomo” and was released in 2016 (March) but was entitled to a number of controversies. The term translated to “Money or Bullets” in Spanish which was a famous phrase that was used by a Mexican drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Currently, Remy is busy with her second album which she has titled as “Seven Winter Six Summers.” Many people assume that the album is going to be a lyrical breakdown of her six years in prison.

Personal Life

Remy and her cousin, Paoose were engaged to be married, but her sudden imprisonment was an obstruction in the way. They were still set on getting married, even if it’s in prison. The wedding was called off a day prior to it because Paoose tried to smuggle a key into the prison. Following that, Remy got married to Paoose right in the courtroom in 2008 on the grounds of limited visitation right for Paoose.

It was Remy who constantly kept sending daily and timely records to Paoose via her Twitter and MySpace pages and even kept her fans updated about everything. She stated in several reports that she didn’t want her fans to be disappointed which is why she wanted to plunge right back to work after her time in prison was done with and it was exactly what she did. She was released two years early than the probation period, and she started recording again.

As of 2017, Remy Ma has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Reminisce Smith

Date of Birth: May 30, 1980

Birthplace: Bronx, New York

Age: 37 years

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 53 kg

Net Worth: $500,000