Richard Stephen Dreyfuss was born on October 29, 1947 in New York he spent his childhood days in Bayside and Queens and then he moved to Los Angeles.

He also attended two semesters at Beverly Hills High School. As per some sources Richard Dreyfuss also attended San Fernando Valley State College. Due to his work as objector in Vietnam War he served as hospital clerk for two years.

He started his career at the age of 15 with a TV production name Mama’s House. With this he also worked in several other TV productions named Gidget, Bewitched, Peyton Place Dreyfuss etc but he started his filming career with debut in the movie name The Graduate.

He did several small roles in several movies but finally in 1974 he got his first lead role in the movie Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.

He was the youngest actor who won Best Actor Award at an early age of 29. With his best work as an American actor he has managed net worth of $55 million.

He did several movies then some of the famous names were The Goodbye Girl, Jaws, Down And Out In Beverly Hills, The Body, Stand by Me, Stakeout, Always, Close Encounters of the Third Kind etc.

At recent he was seen in movies Weeds, Piranha 3D, My Life in Ruins, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Poseidon, Very Good Girls, America Betrayed.

Dreyfuss married three women and had three children with his three wives’. He had three children name Emily, Benjamin, and Harry.

He was also arrested once for his addiction to cocaine but soon after some time he was seen in several famous movies.

Being a political activist he has also been a co author in famous novel. In the year 1994 Richard Dreyfuss also got a golden opportunity to appear to John Paul II the Pope, in Vatican.

Few years later when he failed in his filming career he return back to television.

He also produced TV series name The Education of Max Bickford. Later he suffered from bipolar disorder and lives with her current wife in New York.

Although he had some bitter experience in his life still his contribution to film industries is remarkable.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Richard Stephen Dreyfuss

Date of birth: October 29, 1947

Birth place: Brooklyn, New York, USA,

Age: 68

Profession: Actor

Height: 1.65 m


Net worth:  $55 Million

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