Famous American actor, high rated film director and producer, Redford starred in more then sixty movies and directed more than ten films.

Although he had never won an Oscar for any of his roles, his movie „Ordinary People“ did. Robert Redford is easily recognizible and loved for his boyish appereance and his incredible characterization ability, as well as his dedication to enviromental issues and politics. B

esides stunning movie career, Robert Redforn is known as one of the founders of independent filmmakers’ festival „Sundance Festival“ in Utah.

Robert Redford was born in Santa Monica, 18th August as the only child. He has a stepbrother from his father’s first marrriage.

Unlike many Hollywood stars, who literally lived up the popular Latin proverb and reached the glory and glamour of movie realm hard way, Robert had quite a regular and nice childhood.

He was good and a bit spoiled kid and a good sportsman, striking in baseball. After finishing primary school, Redford got a baseboll scolarship at the University of Colorado.

His studies, however, didn’t go so well. After his beloved grandma had died, Redford had some hard times trying to go through it. He was expelled from the college due to inappropriate behavior. Soon after, Redford heads to Europe to pursue his painting career.

Art studies didn’t fulfill his expectations and Redford realizes his real passion was acting. He heads back to New York and the story of the legend begins.

His acting career had started in the early 50s. Good-looking young Redford got several episodic roles on television series, which were followed by more and more roles and his performing skills got noticed.

His first notable role was in “Barefoot in the Park” Broadway stage performance, but the real breakthrough he had made in „Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid“, alongside with Paul Newman. Two of the most popular of his sixty and more titles are „The Sting“ and „The Candidate“.

The list of his movies is very long and sucessful. Redford made his last major role in 2015 biography drama, „The Truth“. His last achievement as a director was „The Company You Keep“, 2012.

Blond heartbreaker has always been interested in human rights issues and enviromental protection, which made him particularly popular and much appreciated celebrity.

His good looks and social engagement made him a magnet for ladies. Redford had, however, denied the title of seducer and chose quite a steady love and family life.

He was married to Lola van Wagenen for nearly thirty years. His present wife is a painter Sybille Szaggars, whom he married 2009. Rich and famous, Redford is still a real gentleman.

He has never been known for empty waste of money on unecessary luxuries, even if he is one of the highest paid Hollywood actors, according to Forbes’ lists.

Redford rather invests in enviromental and human rights causes.

He supports Native American rights, LGBT rights, environmentalism and arts.

Full Name: Charles Robert Redford Jr.

Date of Birth: August 18th, 1936

Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, United States

Age: 80

Profession: Actor, producer, screenwriter, director

Height: 5ft 10 ½ in (1.79 m)

Weight:  64 kg

Net Worth: $170 million

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