Ruth Berthe is a singer and an entertainer well known to younger audiences who know her as Ruth B. and have “met” her on Vine when she started to post some of her covers there in 2013.

In 2015 she had released her debut EP called The Intro and slowly but surely got into the music industry she was hoping to get into. In 2017, she published Safe Heaven, her first album. This was a huge things because she had gained so many views and so much recognition.

She became famous because of her song called Lost Boy which had got over 300 million streams! This is something very big for a girl her age.

Early years

Ruth Berthe was born in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Her date of birth is July 2nd, 1995. Her childhood that she spent in Edmonton was a nice childhood, but she was that one kid that was always on the side. Working in a clothing store when she was younger, she tried to get her social skills moving a bit, but she was such an introvert and it didn’t help a lot.

She worked part-time and went to school too, but she still had some time to sing and create both covers and her own songs. When Vine was really popular back in the day, she saw an opportunity to get famous and she started to post videos there.

Ruth claims that the idea of it being just a six-second video was a bit easier to work with since it didn’t reach for much effort like YouTube does.

She went to a high school called the Ross Sheppard High School and she went there in 2013. It wasn’t her favorite place in the world, but she knew that she had to get education. Later she continued her schooling at the MacEwan University because she wanted to be like everyone else, but she soon realized that she cannot focus both on the uni and the music, so she decided to drop out.

Career development

Her first six-second video landed on Vine on May 9th in 2013 and this wasn’t a singing video. Her first singing Vine was uploaded about 12 months later. They made her pretty famous because people would send them to other people in order to show them how she sings and she soon gained a pretty big following.

In 2014, she made a line that she sang about a fantasy boy. It was something that she made up because of a fantasy TV series that she watched back in the day and it soon became one of her most famous, if not the most famous, songs called Lost Boy.

In the very beginning of 2015, she decided to get on YouTube and she released the single on iTunes in February of the same year after all of her fans were very excited to buy it and kept begging her to get it onto the streaming platform.

She is one of the few people that didn’t get bullied because of their early entrance in showbiz. She actually started to get noticed in school and people wanted to be her friends.

In July of 2015, something huge happened. Columbia Records offered her a contract and she of course signed. Her EP was out in November of 2015 and it didn’t include too many singles: only four of them, one of them being the already made Lost Boy.

In 2016, she got into the studio and started to work on her full-length album that she was very ready for. She worked with the best and his name was Joel Little. He is a very famous producer that helped another young star gain recognition with her very first album and her name is Lorde.

Ruth said that the whole proccess went by pretty fast because she already had many songs to choose from since she was making them since she was pretty young and the only thing she had to do was pick out a song she was going to perform.

In 2016, around the Valentine’s Day, she was on Today Show and sang her most famous work called Lost Boy.

She attended the Juno Awards in 2017 and was nominated for many awards there because of her fans that were always very supportive of her work. They waited a long time for Ruth to be noticed and that’s why they are so active when it comes to her getting awards and recognition.

She made a song called Shadows which got featured in a series by Netflix. It was a comedy-drama type of series called Dear White People.

Personal life

Ruth claims that many people were her influences and that she can say the strongest ones for sure were The Beatles, Adele, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The things she likes about them is the fact that they create songs that say stories, not only make meaningless lyrics that will get famous because of how catchy the song is.

Ruth said that she is not thinking about dating anyone right now because she is focusing on the work she is creating. We do know she is single now and there was no history of her dating anyone while she was a viner, but that was back in high school and who knows what exactly happened there.

Quick summary

Full name: Ruth Berhe

Date of birth: July 2nd, 1995

Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Age: 23

Profession: singer, viner

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Net Worth: $5.5million