Ryan Higa, a Japanese descent who has earned enough fame and money as an American YouTube personality. Along with his prolific schedule in the YouTube Ryan has also engaged himself in the capacity of an actor, comedian and also as a successful producer. His thriving endeavor in the YouTube has given him a new name as Nigahiga. The creative YouTube star has so far been accessed by more than 3 billion views, and over 19 million subscribers have shown a special adherence for his channel Nigahiga.

Ryan’s earnings are not restricted to the sponsorship and ads for his YouTube channel. Along with the income of his channel, Ryan also earns from the phone apps, movies and merchandise store on the website. All his efforts had enabled him to earn a hefty amount as his annual earning. The high prolific adept has powered Ryan to accumulate an estimated net worth of not less than $2.5 million dollars.

Early life

Ryan Higa had a Japanese origin and was born on 6th June 1990 in the hold, Hawaii, United States. The prolific YouTuber was born to Wendel Higa and Luci Hega. He was raised along with his sibling who is only brother Kyle Higa. Ryan has been learning Judo from his early childhood and had a Black belt in his possession.

He was also inclined to wrestling during his High School days. He was enrolled in Waiakea high School and cleared the fences of the school in 2008. After graduating from the High, School Ryan showed interest in filmmaking and got himself enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before venturing into this episode of his life of filming Ryan’s life was floating on a totally different perspective.

He wanted to be a medical practitioner in nuclear medicine. He just casually got interested in making videos with his friends which he shared with the members of his family. With the passage of time the efficiency and interest grew and ultimately he decided to post his endeavor on the YouTube. He made his first attempt on YouTube in 2006. Gradually appreciation started pouring in from the unknown followers of his videos which encouraged Ryan to be more focused on its making.


Ryan created his channel ‘Nigahiga’ with his friends Tim Enos, Sean Fujiyoshi and Tarynn Nago who are collectively called as ‘The Yabo Crew.’ ‘Nigahiga’ is the combination of two words, Niga which is a rant in Japanese and Ryan’s last name. It can be noted that Sean and Ryan were posting their videos on YouTube themselves from 2006 when they were still studying in their High School. The videos were created on the famous singer’s songs which are lip-synced. After some time their effort shifted to the making of comic videos. Under the series ‘How To Be’ videos were uploaded to serve with the ‘Tips’ to become gangster, ninja or nerd. These videos were highly appreciated by the fans and followers and become very much popular in the sphere of YouTube and web platform.

Ryan is a well-talented comedian who had written, directed and produced his videos for his channel. On his videos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, Tim Enos and Tarynn Nago were seen as guests. His efficiency has gathered a huge number of subscribers for his channel ‘Nigahiga.’ Even his ‘HigaTV’ which was created in 2011 is the second channel of this YouTube star has more than 4.5 million subscribers. The second channel covers the story behind the making of videos for the primary channel. He was so popular that he became the first YouTube personality to congregate more than 3 million subscribers. The amazing videos of Ryan even left the famous Pop star Taylor Swift behind. It is worthy to note that in 2015 Variety Magazine had spotted the talent as second in Digital Star Ranking.

His channel gained more than 2.9 billion views with ‘Nice Guys’ videos as most watched. As the popularity of two friends, Ryan and Sean were growing high Richard Van Vleet who was the director had suggested and helped then in the making of ‘Ryan and Sean are Not So Excellent Adventure’ in which both friends played the lead role. Later Ryan starred in ‘Ninja Melk’ along with his other friends Tarynn Nago and Tim Enos. Among all his creation he likes his short video of 35 minutes, ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ in which many prominent actors and YouTubers had featured.

Ryan had run a series as ‘Off the Pill’ on his channel which was going with the camera without ADHD pills. A reverse videos series came up as ‘On the Pill’ later. His videos were filled with parody, sketches, and spoofs along with the rants. In the earlier part of his life as a YouTuber, Ryan had nicely shifted from the lip-syncing videos to comedy because his videos were facing a temporary suspension of copyright.

Monetization was gaining ground, and many big companies got into this platform to gain the advantages. Here Ryan himself took up the task of composing music for his videos. When he was studying nuclear medicine in Las Vegas, he created all his videos himself some time with the assistance of fellow YouTubers. Ryan Higa Production Company was created in 2012 where his friend Sean Fujiyoshi joined to create new videos. Ryan had also formed Ryan Higa Foundation Inc. which is a non-profit making organization.

Personal life

Tarynn Nago has been in the life of Ryan for several years. The relationship was, unfortunately, had come across a break up in 2010. Ryan concentrates more on his creations rather than pondering over the criticism.

He is a believer of engaging into everything rather than being particular about something. From his schooling days, he had learned to handle discouraging comments as he had faced the crisis of racism in school.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Ryan Higa

Date of Birth: 6th June 1990

Birth Place: Hilo, Hawaii, United States

Age: 27 Years Old

Profession: Actor, Comedian, YouTuber, and Producer

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2 Million Dollars