Ryan Lochte is a renowned American professional swimmer. If you follow the Olympic Games, it’s impossible that you have not heard of him. This man won 12 medals. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

This man is well-known to a part of the public who follows the Olympic disciplines, because of incredible success and numerous records, and partly because of the scandal during the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. If you want to find out more details about this guy, read the following text. We are writing about his early life, career, his beginnings, incredible successes at the Olympic Games and scandal, due to which Ryan almost did not commit suicide.

Ryan Lochte was born August 3, 1984 in New York. By number of Olympic medals Ryan is right behind Michael Phelps. Ryan holds the world record in swimming at 200m. He is also the owner of the world record at 400m. This guy has a huge success, but it has not always been so easy.

Early life:

Ryan was born in New York, but his family moved to California when he was 12 years old. His father is a professional swimming instructor, and because of that, they moved to sunny California.

Ryan learned to swim when he was only 5 years old. His father immediately noticed his talent, but with Ryan nothing was easy. At swimming classes he was very frivolous. He bothered his father and could never stand by the rules.

Everything was much more interesting than serious training.

His father says Ryan spent much more time under the shower than in the pool. Whenever Ryan was too frivolous, his father would send him under the shower to cool and clear his head. Ryan was much frivolous. By the age of 14, he had only defeats at competitions.

However, something changed in him after defeat the Junior Olympic Games. He decided to change. He moved to the pool and he was seriously in training. After such dedication, success could not walk of him like before.

During the high school, Ryan was quite restless and always wanted to be in the center of attention. He made a big problem several times in the school and the school director wanted to suspend him from the school. His parents still managed to save him in school, and after this event, Ryan changed.

He decided to change his life and start to seriously train and start acquiring knowledge. School teachers said Ryan was the second person and that he was much more serious now. This event succeeded in changing his way of thinking and this turned out to be his best move in life. After a year Ryan was fully committed to training and started his junior career in which he initially showed great talent.


By 2007, Ryan was at the University of Florida. He was the best here and he went to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Here his golden age and the breaking of records began. He broke the record of Tom Dolan, which lasted for 10 years. Lochte qualified for his first Olympics in 2004. That was a tremendous success for him. He finished second, just behind Michael Phelps in a 200m relay. He also qualified for a 4x200m freestyle relay. This race he finished in the 4th place. That was his milestone in 2004. In the same year, he won a bronze and silver medal at the Indianapolis competition.

Lochte debuted at the Olympics in Athens in 2004, finishing second in the 200m relay after Michael Phelps. He also won a silver medal against George Bovell and Laszlo Cseh in the 200m relay. After the Olympics, Lochte took part in the World Swimming Championships 2004 in Indianapolis, Lochte won a 200 meter silver medal and 200m freestyle bronze; In addition, he added a gold medal in his free-style relay  4×200 meters.

In 2006, the Chinese Swan Beach Swimming Championship was held in China, where Lochte won three gold medals 200 meters back, 200 meters and 400 meters in style. He also won bronze medals in relays 4 x100 meters and 4 x 200 meters, both free tests.

At the 2007 World Swimming Championships in Montreal, this swimmer took gold at 200 m back and 4 x 200 m freely. Ryan Lochte added a total of six medals to this collection in this championship, with silver 100m backwards, 200m and 400m, in which he was behind his friend and rival Michael Phelps. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Lochte participated in various disciplines.

In his first appearance, he finished in third place behind Phelps and Cseh. The second test was a 4x 200 meter free-throw relay, where he, together with his colleagues Michael Phelps, Peter Vanderkai and Ricky Berens, easily won the gold medal, which also broke the world record as the first relay in history. Less than 7 minutes (6: 58.56).

Later, Lochte won his first individual gold medal at 200 meters back along with another world record, defeating veteran champion Aaron Peirsol.

One year later, at the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome, Lochte collected 4 gold, 200 and 400 meters freestyles and  from 4 x 100 meters and 4 x 200 free places; and a bronze in the 200 meter test, also broke 200m world record.

Year 2010, despite having no Olympic Games or World Cups, was very successful for the American who won the World Cup in the Dubai Short Pool and in the Irvine Pan-Pacific Championship to win a total of 12 gold medals in two championships 6 in Dubai (next to one silver, making him the first swimmer in the history of this competition to receive 7 medals) and 6 more in Irwin.

In the short pool in Dubai he managed to break two world records in freestyles of 200 and 400 meters. In the Pan-Pacific Championship, on the other hand, he managed to beat Michael Phelps for the first time at 200 meters.

At the end of the year, Swimming World Magazine named him the world swimmer of the year and the American swimmer of the year; and the magazine FINA Aquatics World Magazine named him male swimmer of the year.

At the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, Lochte was again the undisputed winner of the competition, achieving a total of five gold and one bronze medal. This bronze that won in the free 4×100 m was the first medal of the championship. Then came the “fire test”, 200 meters freestyle, in which Lochte faced with his friend and eternal rival Phelps.

The final was very even with those five swimmers with 5 tenths of difference between them, but finally Lochte took the gold with a time of 1: 44.44, a few tenths below Phelps (1: 44.79); this was the first gold medal for Lochte in this World Championship event.

Later Lochte and Phelps returned to face eachother in the final of the 200 meters freestyles, where after a very close raceLochte returned to defeat Phelps beating in addition the world record that had previouslywas marked by Phelps(1: 54.00 of Lochte and 1: 54.16 of Phelps).

The interesting fact about this record is that it was the first in the world to fight in the long pool because swimwear was banned in 2010.
His fourth gold of 4 x 200 relay easily came into his hands with his colleagues Michael Phelps, Peter Vanderkai and Ricky Berens.

Ryan Lochte was exposed to a huge scandal at the Olympic Games in Rio. After he and his friends were in the bar fight in the night, Ryan lied that he was robbed.

The authorities and the police in Rio investigated the case until they detected surveillance cameras that showed that during the robbery, Ryan had participated in the fight.

The Olympic Committee seriously grasped his mistake. He was suspended for 10 months. This procedure was due to a great public condemnation. Ryan says he was thinking about suicide in some seconds. Happily he is all right now, and Ryan again went back to professional competitions.

Private Life

Ryan had a very exciting career but also a very exciting private life. He has always been in the center of attention and has never hiding some details from his private life.

He had several incidents and controversial situations during his career and was suspended for a year.

But despite these events people thought that he was a great athlete and that he was a very interesting person. In addition to his excellent career, he also managed to make a career on television. While roaming in a humorous TV show, he showed that he had a great sense of humor and got a call to re-appear on television. Over the next few months, Ryan often appeared on television and this made him more popular.

These TV shows opened the door for him to get the opportunity to act in films. In 2016, he began his acting career in the TV series. He played in 30 episodes of this series and played a secondary role.

In 2017, he received a supporting role in the Sharon Stone film and this role brought him the most popularity. He also performed in the TV show Dancing With The Stars and won 4th place. In 2018 he was invited to participate in the Celebrity Big Brother TV program. He participated in this show and after 2 months he finished in 10th place.

Ryan is very active on social networks and has a large number of followers and fans around the world. He is also very popular among young audiences and has great support from them. He shares new pictures every day and his fans are familiar with his daily activities.

He currently lives in the USA, but he also frequently travels to various countries around the world. One of his favorite states is Spain and has said that he always travels to this country when he has free time.Ryan said that in 2019 he will record another 2 films that will greatly appeal to his fans. He also stated that he would perform in another popular TV show. 

Quick Summary

Full Name: Ryan Lochte

Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA

Date of birth: August 3, 1984

Age: 35

Profession: Swimmer

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Net Worth: $20 million