Master P is an American rapper, businessman, actor, record executive, former basketball player and philanthropist.

At the beginning of 90’s Master P was member of hip-hop group named TRU.

He launched his own record label under name “No Limit Records” and he is also founder of entertainment company called “P.Miller Enterprises”.

Besides all this business engagements he also founded “Better Black Television”.

He is divorced and  he has seven children with his ex wife Sonja Miller with whom he was in marriage from 1989 to 2014.

More about exciting and successful career and private life of this famous musician and businessman you can read in the text below.

Early years 

The full and born name of Master P is Percy Robert Miller. He was born in the place Calliope Projects, New Orleans in the United States of America (USA).

He is the oldest of five children in his family. He grew up along with his three brothers and a sister named Germaine.

The brother of Master P named Kevin Miller who was voice actor recognizable by giving his voice to the main character of the video game called Sly Cooper died tragically in 1990, actually he was killed.

His other two brothers are also popular musicians. Their full names are Vyshonne King Miller who is known under stage name Silkk The Shocker and Corey Miller known in the public as C-Murder.

Master P attended Booker T. Washington High School and Warren Easton High School.

When he finished his high school education he got the athletic scholarship at the University of Houston since he was a great player in his high school basketball team.

He left this college after only few months and he enrolled the studies of business administration  at the Merritt College in Oakland, California.

When his grandfather died Master P got $10 thousand succession from the malpractice settlement. He decided to invest this money in his career so he launched his own record label named “No Limit Records”.

Career development

Soon after he founded the “No Limit Records” it turned out that it was the great move. In the 90’s this record label earned a lot of money. Snoop Dog was one of the musicians who was signed by the “No Limit Records”.

Master P released the album under name “Mind Of A Psychopath” in February 1990.

Same year Kevin Miller, the brother of Master P, was killed in the New Orleans. That death of his brother was very painful for him and it was tipping point in his life. He decided to  invest money in music industry and to became a successful businessman and he did it.

Just year later (in February 1991) he published his first studio album called “Get Away Clean” and next year (in April 1992) he present to the audience the album titled “Mama’s Bad Boy”.  These two albums were signed by the record label named “In-A-Minute Records”.

Parallel with his solo career Master P was a member of hip-hop group named TRU so in 1993 published his third album called “Who’s da Killer?” in collaboration with that group.

Next year (on March 18th 1994) he published one more studio album titled “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” which was followed by three more albums of compilations.

Year later he published the studio album titled “99 Ways to Die” and also third album with TRU which was their main after two albums which were independent.

The album with TRU took 25th place at the chart “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” and it was also ranked at No. 14  at the chart of “Top Heatseekers”. It became popular and recognizable by first single and also by the song called “I’m Bout’ It, Bout It” which is one the most notable tracks of Master P.

In 1995 he also Master P also collaborated on the album of compilation “Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ and Swingin”

Same year he came back from California to New Orleans because he decided to move his record label “No Limit Records”.

In the follow year (1996) he published the album named “Ice Cream Man” which brought him a huge success.

The single from that album titled “Mr. Ice Cream Man” attract the attention of audience as the song named “No More Tears”. Thanks to these two songs the album ranked No. 26 at the Billbord 200 and it also got platinum status in America.

Same year he collaborated once again with his group on album called “Tru 2 da Game”. That album was released on February 18th 1997. In that period the members of TRU were Master P and his brothers known under stage names Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder.

In 1997 he published the album named “Ghetto D” which provided him breakthrough into the sphere of the biggest performers and music stars in the USA.

Just in first week of selling album it was sold more than 761 thousand copies. There were sold in total 3 million copies which provided to the album a certificated platinum status three times until now.

The single from that album titled “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” became a huge hit and it was nominated for  “MTV Video Music Award” same year while next year it got nomination in the category “Best Rap Video” award.  Unfortunately, Master P didn’t won the award and the  winner was Will Smith with song “Gettin’ Jiggy”.

This album was ranked on the chart “Top 200” and also at the “R&B Hip-Hop Albums” chart.

Besides the greatest hit “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” the album contained a few more popular and listened songs such as “Miss My Homies” (Feat. Pimp C and Silkk the Shocker), “Only Time” “Will Tell”, “Captain Kirk” and “Gangstas Need Love”.

In 1998 Master P released the film and also his 7th   album of the same name “MP Da Last Don” which became his the most-selling album until now.

The album picked first place at the charts “Billboard Top 200” and in just first week of selling it was sold more than 400 thousand copies while it was sold in total more than 4 million.

In October next year (1999) he  published the studio album named “Only God Can Judge Me”. The single titled “Step To Dis” brought popularity to that album which got gold certified status since it was sold in more than half million copies.

Same year he published in collaboration with his group TRU the studio album called “Da Crime Family”.

Next year (2000) Master P published the 9th album under name “Ghetto Postage”.  The hit singles from that album became tracks”Souljas” and “Bout Dat”.

Same year Master P released debut album titled “Goodfellas” with the new formed group named 504 Boyz. The album took first place at the chart “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” thanks to the hit single called “Wobble Wobble”.

In 2001 he published the studio album under name “Game Face” and it was his first album signed by his record label “The New No Limit” and also by the well known record label named “Universal Records”.

Next year  his new group 504 Boyz published the album called “Ballers”. That and their previous album “Goodfellas” had high ranked at the “charts “Hip-Hop” but soon after that record label “No Limit” started to lose popularity.

At the end of  2003 that record label went to bankruptcy proceedings. The reason for this were several lawsuits against that company and also different changes of rosters.

Master P didn’t give up from his music career although he had big business troubles and problems.

On March 23 2004 he released his 11th album named “Good Side, Bad Side” which was signed by  “Koch Records”. That album was very successful and it took first place at the chart  “Billboard Independent Albums”.

Next year (2005) Master P released the last album with his group TRU under name “The Truth” and soon after that he published his 12th album under name “Ghetto Bill Vol. 1.”.

Same year (2005) he founded the independent label named “Guttar Music” along with his oldest child, son Romeo Miller.

At the end of November same year Master P published the first independent album titled “Living Legend: Certified D-Boy” which was signed by “Guttar Music”.

Same year his group 504 Boyz published the album under name “Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back” which refers to the terrible Hurricane Katrina that took many people’s lives. It was their last releasing.

Year later (2006) he published the album of compilation titled “America’s Most Luved Bad Guy”.

Next year (2207) he published the album named “Hip Hop History” on which he worked on along with Romeo. The selling of that album was 32 thousand copies in total.

Three years later (2010) Master P began his music tour named “No Limit Forever International” along with Romeo and also with his brother Shocker.

Year later (2011) after four years pause of publishing tracks Master P was performer in the song “Brinks” of rapper Gucci Mane.

Next year (2012) he began to work on the rating and branding of his record label by presenting new music talents from the USA streets and one of them is well known under stage name Graphic Designer.

He wanted to provide new style, visual and music identity to his record label “No Limit records” in creating all next ones music engagements.

After more than six years (in 2011) he published his first mix tape named “TMZ” which represent the abbreviation of  phrase “Too Many Zeros”.

In 2012  he started to create his 13th album titled “Boss Of All Bosses”.

At the beginning of next year he published the mix tape under name “Al Capone” on which he promoted his last released album from 2012. Just month later he published new mix tape named “New World Order” which was created in collaboration with his new group called “Louie V. Mob” and also with several other musicians such as DC rapper and others.

In August same year (2013) he published third collaboration mix tape named “Famous Again” on which there were even 16 guest performers among which besides his son and brother was famous musician Chris Brown and many others.

At the end of  same year (2013) he published the album under name “The Gift” and  in February next year it was released the mix tape called “The Gift Vol. 1: Return of The Ice Cream Man”.

At the beginning of next year (2015) he published one more mix tape in collaboration with his new group named “Money Mafia” which has nine members. The guest performer in the song “Power” on that mix tape was famous rapper Lil Wayne.

Next year (2016) he published new track under name “Funeral” in partnership with the new music band called “No Limit Boys”.

In March same year he published the mix tape named “Middle Finga” which was followed by two more mix tapes under names “The G Mixtape” and also “Louisiana Hot Sauce”.

Year later he published one more mix tape called “We All We Got” on which he worked along with the new band “No Limit Boys”.

Personal life

Master P was in marriage with  Sonya Miller from 1989 to 2014. He has seven children with her. The name and years of birth of their children are Romeo who was born in 1989, Tytyana – born in 1992, Intylyana – born 1993, Cymphonique – born in 1996, Italy  – born in 1999, Hercy – born  in 2002 and Mercy – born in 2003.

His ex wife is also musician. She is singer notable by her songs “Freak Hoes”, “The Lord is Testing Me”. She launched record label “No Limit Records” along with the Master P and she is also owner of “Priority Records”.

Just one year after their 25 jubilee anniversary she filed a divorce application for marriage. She pointed to irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce for marriage.

After their divorce they were speculations that Master P is in relationship with the Iranian entrepreneur and philanthropist named Simin Hashemizadeh who is known as the CEO of South Pacific Surgery Center in Beverly Hills. Master P never confirmed that rumors although it was obvious that these two people are very close.

The reason for linking Master P with Hashemizadeh was the luxurous present that he got from her on Valentine’s Day in 2017. This rich woman gave Master P a car Rolls-Royce Ghost which price is about $270 thousand.

Besides the automobile she also bought him the “VHS Diamonds” diamond earrings which costs about $50 thousand.

There is no information in the public how long this couple is in the relationship but it is clear that they have met each other before many years since the Simin posted their together photo on her Instagram account in 2012.

Net worth

According to last information his net worth is estimated on about $350 million. His net worth before divorce with his ex wife Sonja was estimated about $600 million but at the end of the marriage divorce lawsuit it was rendered  that Master P had to pay more than $270 million to Sonja for raising up their children and taking care about them.

Quick summary

Full name: Percy Robert Miller

Date of birth: April 29th 1967

Age: 52

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Caliope Projects, New Orleans, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: rapper, businessman, actor, record executive, former basketball player and philanthropist

Net worth and salary: about $350 million

Height: 193 cm or 6 feets and 3 inches

Weight: 100 kg or 220 pounds

Body Measurement: Unknown

Marital status: Divorced. He was in marriage with Sonja Miller from 1989 to 2014.

Children: seven children named Romeo, Tytyana, Intylyana, Cymphonique, Italy, Hercy and Mercy.

Residence: New Orleans, United States

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: American

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: African American

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