Dyrus aka Marcus Hills is a popular American YouTube gamer who is presently a social media personality who is commonly known to people for his streaming and gaming abilities. Though he is quite popular within such a short span of his career, he is known to be a retired professional gamer who achieved and successfully several Leagues of Legends Championships.

Marcus was elected as the head leader of the team SoloMid after he retired from the championship of League of Legends. Marcus’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $ 1 million dollar.

Early life

The 25-year-old retired professional gamer was born in the year 1992, 30th March in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. He was born to father Mark Hills and mother, Sandy Hills. He grew up seeing his father working hard for making their family plumbing business successful enough. He even dreamt that his son Marcus would get involved in the business making him go in retreat after such a laborious tenure. But from his childhood days, he was interested in succeeding in the online games. His father was completely against the profession.

But Marcus was very stubborn with his decision and never gave a heed to his father’s decision. He continued with his passion and was ultimately successful in becoming an online professional gamer. Just like ordinary conventional minded parents Marcus’s parents also had a notion that computer and games are only meant for entertainment and recreational purposes but never thought in their wildest dream that their son would be so fanatic about making this as his profession.


Dyrus achieved the first position in online games several times. His repeated achievements had heaped him with enough opportunities and fortunes. Along with achieving the Yellow Star, he was also enlisted within the two players under the category of LOL who got qualified for all the five levels of World Championships. As per the information from some of the genuine sources, Marcus has won a quantitative amount of about 138 thousand dollars as prize money for winning the tournament championships.

He started off his career as a gamer under the support of the online gaming team All or Nothing team under the head of League of Legends. On joining the Epik Gamer he at ones became the head leader and soon within the tenure of 2012 March, to the month of October 2015 he got elected as a member of SoloMid Team.

Dyrus who is known to people as Marcus Hills has been into playing the League of Legends since the stage of its beta phase. He even acquired the first rank in the beta phase. He started off his career with the quality support provided by the first competitive team titled League of Legends professional scene. The name of the team was All or Nothing. Soon enough he started off getting involved in streaming on Twitch. This was possible because he was quite a proficient player and had developed unique strategies for getting exposure in the gaming industry. His flamboyant personality had helped him quite a lot in being successful with the Epik game. Marcus soon decided to move into the New York-based gaming house named Team SoloMid and finally decided upon making his career get concentrated upon the profession of online gaming.

Marcus decided upon resigning from the TSM with TheRainMan and offered a replacement from the mentioned team. He got exposure to winning the 2014 Spring Split and the Summer Split of 2014. In the year 2015 Spring, NA LCS Marcus associated with the TSM to achieve the playoffs and the regular seasons. Team SoloMid was the prominent winner in the Katowice World Finals under the category of Intel Extreme Masters Season IX.  On Marcus‘s retired he was saluted with standing ovation for his immense contribution.

Personal life

Marcus being a professional gamer has understood that life is nothing but is a place of battle and race just like those of his online battle arenas. His parents belonged to two different cultural backgrounds.

His mother was a Chinese, and his father was of a Scottish, German, Irish, Dutch and English and Cherokee descent. He was very rigid with his decision of becoming an Online Gamer, and against his father’s wish, he was into the profession. He had no such interest towards their family business of plumbing. Finally, he declared his relationship publicly on 29h June. He is dating Emiru, who is a popular Twitch Steamer. Marcus presently resides along with Brian Wyllie known to people with the name “The OddOne” in Austin, Texas.

Quick summary:

Full Name:  Marcus Hill

Date of Birth: 30th March 1992.

Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America.

Age:  25 Years Old

Profession: Professional Gamer.

Height:   5.8 Feet Inches

Weight: 65 -68 kg approx.

Net worth: $ 1 million.