World of rap is always interesting and their lives are more turbulent than the lives of some other celebrities. Most of them have gone through some difficult moments in life, which is the main reason they were influenced to create such strong lyrics and texts.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about Scarface. We will learn more about his life, career and net worth. So, if you are eager to find out more about this talented rapper, keep on reading.

Early years

Brad Terrence Jordan was born on November 9th 1970 in Houston, Texas. Brad grew up as every child, playing on the street and hanging out with his friends. He went to the Woodson Middle School located in Houston, Texas.

Scarface decided that school wasn’t for him and he made the decision to drop out of high school. The street life took over and he started spending his days as a drug dealer. He often spoke about his difficult life and problems he faced dealing drugs on the street.

During all the time he practiced his rhymes and practicing for his performances. Even though he couldn’t have foreseen the amount of success he is going to reach, he worked hard and used his talent the best he could.

How hard it was on the street, we can conclude by the fact that he tried to commit suicide when he was a teenager. He needed up in a psychiatric hospital, where he received enough help to get out this depressive time.

As a child, he grew up in a Christian family but in 2006 he decided to turn to Islam and change his complete outlook on life. There aren’t any more information about his early life, so we can only assume how hard it was for him until he managed to break out on the rap scene.

Career path

Scarface’s career started first as a DJ career. He started performing under the name DJ Akshen (the name was pronounced as Action). He released his first tape called Lil’ Troy Short Stop for a label house in Houston. His single Scarface / Anther Head Put to Rest came out in 1989 and the song was co-written with Chris Mr. 3-2 and produced by the Def Jam Blaster.

The song was an absolute success and Scarface signed a contract with the Rap a Lot and became a member of the group Geto Boys. He came into the place of a member who left the group. He released an album together with the group under the name Grip It! On That Other Level. The album came out in 1989.

The album was an absolute success and the group gained a large fan base. The lyrics they used in their songs were quite violent and some of the radio stations didn’t want to play their music, finding it too violent. The inspiration for his stage name came from the iconic movie from the 1983 Scarface.

Scarface also appeared in an album called Live and Let Die by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo. He released his album Mr. Scarface is back made a huge success. He still stayed in the group for several years and continued to release albums one after the other, and many of them were highly successful.

Their best albums were The Last of the Dying Breed and The Diary. The albums received both praises from the audience and from the critics. His album The Fix came out in 2002, which made him return back to the studio with the Geto Boys.

He was joined on the album by Big Gee and Akon, but he also joined Ray Cash on his song called Bumping My Music. Music is not the only area of business that Scarface is good at. He is a coordinator of the Def Jam South and he was the mentor and fostered the career of a famous rapper Ludacris. He produced many songs as well, some of them were the Underground Kingz songs Still Ridin Dirty, Life is 2009 and Candy. The song Pillow Talkin came out in 2008, and on the song he collaborated with Tech N9ne.

In 2010, his new album called The Habit was supposed to hit the stands pretty soon. He announced collaborations with famous singers such as Drake and John Legend. The album release was held back a little due to his time in jail, after failing to pay child support.

The most recent project he worked on was in projects with Ice Cube. The song’s name was Chris Benoit. Regarding his media appearances, he appeared on the Idiocracy movie where he played a pimp under the name Upgrayedd. He allowed the movie to use the songs Damn it feels Good to be a Gangsta. He appeared as a character on two video games called Def Jam: Fight For NY and Def Jam Vendetta.

In 2015 he released a book called Diary of a Madman, a memoir about the time he spent in the Def Jam South. When it comes to Scarface’s net worth, a terrible thing is that he is currently in debt because of the crazy amounts of child support he didn’t pay.

He was involved in several lawsuits for child support, and even needed up in jail because of the debt. His net worth is currently at -100$ thousand. Considering how much money he had in the past and how successful he was, it is difficult to see someone fall so hard.

He often speaks about he struggles he is currently facing because of the situation he is currently in, but he is still working hard and managing to pay his debt at least little by little.

When it comes to his social media accounts, he is very active on them as well. He posts information about his performances and new projects. Sometimes he shares photos from his everyday life as well.

Personal life

As we already mentioned, Brad didn’t have such a great childhood. He spent his days on the street and never really had a chance to avoid the difficult life on the streets. Coming from a poor family, he was faced to struggle and make it on his own, even if he was very young.

Brad’s lifestyle and life of drugs led him to the deeper parts of the street life. He became a drug dealer as a teenager, which made him face the real life pretty early on in life. He managed to get out of this kind of lifestyle just in time to survive and to look on the brighter side of life.

But, living with such burdens early on in life made his depressed and he tried committing suicide when he was still a teenager. He ended up in a psychiatric hospital where he, luckily, received the necessary help. He managed to get out of the vicious cycle and achieve enormous success. His old way of life never caught up to him again, but this doesn’t mean his life was scandal-free.

Brad faced charges for unpaid child support and he lost the case because of 123$ thousand debt. According to his claims, it was court’s fault because they failed to acknowledge that he did pay the debt, but he didn’t have any physical proof of the payment.

In 2011 he ended up in jail and this event prolonged the release of his then album The Habit. Scarface is a relative to the famous singer Johnny Nash. Brad admitted that he is suffering from a bipolar disorder and this disorder made him try to commit suicide by slashing his wrists. Besides this attempt, he also suffered from many drug overdoses as a teenager, which all affected his adult life.

In 2006 he converted to Islam, even though he was raised as a Christian. Brad continues to perform and works hard to pay off his debts. One of his ex-girlfriends told the press that he never even met his daughter, and that he continues to avoid paying child support that is only 148$. He is several thousand behind on his payments.

Even though his life has been full of ups and downs, Scarface remains one of the most popular rappers and hip hop artists of the 80s and 90s. He is often called your favorite rapper’s – rapper.

Quick summary

Full name: Brad Terrence Jordan

Date of birth: November 9th 1970

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Age: 49

Profession: rapper, producer, hip shop artist

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 95

Net Worth: – $100 thousand