Scott Steiner’s birth name being Scott Carl Rechsteiner is a well known American wrestler. He is more popular with his ring name than his original name. Scott has been part of the World Championship Wrestling along with his elder brother named Rick who was together called as the Steiner Brothers.

Scott has also been a member of the nWo which is the New World Order. In addition to these, he has also performed for the promotions of Crocket Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation. Besides his work, he is also achieved victory being a tag team wrestler by participation twelve times in the World Tag Team Championship. Though Steiner is less known publically, he is being paid the highest in the world of wrestling.

Early life

Steiner’s birth place is in the Bay City of Michigan and is currently 55 years of age. His birth name is Scott Carl Rechsteiner and Scott Steiner is just his ring name.  Before getting into wresting as a profession, he always practiced wrestling from his younger days and thus, was considered as a part-time wrestler.

Steiner got enrolled into the University of Michigan and participated in a wrestling which was at 190 lbs which provided him an opportunity in becoming Big 10 runners-up for three times, right after completing his fifth as a fresher.


Earlier to entering the career in wresting, Steiner was getting his training done under Dr. Jerry Graham Jr. in Ohio at the Torio’s Health Club located in Toledo. Steiner got his debut done under his birth name Scott Carl Rechsteiner in the World Wresting Association which was Toledo based. Steiner won the WWA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating The Great Wojo which took place at Dearborn in Michigan. This title was held by him for a year till the time he lost it again to Wojo at the same place in Toledo. After this, Scott got his tag team formed along with his trainer and together got Chris Carter along with Mohammad Saad defeated for the WWA World Tag Team Championship. Again the duo lost this title to Don Kent and Carter.

Then Steiner became a part of the Continental Wrestling Association which was Memphis based and undertook his real name that of Rechsteiner. After that he also got another tag team formed with Billy Joe Travis and stood champions against the Cuban Choir Boys in CWA World Tag Team Championship. They could hold the title for sometime till they lost it to Don Bass and Gary Young.

It continued as a chain and again the duo regained their title and further lost to Tommy Lane and Mike Davis whose team name was The Rock ‘n’ Roll RPMs. Steiner then again got his new tag team into action with Jed Grundy and won against Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller, further losing their title to his duo itself.

Soon after this winning and losing title series, Steiner left CWA. He then started wrestling along with his brother and gained much popularity for their passion in wrestling. It was said no one dared to fight against this brother duo which further proves them being very successful as powerful wrestlers. In addition to his, Steiner also made appearances in Charmed which is a famous television programme during February 2001.

He got the role of a Mega Man in the TV program, particularly in the episode which was named as ‘Wrestling with Demons’. Additionally, Steiner also got featured in the TV show entitled ‘The Jersey as himself’ in the Disney Channel and gained immense popularity, having fetched a great number of fans.

Personal Life

This well known wrestler is married to a beautiful and gorgeous lady called Christa Podsedly. It has been almost seventeen years of their married life and since then, the couple tends to spend moments of luxury each other. They seem to be a happy couple and no rumours about their love relationship has much come into the media world.

Throughout his professional life, Steiner had come across tough times and severe injuries. The most threatening one was that when he got kicked by his competitor named Apolo right in the throat at the TNA house show at San Juan. Right at that moment, Steiner coughed up blood and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital by the ambulance.

There, he had his diagnosis done where it was found that he had his trachea torn and thus, was provided just 5 hours to survive more. Fortunately, he could fight this situation after being in coma for two consecutive days and underwent a major surgery.

Quick Summary

Full name: Scott Carl Rechsteiner

Date of birth: July 29, 1962

Birth place: Bay City, Michigan

Age: 55 years

Profession: Wrestler

Height: 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 m)

Weight: 276 lbs (125.2 kg)

Net worth: $1 Million