Brian Barczyk is a known American reptile lover who gained popularity through a TV reality show called “Venom Hunters” on Discovery Channel. He also has his own YouTube channel which has a huge number of fans.

Early life:

He studied biology at the college and planned to be zoo keepper or micro biologist. During his studies, he already had a pretty nice income from snake breeding.

He was born on September 6th, 1969 as the youngest of three children in a single-parent family. His mother didn’t like pets and his siblings weren’t really into it too.

His first trip to the ZOO, where he first saw a python, made him a great snake lover.

He was always trying to convince his friends to go to the woods so he could see and find snakes there.

He collected snakes in the woods during the summer and took them home. He hidd them in the garage and took care of them.

When Fall came, he would release them back into the woods, to their home.

At the age of 15, his mother finally allowed him to buy a snake as a pet but he had to keep it in the basement. That worked for both of them. She was very affraid of snakes so she never went to the basement again.

When Brian grew up and moved away from the house with his snake, his mother finally went to basement after all those years.

His first snake was a Burmese python.

He started working in a pet store where he met Mark Bell. He supplied the reptiles for the store and bred over 200 animals for that purpose, but he still couldn’t quit his real job because it wasn’t still paying off.

At the age of 17 he decided to spend all of his savings and buy a pair of albino burms for $3,000. After a while he earned ten times more on them!

Brian enrolled college in order to study biology. During those years he was trying to decide whether he will be a micro biologist or work in the ZOO. He finally decided to go with snake breeding because it brought him more money than any of above mentioned jobs.

Career development:

He started his own venture by opening a store called “BHB Reptile” which is in business since 1989.

He ownes a very large reptile collection  with over 25,000 different snakes.

“Venom Hunters” began airing in 2016 and it brought Bryan the fame he never imagined to have.

Bryan is a host for a YouTube series called SnakeBytes TV and he has thousands of viewers because he knows how to make and produce an interesting series.

He decided to open his own YouTube vlogging channel which has almost a dozen million of views.

During the creative process of making SBTV Brian realized that he has an excellent talent for everything included in that process.

He comes up with ideas, he writes scripts, films, produces and basically he works hard on every episode. That is why he is successful, because he handles everything himself.

Personal life:

Brian met his wife Lori while they were both students at college. She hated snakes so Brian took time and put effort and patience to succeed that she could overcome this fear.

They married in 1992 and were soon able to buy their own house because of the great income coming from breeding snakes. You must realize that Bryan was only 23 then.

Their precious daughter Jade was born quite soon after their wedding so Brian decided to get a “real” job in order to help provide his family a normal life. He worked with computers almost five years and he hated it.

Eight years later their son Noah was born. And Jade and Noa aren’t interested in snakes at all.

When he saved enough money to buy his first car he picked a Chevette. Today he drives a GMC truck because it helps him with his work.

He doesn’t keep any snakes at home but he has a Siberoan husky who follows jim around.

It is interesting that he isn’t affraid of snakes but is terrified of spiders.

Quick summary

Full name:  Brian Barczyk

Date of birth: September 6th, 1969

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Age: 48

Profession: venom trader, TV and YouTube personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth:  $4 million