Eddie Hearn Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Eddie Hearn Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Even though celebrities in front of the camera and in media spotlight make a lot of money, the ones behind the camera are often the ones who are in charge. In today’s text, we are going to talk about such a celebrity.

His name is Eddie Hearn is an English promoter and a managing director of a very popular company called Match room Sport.

He is also the director of Professional Darts Corporation. We are going to touch on the subject of his personal life, early life, career and how much this popular businessman is actually earning by monetizing on his business talent.

So stick with us if you want to find out more about him and perhaps get a broader image of his career and accomplishments.

Early Years

Edward Hearn was born on June 8th 1979 in Essex in England. Being from this part of England, often made him the center of attention because of his interesting accent. People from USA found it to be quite funny and often made fun of it, but Eddie admits he has no problem with it.

Even though he is currently one of the richest people in sports, he grew up in a pretty normal family. They belonged to middle class and his father was the main provider for the family. When Eddie was still pretty young, his father managed to make a big breakthrough in his career and the family could finally relax and live even better.

Eddie often mentions his parents and says he is thankful to them for raising him the right way and also providing him with more than a child needs in life. He also admits that his only choir was to finish school and become a good person. His parents didn’t ask anything more from him.

Another interesting thing about Eddie is that his father was also a sports promoter, wo Eddie was able to learn so much from him which was a big advantage in Eddie’s life.

His father Barry Hearn founded the Matchroom Sports Company and is still one of the most famous men in the sports world.

While his father was earning money for Eddie and the rest of the family, Eddie’s wife Susan stayed at home and took care of Eddie and his sister. Whose name is Kate. Before his father became the famous sports promoter, he actually worked as an accountant for a local company. Luckily, he dreamed bigger and was able to make his dream come true.

Eddie is in a lot of ways similar to his father, because, he too, takes business very seriously and is dedicated to it 100%.

Eddie took over the company from his father, and is currently the director. Even though many say he didn’t created the company himself and started from scratch, Eddie still managed to maintain the company in the leading position despite being born “with privilege”.

Eddie went to the Brentwood School in Essex and wasn’t too interested in learning. But, he liked sports and he knew that one day sports will be his entire world.

In high school, Eddie trained boxing but he never wanted to turn pro or practice it more seriously. He once had a match in Dagenham, and the highlight of the night was the host announcing his last name wrong, Hills instead of Hearn.

Eddie tried his luck in telemarketing and stayed in it until he finished college. When he was only 17 years old, his father started introducing him to business. He slowly learned all the tricks and tips of the trade, and finally manage to get up to the position of director.

Career Path

Like we already mentioned, before becoming the director of the Matchroom Sports, he worked in telemarketing during his college days. He never had a plan to stay in it for long, but he wanted to try something on his own without being tied to his father’s company.

At the age of 17, he was already learning the tricks of the job from his father in his company and was happy to be a part of it. He didn’t come to the position of director easily, and his father but a lot of effort to teach his son all the things he needs to know, in order to be a good promoter and director one day.

But how much does the businessman from Brentwood earn? Edward Hearn as an Essex’s boxing promoter and son of the famous promoter Barry’s Hearn had many doors open to him all his life. One of the biggest deals Eddie managed to seal was the deal with Sky Sports. The deal with Sky Sports TV ends in 2021.

Eddie succeeded to seal a great deal and the first ever $1 billion boxing contract (£ 750million) as its Matchroom agency and new streaming service DAZN said yes to hosting  16 American shows, as an exclusive on the network.

Revenue for Matchroom has continued to rise–they raked in 34 million pounds in 2015, rising to 70 million pounds a year ago. He reached the 100 million pounds in 2017. The number included a rise from £ 7.2 m to £ 11.1 m in annual profits.

It has been determined that Eddie owns 2,000 shares in the business Matchroom, so it has been estimated that the 2018 net worth of Eddie Hearn was about £20 million. Although this year’s figures have not been fully determined, he has an estimated £ 25 million+ net worth!

Antony Joshua’s 2017 battle with Wladamir Klitchsko succeeded to break a record (at the time) of one and a half million pay-per-view at 19 pounds each. This amount was a huge and Eddie definitely broke the record again.

Eddie Hearn’s 2018 net worth–he’s one of the most popular boxing promoters working alongside the world’s best fighters–and in the process he’s made a lot of money.

Hearn jumped into the US market after selling out arenas in the United Kingdom with some of the biggest boxing matches ever, skyrocketing his stock even further (if ever possible).

After taking over the role of his father as a boxing promoter, the 39-year-old has become one of the most prominent boxing figures in the world. Eddie’s taken the sport by storm, from masterminding Antony Joshua’s rise to arranging Carl Froch’s Wembley clash with George Groves.

Most of the money that Eddie Hearn earns is from the tickets, ads and other various project that are based on boxing events. Eddie also made a collaboration with IFLTV and organized the streaming of boxing matches on YouTube.

Eddie is active on his social media accounts as well. He has over 500 thousand followers on his Instagram account and he often promotes future events through his account. He is a very private person, so we won’t see him posting photos that aren’t job related that often.

Many people compare Eddie Hearn to Don King, a very famous boxing promoter because of their charismatic nature.

Unlike Don, Eddie is much less focused on the money, and he likes to make his business partners happy as well. Another passion of his is snooker and he started investing in this sport in 1974. In 1987 he began promoting boxing matches as well as darting and table tennis matches.

Many say that Eddie is responsible for the success of one of the most famous boxers in the world. In 2019, Eddie signed a contract with Hughie Fury, who will be his next business project.

Eddie is active on Twitter also, and has many followers on Twitter. Many of his fans say that he was able to make a revolution in the boxing world, because he is much fairer to the boxers he is working with. Everyone can see that his goal is not just money, but also the essence of sportsmanship and at the end of the fun.

Eddie gives a lot of the earnings from TV revenues back to the boxers he works with, which makes him different from many other money-hungry promoters. Eddie is definitely one of the best if not the best boxing promoter from England, which only gives even more celebrity stardom to his name.

Even though you haven’t heard of him as much as his boxers, he is one of the main reasons for you being able to enjoy viewing their amazing boxing matches.

Personal life

Eddie married Chloe, a woman who runs a salon in Brentwood together with two daughters: Isabella and Sophia. You’d picture all that money that the Hearn home is definitely a lavish one.

In the world of boxing the main protagonists, true of Perogrullo, are the boxers. They (and for a while, they too) steal the glances, the applause, the notes, the center stage, in short. Next, come the trainers. Each with his little book. And it does not seem that the story to be told goes far beyond these two variables.

However, there are, as in every activity, many men who are around them and have their own brightness. For personal characteristics, for intelligence, charisma, for knowing how to set up a career or having the right ability to sell an evening.

The truth is that promoters also find a place on the catwalk. This is how men like Bob Arum, Don King or Juan Carlos “Tito” Lectoure earned their fame. And closer in our time Lou Di Bella or Al Haymon.

Eddie Hearn belongs to that group. That of the promoters that have their own brilliance, that generate a current of sympathy with the public beyond the boxers that it manages and that builds that image from the large number of boxers that manages to locate in the candlestick, the huge number of boxers that gets them to reach the title, the positioning of Great Britain as a power of this activity and a series of own characteristics that give brightness and relief to their personality.

He was born with destiny marked. His father, Barry Maurice Hearn, was (is) a leading promoter of sporting events, creator, founder and owner of the company Matchroom Sport, which is dedicated to the organization of boxing matches primarily, but not exclusively, since he has also dabbled in golf, bowling, ping pong and many other sports.<

Eddie grew up that way: He was born on June 8, 1979 in Essex, England. Soon he met his father’s work and joined to give him a greater impulse, something even bigger.

His evenings were always successful and in recent years he organized mega events, such as the one he held in the mythical Wembley Stadium so that 90,000 spectators see Anthony Joshua beat Wladimir Klitschko to unify the titles of the World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (FIB) and International Boxing Organization (OIB).

Many thought that it could be a hard test for Joshua, that his career was still incipient to be measured before a man of Klitschko’s trajectory, but Hearn always had the fight in mind: “It is the confrontation between a young lion that is measured against the Master, ”he declared when the fight was about to take place.

The concrete thing is that the fight was carried out and Eddie defined it as “The biggest night in the history of British boxing”.

In each fight he put his seal. His voice. So much to arm it, to organize it or to justify results, defeats or victories. That’s why his statements were always in the spotlight. In each fight, one participation.

But it does not interrupt its march. Despite some verbal differences, he dreams of adding Deontay Wilder to his ranks. It is true that the American once said that his fight with Joshua was not done because of the obstacles that the British promoter, Hearn, put on, but this does not seem to matter to the businessman, who said: “If I were Deontay Wilder, how can I not To think that signing with our promoter is not a good business? ”

Those who drive Wilder insist on carrying out the blasted fight against Joshua in Las Vegas. They have made a very large offer (there is talk of 50 million dollars for the British) as long as the fight is made in America. That sum, impressive by the way, does not move a hair to the promoter.

For Hearn, the money they can offer him has no influence; He wants many conditions for his represented to cross the Atlantic Ocean, one of them is to maintain control of the fight organization. And Joshua believes that “I must offer that fight to all my fans who have supported me in England, so I must do it there.” The pull will be long.

The expectation of the company is that the big confrontation will be made in September in London, a few months before the expiration of the contract between Joshua and Matchroom, which has an expiration date in November, although there is already talk of a renewal for an important figure, something like a hundred million pounds sterling for three fights.

Anthony knows that there is great business there, and everyone discovers that he will continue to be linked to Hearn’s company.

Meanwhile, Eddie does not stop at his conquering project. Julio César Chávez Jr., the son of the great Julio César Chávez, could also join his ranks and he already thinks he will do three fights for the Matchroom Boxing Company. The agreement was not sealed, but the pugilist himself said that it is very possible to do it.

It has an active participation in the media and social networks; Very recently he was only at the Tokyo airport, after the fight between McDonell vs. Inoue and waiting for his flight to Los Angeles for the clash between Kal Yafai vs. David Carmona, well into the night, he came up with tweet: “I’m sitting at the airport in Tokyo, I’m not sure who can be up or where, but let’s talk about boxing … ”, he invited his thousands of followers.

In seconds, a massive chat was formed between experts, fans, lovers and connoisseurs of boxing to speak, ask, argue and expose on various topics of boxing. One of them asked: What would be the three fights you would like to organize this year? And his answer was flat and round: “Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder; Brook vs. Khan and Canelo vs. Jacobs.”

Quick summary

Full name: Edward Hearn

Date of birth: June 8th 1979

Birthplace: Essex, England

Age: 40

Profession: Professional boxing promoter

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million


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