Adhir Kalyan is a South African actor who gained success by playing a role as Timmy in the CBS comedy series called “Rules of Engagement”.

Early life:

He was born on August 4, 1983 in Durban in KwaZulu-Natal in the South African Republic.

Adhir was born in a higher middle class family to Jitendra Kalyan and Sandy Kalyan.

His mother, whose name is Santosh Vinita Kalyan (called “Sandy”) is a member of Parliament in the South African National Assembly.

His father Jitendra is a successful businessman so Adhir always lived a pretty secure and wealthy life. He was his role model and he always looked up to him in life.

He is a member of a part Indian and part South African family.

After high school he enrolled a Crawford College in Durban. During college he was involved in theatre plays what he continued doing as his job.

He had roles in adaptations of “Oliver Twist” written by Charles Dickens, “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” written by Salman Rushdie, and the “Macbeth” by Shakespeare.

Career development:

In 2004 he acted in some national productions in his homeland but found out that that kind of production doesn’t satisfy his acting potentials. He always knew he could do much better than the offers he got.

In 2005 he decided to move to London since London gave him more opportunities in evolving his acting career. After a while he started getting smaller roles in some BBC series such as “Holby City” (where he played a role as Arjmand Younis or in “Spooks”.

He was also hired by the Irish network  called RTÉ One for the role o Ramal Kirmani in “Fair City”.

He had numerous roles in many independent films.

He played a student from Pakistan in “Aliens in America”, he had a role at a cable show called “Nip/Tuck”, but his real breakout came with his appearance in the 3rd season of a popular sitcom called “Rules of Engagement” where his role became so liked that he was hired for the fourth season as one of the most important characters.

His role of Timmy on this series became very popular and he has spent four years on the set of it, from 2009 to 2013.

He had some movie appearances such as in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” from 2009, in a comedy called “Fired Up” and in “Youth in Revolt” from 2010.

2015th brought him a new role in a SF crime drama series called “2nd Chance” which aired on Fox. Since Fox is a big channel, this brought him a lot of fame and had gave him even a bigger following in the social media.

In 2017 he appears in a Jill Soloway’s TV series called ” I Love Dick” which aires on  Amazon Prime.

He also has a role in a new series for CBS called “Brothered Up”. It is based on a story about an African-American cop who is a partner with a Pakistani cop, and they are two totally different personalities trying to find a way to connect and work together in Detroit.

Personal life:

His mother Sandy with whom he is very close is known as a representative of the Democratic Alliance political party in South African Republic. She had taught him everything he knows about being a good person and he is very happy that she was always supportive.

He started dating a beautiful actress known from a famous series “General Hospital”- Emily Wilson. They are together since 2008. They got married in 2016 in California, after they were engaged for a few years.

Adhir is involved in charity work and he always answers to invitations from “American Heart Association” and “American Stroke Association” for some charity work.

Adhir has one great quality that helped him in his acting career and showed his acting abilities too. Kalyan has an impressive command of languages and accents. He speaks Afrikaans and French because they are the most imortant languages of his native land. He knows English and has a range of different accents he can produce: South African, Indian, Pakistani, French, Australian, many American and even a Scottish accent.

Quick summary

Full name: Adhir Kalyan

Date of birth: August 4, 1983

Birthplace: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South African Republic

Age: 34

Profession: actor

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 65 kgs

Net Worth: $ 1 million