Spencer Matthews is an extremely young boy hailing from England and is now a millionaire who is self-made.

Only due to the hard work along with the dedication he has climbed through the ladder claiming success. He hails from an extremely wealthy along with an affluent family.

His father is an owner of large properties comprising of a huge number of acres. Eden Rock is one among the many properties that his father owns. This hotel is situated in Caribbean island. Spencer’s mother is an extremely well-known artist.

His mother made considerable amount of money pertaining to the real estate while being one of the renowned owner of varied posh lands.

Spencer Matthews is a self-made businessman who deals with trading of foreign exchange.

Born on August 6 1989, Matthew hails from United Kingdom.

After being done with his studies, he had worked for some time. He had worked as a manger in the zone of public relations of a number of nightclubs. His salary accounts to an incredible amount of 100,000 Euros each year.

Spencer also has his own personal column and that too at Mailonline. Coming to his personal life, he has had a long history of girlfriends. With being extremely rich and famous, women always loved him. Matthews dated Caggie Dunlop, Khloe Evans, Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson and several other women.

As of the year 2015, he is currently dating Lauren Hutton. He also is been featured in the series ‘Made in Chelsea’ which is a reality show.

This show talks about all rich and young people and Spencer obviously had to be one of them. It has also been found out that he gets high salary on the basis of each episode on the show.

Along with all the money that he has made himself, comes the money that he would get being an heir to the grand Hotel of Eden Rock situated in St. Barths.

He has also earned a lot of popularity as a cast member of television series named ‘Made in Chelsea’. The show had premiered on the date of May 9, 2011.

He has done his education from Etin College along with Mander Portman Woodward in London.

Spencer Matthew has achieved an estimated net worth of 2.9 Million Euros.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Spencer Matthews

Date of birth: August 6, 1989

Birth Place: London, United Kingdom

Age: 30 years

Profession: Trader of foreign exchange

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth: 2.9 Million Euros