Ben Higgins is an American reality TV star and an analyst. He is best known for his appearance on the ABC’s show Bachelorette.

His estimated net worth is around 550$ thousand.

Early life

Benjamin Edward Higgins was born on March 23, 1988 in Warsaw, Indiana. He was the only child of Amy and David Higgins. Even when he was a young boy and during his school years, he was considered to be very good looking boy.

He always had a close relationship with his family and it has pretty much stayed the same until today.

During his high school years he played football and the girls simply adored him. Ben always dreamed about becoming famous and doing something more with his life, so he decided to apply for the audition of the show Bachelorette in 2015.


Ben came to the public eye after his appearance on the ABC’s show the Bachelorette in 2015. He was one of the contestants who competed for the heart of Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was not long before Ben became a fan favorite of the show.

All of the girls gushed over his good looks and he became one of the top runners in the show. Kaitlyn ended up picking another guy and left Ben heartbroken because he could really see himself with her.

In 2016 he got a chance to pick his own partner in the next season of the Bachelor. The season has started recently and Ben gets to choose from 28 contestants. He already stated that he believes in love and marriage is a lifelong commitment.

Besides being famous for his appearance on the reality TV show, Ben also has a regular job like everyone else. He works as an analyst and software salesman at Talysis. He gets around 65$ thousand for his work there. Ben is, of course, being paid more than the average analyst since he brings certain popularity to the company he is working for.

Personal life

Being on the Bachelorette and now on the Bachelor, we saw that Ben is a real sweetheart. He truly believes in love and he often said that love for him is forever.

Even though he knew that Kaitlyn might pick someone else, he was heartbroken after she didn’t give him his rose.

He often posts images of his family members, and it seems he has good relationship with them. He is also a big fan of fishing and hikes. Since he played football during high school, he is quite athletic and he tries to stay active all the time.

He is currently single, and he is trying to find love among 28 beautiful girls who are competing for his heart on the Bachelor.

Now that he has a chance to show all of his traits in the Bachelor, we will probably see more of Ben in future.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Benjamin Edward Higgins

Date of Birth: March 23, 1988

Birth Place: Warsaw, Indiana

Age: 28 years

Profession: reality TV star, analyst

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 92 kg

Net worth: 550$ thousand