In the world car racing, Michael Waltrip is a very familiar name. After proving his efficacy on the different pathway of car racing he is dominating the commentator box with some of his fellow racers.

He has outrun all in the Daytone 500 Championship twice. Till date, he is often seen in the Toyota Camry driving No.83 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. His elder brother Darrell Waltrip is also a champion racer. Michael has earned a good reputation while giving his pre-race analysis in the Fox NASCAR. It is quite evident that this magnificent racer has not only ruled the race but had also earned quite conveniently during this long tenure.  The successful career in the car racing had enabled Michael to accumulate a net worth of around $35 million dollars.

Early life

Michael was born as Michael Curtis Waltrip on 30th April 1963 Owensboro, Kentucky, and United States of America. All the possible information about Waltrip’s early childhood days are available from his autobiography, “In the Blink of An Eye.” Michael was already racing in the year 1978 with Daytona 500 when he asked his brother Darrell, who was already famous in the car racing world to help him get established with NASCAR. But his brother never paid any heed to his request and ordered to concentrate more in his studies.

Even his father was very rigid with his decision and told him to keep himself away from car racing and get away with studies. It was his only brother, Bobby Waltrip who was quite convinced by his brother’s genuine interest in the game and extended his support to help him build up his career.

He started off with the go-karts racing and the various races at the carnivals and racing clubs in the places around his hometown. He decided to move out of his house with Kyle Petty and then decided to move with the famous racer Richard Petty as his roommate. He then thought of going for the Busch Series, but on Petty’s advice, he went for racing in the Cup Series Speedway.


He started thinking seriously about his racing session serious from the year 1981 and participated in the Mini-Modified track championship that was held at the Kentucky Motor Speed. Just after 2 years, he participated in the Darlington Dash Series Championship. In the year 1996, he participated in the Winston Winner ad soon enough participated in the Gatorade Duel Winner. Then he went for participating in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series career.

He played with the car no 83(BK Racing). He acquired the 43rd position in the year 2015. He finished with the 12th position as the best finisher in the year 1994 and 1995.  His first race with NASCAR was with Coca-cola World 600 and his last 2016 Daytona 500. He won the 2001 Daytona 500 race and for the last time went for achieving the last race of 2003 EA Sports 500 under the Talladega.

Soon enough in the year 2004, he went for participating in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Career was Waltrip served as the best finisher. His first race under the Xfinity series was 1988 Kroger 200, and his last race was played in the segment of 2011 Aaron’s 312.

He won for the first time in 1988 Grand National 200 (Dover). He won for the last time, 2004 Pepsi 300 under the segment of Nashville.

He also participated in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Career were Waltrip finished in the 61st 2004. His first win was 2011 Next Era Energy Recourses 250 under the Daytona segment. Lastly, he went for participating in the 24 Honors of Le Mans career and served as the best finisher with DNF in LMGTE-PRO in the year 2011.

Personal life

Waltrip was married to Elizabeth Buffy Franks, who was probably his car’s official owner.

In the year 2007, 11th of April, Waltrip met with a severe accident and was charged by the author for driving recklessly and moreover leaving the spot off the accident after crashing the vehicle with a telephone pole.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Michael Curtis Waltrip

Date of Birth: 30th April 1963

Birth Place: Owensboro, Kentucky, United States of America

Age: 55 Years Old

Profession: Car Racer

Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches / 1.96m

Weight: 95 Kg / 210 lb

Net worth: $35 Million