Tamra Judge is a popular Hollywood reality star who is popular to people for her appearance in The Famous television series Bravo’s Housewives of Orange County. She is also famous for appearing in her spinner shows titled Tamra OC Wedding.

Tamra is known to be an licensed realtor. Tamra Judge who is known to people by the name Tamra Barney was born in California, United States of America. It is reported that she is having almost 1 million Instagram followers and has been estimated with the net worth of $800,000. She owns her own gym centre and is associated by her husband. She named her gym C.U.T

Early life

Tamra Judge was born in California USA along with her siblings Kenny Bernie. During her childhood days she used to play clarinet brilliantly and was quite well known clarinet player during her junior school days. Very little information has been gathered about her early childhood days and not much information is there regarding her bringing up and parentage.


Tamra Judge is a popular television personality who has appeared in several reality shows including Housewives of Orange County. The show dealt with the lifestyles of the simple women of Orange County.  The show is based on the professional and the personal way of life the Orange County women habituated with. Before getting into the reality show Tamra was into her work as an authorised and licensed realtor.

She is to work in Cota Decasa and in parts of Ladera Ranch. She has also been a part at the Burger King and this was probably her first job. She was quite successful in her reality show career and soon came into the lime light. She has a huge fan club for her brilliant performance in the show based on the performances of housewives. Her earning through reality show per season is about $35,000. Tamra is not only involved with her appearance in The Real housewives episodes and apart from being a television personality.

She has also been a successful plastic surgeon who has launched varieties of cosmetic line categories. People are quite happy with her innovations and known to them not as Tamra Judge but Dr. Ambe. Tamra is into making her life filled with prospective goals and uncountable future plans concerning her fitness gym Centre named C.U.T. She is fortunate enough to get helped by her supportive husband who is into managing the gym and consider it as an important source of revenue.  Tamra is not only a professional TV personality but also a lady who is into managing the issues of family matters. Talking up on her reality shows the famous real housewives of Orange County which is still appreciated series has been announced as the most viewed reality show.

The show is actually inspired by the scripted operas namely the Desperate Housewives and the most popular Peyton Place. The documents she walked on is actually based on the life of the upper class household women who were given to live a glamorous life where the costing for a proper house is about $1.6 million. The class of people who were actually involved includes the eminent executives of several companies and professional sport persons and athlete. Tamra work with several other professionals who wear present in the first season some of the people where Vicki Gunvalson, JK, Jo De La Rosa. Though Bryan one of Tamra co-partner was soon replaced by Kimberly Knickerbocker.

Tamra got selected in the third season as well and soon replaced Jo De La Rosa. Tamra was considered the most caring mom in the course of the show. She was one of the oldest members who was there from the very beginning of casting. She is perhaps second oldest member of the reality show who has constantly remind in all the 9 seasons.

Tamra is quite famous for her spin off series which she has debuted in the month of September 2013. The three episodes based capturing the wedding ceremony of Eddie and Tamra in California in Dana point where the best beach resort monarch was chosen as the venue. The reality show actually ended in the day of their marriage and her appearance in the show Tamra OC Wedding featured her as a supportive character

Personal life

Tamra Judge married Darren Vieth. Tamra is married almost for 3 times and is a mother of 4 children. Ryan Viethis her first child was from her first marriage. Unfortunately the relation never lasted for long. The couple soon had a separation in the year 1990 and went for leading independent lives. She got associated with Simon Robert Bernie and dated each other.  They were happily married for 13 years and were proud parents to three children. But after such long years of living together they decided to get separated in the year 2013.

Finally she decided to get married to Eddie Judge who is a prominent businessman. There marriage was recorded in this show Tamra OC Wedding they are almost married for 3 long years. Social network sites have no news about there separation and hopefully she would continue with Eddie for the rest of her life. Tamra has recently become a grandmother.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tamra Judge

Date of Birth: 2ndSeptember, 1967

Birth Place: Glendale, California, United States of America

Age: 50 years

Profession: Television Personality, Plastic Surgeon

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch / 1.61 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $800,000 dollars