Dotson is a prominent American auctioneer who is into the age-old trade of auctioneering business.  His became a famous personality only after appearing on the reality show A&E.  He is a famous American reality show television personality who is known to people for his efforts for forming establishing the Riverside American auctioneers that are basically a California based initiative. Dan’s birthplace is California, and his ethnicity is white.

He has been married to Laura Dotson. He has earned popularity by appearing in the famous shows like Storage Wars: Behind the Locker and another unique show named Storage Wars.  His net worth is estimated to be somewhere around$ 4.5 million.

Early life

The well-known auctioneer who has become a television celebrity was born on 23rd November 1962 in California, United States of America. Dan belongs to white ethnicity and American nationality. Zodiac sign of this personality is Sagittarius. His grandfather, Sam Fancher, who was a farm and cattle auctioneer, has been a tremendous, inspiring figure in his life. As all his success that he has earned during these days as an auctioneer is because of his grandfather. Dan started learning auction from the very early age. When he was just a boy of 11 years his grandfather taught him the basics of the auction.

Dan was losing interest in his formal academic education. Slowly he had picked up all the intriguing and complex techniques of his favorite subject, and that is only auctioneering. It was growing tougher for Dan to remain idle with the normal life pattern of a boy of his age. He was getting excited as if he can hear the call from the auctioneering market. He started going to the Chino Auction instead of his school. Dan on behalf of Meri Bernard, who is an auctioneer, sold out furniture when he was just in his teenage years of 16 years.


As far as auctioneering is considered Dan was ready to start his career as an auctioneer. He had just surpassed the probable inordinate days of teenage. His acumen has been molded with his lone experience as auctioneer on behalf of someone else.

He was starting his own business near the Riverside. Dan was dealing with collectibles, furniture, porcelain dolls, and pottery. During these days while doing business at the Riverside, he was acquainted with Laura. The relation grew high, and the intimacy inspired them to do business together. This Laura became his wife in later part of life. So the basic two jobs of starting the business and get a life partner were accomplished.

Over the year the young Dan has transformed into a successful auctioneer. Presently Dan is doing the auctioning job at a storage unit. The unit takes on the auction for business inventories, estate, fundraisers. Along with these he also deals with the legal matters, an auction with appraisals. On an average, he deals in two auctions daily with the minimum of six auctions on a weekly basis. This business was run by Dan Dotson in the name of American Auctioneer.

He started off his career by appearing in the show on A&E’S brilliant presentation Storage Wars. It was through this reality series that involves four professional buyers placing on the available storage units that are present by default. He was quite involved and passionate about the Storage Wars, and this made him feature more of the reality series namely the Washington Post, TMZ and USA Today. The famous website Examiner’ reported the idea of the reality show Storage Wars. According to network news, the idea was of Thomas Beers, but later it was pointed out that Dan and Laura were the real initiators of the reality show.

Personal life

Dan beside being a successful auctioneer is a happily married man who gets full support from his wife while making his business deals. He could have succeeded more with his work if he led a healthy life. He often suffered from a peculiar syndrome of waking up in the middle of the night. He was found with a syndrome that made him asked all sorts of weird questions while he is asleep.

He was found awake with complaints of experiencing double vision. His wife often used to get puzzled and often took help from the 911assisstane. Laura often fetched an instruction from the 911 medical attendants to make her husband get on to the sedative that can relieve him. Laura was quite an expert in handling medical issues moreover constantly dealing with such peculiar syndromes had made her seasoned with the medical operations. Dotson underwent a severe surgery to get rid of the complication.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dan Dotson

Date of Birth: November 23, 1962

Birth Place: California, United States of America

Age: 55

Profession: Eminent auctioneer, television personality.

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 4.5 million.