Quite a common face on the channel of Fox News is a successful journalist, and the world knows him by the name of Bret Baier. Presently he is hosting the “Special Report with Bret Baier” for the same channel. He had served as a chief correspondent for the top governing authorities of the country, White House and Pentagon, before taking the desks for the octagonal production.

Fox News has always been lighted with the sear talents, and Bret has been a proud contributor among such gifted faculty. It is no surprise that Bret gets $7 million dollars every year and that high salary has definitely enabled him to accumulate an enormous amount of net worth. His net worth should be beyond the line of $16 million dollars.

Early life

Bret was born on 4th August 1970 in Rumson, New Jersey, United States of America. Not much is known about his early life. But it is heard that Bret was raised as a Roman Catholic in Dunwoody, Georgia. He is quite regular at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church at Georgetown. He was enrolled in Marist High School which follows the discipline of Roman Catholic School and is located in Atlanta. When he was studying at school, he served as an altar boy in the church.

In 1988 he cleared the graduation from the school and looked forward to higher education in Greencastle, Indiana at DePauw University. In 1992 he majored in English and Political Science to get the degree from the university. During his college days, he was attached to the Xi Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.


After doing his graduation, Bret started his career as a journalist. In one local station as Rockford, Illinois he began his journey of a journalist. After some time he joined WRAL-TV at Raleigh, North Carolina which has the affiliation of CBS. He is a true aspirant in his area of working and had given full-fledged effort to achieve the life of a successful journalist.

He wanted to be among his inspirational workforce and wanted to join a premier network channel to show his proficiency. Without hesitance, he sent his audition tape to one of the leading news channels which have its massive coverage around the globe. The tape reached the office of Fox News and the addressee followed soon as the taped voice had given enough confidence to the selectors. It was 1998 when Bret had first reached the floors of Fox News and is still carrying his responsibility for the Fox News. He was given appointment at the Fox News as the Atlanta Bureau.

Until now the world has not cleared the heinous attack of 11th September of 2001. Bret reached Arlington from Virginia driving all the way to cover the attack on Pentagon. His earnest effort has shown enough courage and sincerity and was asked to cover such massive incidents for five more years in the same post. Bret became the Pentagon correspondent for the Fox News. He then traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to cover the unruly life this region. Bret reached the grueling soil of Afghanistan eleven times and had gone to Iraq 13 times.

In 2007 because of his tremendous dedication and country feel he was asked to be the White House correspondent for the same Fox News. By now the channel has become his second home where he no more does something to impress but to make the channel Fox proud. Substituting Brit Home, he started anchoring for the Special Report on Friday. After 2009 Bret was the permanent anchor for the show.

In 2012 he co-anchored FCN’s America’s Election Head Quarter. In the same year, Bret has toiled hard to extensive coverage for the campaigns of either side. Debates of both Presidential and Vice- Presidential election was duly covered by this committed and experienced journalist. The conventions of Democratic and Republicans were thoroughly brought to the public through his vigilant exertion. He was quite a known figure to the high dignitaries. During his entire life he had interviewed quite a number of famous personalities of political importance, President Barack Obama , Hillary Clinton is just the two instance to show his influential supremacy.

Personal life

Bret married Amy Baier long back, and the couple is blessed with two kids. The two boys are named as Daniel Baier and Paul Francis Baier. He lives a lavish life with his family in an artistically furnished home at Georgetown, Washington D.C. Bret has written a book on his son, “Special Heart: A Journey of faith, He, Courage and Love” to show the fighting spirit of his son.

Quick summary:

Full Name: William Bret Baier

Date of Birth: 4th August 1970

Birth Place: Rumson, New Jersey, United States

Age: 47 Years Old

Profession: Television Presenter

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: NA