Tanner Fox is an eminent YouTube blogger healing from the United States. He was born in San Diego, and from his childhood days, he had interest in the world of blogging. Today he is the owner of popular YouTube channels namely MT films, which she came up with in the year 2011.

Tanner also got featured as a stunt show scooter rider in the popular YouTube entertainment show titled “BMX vs. scooter” along with Harry Main. This successful YouTuber gets a lot of revenue from the online advertisements and several sponsorships. At such a young age he has acquired and an annual salary of $ 66,000.

He is having a stable weekly income amounting to $1,300. The above estimations make him get a monthly income amounting to $5,500. Presently the 17 years old YouTube Star Tanner Fox net worth is estimated somewhere around $800,000. His videos are stuffed uniquely with interesting clippings that people get addicted to watching. Tanner has become a most successful YouTube tycoon at quite a young age.

Early life

Tanner fox was born in the year 1999, 22nd December. He was born in the city of California and hills from San Diego. From his childhood days, he was quite fascinated with the equipment like scooters hoverboards and skateboards. His family could make him go to the Charter school only for two days in a whole week. Finally, his parents decided of making him educated from home and started homeschooling.

Still, he was being educated from a private Catholic School when he got expelled from his institution and while he was a year child of only 11 years. He was often found shooting his channel videos during his class sessions which got him get expelled from the school. But they seem to be serving as an excellent reason for spreading his prosperity and fame. Tanner is a unique profession, and soon he became the most wanted professional rider all around the globe.He loves riding scooter and is very passionate about skateboard featuring. Likes to spend a quality time with his companion and best friend name Jake Angeles who is equally passionate and interested in riding scooters and has a lifestyle similar to his best friend, Tanner.

He has uploaded several of his videos in his own YouTube channel along with his best friend, Jake. The two young YouTube stars have been dealing with this uploading business for a longer time and have been quite successful in their joint venture. Both the YouTubers have left a permanent imprint on the viewers and the subscribers featuring their videos with such as brilliant and excellent riding performances.

Jake Angeles has been quite supportive for making Tanner a successful YouTuber who features his video solely for entertaining his viewers and almost make them bound to subscribe his channel. Tanner had come to know about several strategies and techniques. Tanneries are very much interested in learning new skateboard techniques and making himself updated with the latest scooter riding skits. As he is homeschooled, he had plenty of time with him to look for the better ways in which one can upgrade oneself. He never felt that he was expelled student but took it as a challenge to get successful with his passions. Tanner Fox plays an exemplary role in making people aware of the fact that one can follow the rides dream to achieve the desired goals even though a hundred hurdles come on one’s way.


Fox loves to upload random videos when he is his best friend, Jake Angeles. He is a most wanted YouTube star who is presently running a channel that is growing enormously since the year 2016.

Tanner makes his videos contain pranks and challenges and these intriguing bounds people to view it at least more than one time. Tanner is actually inspired by the prominent rider Dylan Morrison who is into performing various and diversify I’d stunt techniques using his scooter that went viral some years before.Fox is associated with notable popular games that are linked to his YouTube channel.

The games are Lucky Scooters, GrindShop, and Root Industries. He has performed several demo videos on a regular basis that have adequately made him know about the latest techniques and rules for becoming a potential rider. He has even got a chance to get collaborated with the popular personality Roman Atwood and even got a chance to have a test drive in his GTR car

Fox has been successful in his career as he has linked himself with various professionals who are with the scooter-riding career. Some of the names that are highlighted by Tanner are Justin Stuart and Casey Neistat.  These eminent personalities have made Tanner know all of the professionals and technical elements and supported him in the development of his career. Presently Tanner is having over 400 million viewers and possesses a subscription count of almost 3.4 million. His posts and scooter riding videos get a view of 2 million approximately each and every day, and hence it can be easily calculated that she per day income is about $3,000.Tanner’s source of revenue is YouTube, and it clearly depicts  his financial strength.

Fox has finally decided to be an eminent scooter Rider and make made his riding career play a pivotal role in making him a successful man in your future. He is much devoted to his profession and uses his intelligence in making decisions. He is quite interactive with his followers and even communicates with his subscriber’s daggering associated with them personally. Teenagers are his real targeted audience, and reviews say that all want to become successful stunt riders just like Tanner.

He has another source of income from the website fox brand.com He selling the special merchandise editions 500k subscriber t-shirts, 8 sticker packs, and FOX Dad Hats.  Presently his network is gallantly booming to the amount of $500,000. He would soon run into a massive success with a sound financial background.

Personal life

Tanner is quite crafty and is a social networking addict who regularly updates his Instagram profile and almost has turned a most wanted celebrity in the world of YouTube stars. He is quite young to have a personal life but still some choices of his own. He likes to spend time with his cute pet dog Kirby, who even has an Instagram account which is uploaded and maintained regularly. It was also rumored that during his high school days he dated his best friend Anna that never turned up into a healthy long lasting relation. Recently he was spotted with the popular actress Taylor Asia.

There is news up in the air that Tanner is dating the beautiful and gorgeous actress almost for few months. Probably the relationship would surely mature. His favorite place to visit during vacations in Barcelona. He has said in one of his interviews that Spain is his most favorite area to spend quality time. He still has a long way ahead to reach the pinnacle of his life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tanner Fox

Date of Birth: 22nd December 1999

Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States of America

Age: 18 Years Old

Profession: Social Media Star, Professional Stunt Scooter Rider

Height: 5 Feet 8 inches / 172 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Net worth: $2 Million