Rich Piana is a bodybuilder who was born in Northridge, California on 26, September 1971. His aim was to build a body with huge muscles.

At the age of eleven he started towards his goal and soon he managed to get body which he desired of.

Later he started his career as a body builder and today with his bulky body he has managed to become one of the famous American bodybuilder. With his toned body and body building capabilities he managed to cater many fan following.

It is because of this liking that he has also been seen in several acting projects.

Paina’s mother was also a bodybuilder once when he visited her gym and noticed her lifting weights he got influenced and got the charm to select bodybuilding as a profession.

This was all because of her mother and her gym.

In beginning it was hard for him to continue in the field because it was difficult for him to afford the cost of bodybuilding but later it became easy for him to pursue towards his career when he got what he wanted by winning NPC California Championship.

This helped him towards his goal of bodybuilding. In spite of various obstacles he worked hard to achieve what he wanted. He accepts that his mother gym was a true inspiration that helped him to move forward towards his aim of life.

After winning several championships like The NPC Orange County Championships, NPC Sacramento Championships, NPC Los Angeles Championships and NPC Border States Classic championship he got both name and fame.

Soon he came into limelight and became famous as a body builder.

Later he was also seen in several television series like NBC’s Scrubs and also the Ripley’s Believe It or Not series. His acting career was limited to this he also had some role in movies like La planète des singes and too Big for the world. Later he was also seen in Tim Muriello & Rich Piana Interviews and Mutant: Leaving Humanity Behind.

He was also associated as a stunt player in Planet of the Apes of Tim Burton.

Being active on social networking platform Piana has about 666 000 subscriber. He also has YouTube Channel that has numbers of videos. He is also active on various social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Facebook he has 1 million Fans, on Twitter he has 13 000 Followers and on Instagram he has about 731000 followers.

Being an American Bodybuilder, actor and a YouTube sensation he has managed to cater lot of net worth. Total Rich Piana Net Worth is approximately between 2 to 3 Million dollars. His YouTube channel had a big contribution to his worth

. Other than this he has also launched several heath brands of his own.

He is also linked to several other nutrition and cloth brands. His clothing brands include names like 1DayUMay, Love It Kill It.

At a point of time he started taking steroid at an early age of 18. He admitted that he used to take steroids and synthol. Later he left it saying that he took it because he was not aware about the ill effects of the two.

Rich was linked to many girls in his career like his ex girlfriend Chanel Rene. He was also linked to Sara Heimis. Later he married his girlfriend Sara in 2015.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Rich Piana

Date of birth: September 26, 1971

Birth place: Northridge, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Age: 44 years old

Profession: Bodybuilder, actor and a YouTube sensation

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 131 Kg

Net worth: 2 – 3 million dollars.

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