Tanner Tolbert was one of the contestans in “The Bachelorette” show but he had no success there. After some time he became a winner of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Early life:

Tanner was born on May 2, 1987 in Kansas City. He was born to Karin Barragato and Stephen Andrew Tolbert.

He was always surounded by his loving family and he has a special bond with younger sister Kara Tolbert. She is four years younger and he always took care of her.

Although his parents got divorced, which followed after his mother found out his father was cheating on her when Tanner was 14, he was still in a good relationship with him. After the divorce was final both of his parents got the custody of Tanner and Kara.

He was a big fan of playing football while growing up.

After elementary school he became a student at the Blue Valley West High School.

After that he enrolled the University Kansas and he got himself a degree in sports management in 2010.

He was also an assistant for the University of Kansas and for the University’s football team. It wasn’t a hard duty for him because he loves football very much.

Career development:

Tanner is a TV personality who became known to public as one of the contestants on the 11th season of the reality TV series called “The Bachelorette”. In this show he tried to win the heart of Kaitlyn Bristowe.

He hasn’t made it to the finals, he was eliminated on half way to be exact, but he was a big favorite of the fans of the show.

That is the reason why he was called to star in another reality show named “Bachelor in Paradise”. There he immideately caught the eye, and later the heart too, of the star of the show: Jade Roper. She is a former Playboy model.

Before the end of the show Jade already knew she will pick Tanner as the winner.

His first job was at his father’s car retail called “Steve Tolbert Suzuki”. A yeae after he upgraded to “McCarthy Auto Group” and two years later he started working at “Legends Honda” where he came to the position of the General Sales Manager.

They both have earned a substancial amount of money in the show, not only what they received from the production of the show but from their endorsements deal: they started advertising brands such as Hallmark and HelloFresh.com on their social media accounts.

Their net worth is rising due to the fact that Tanner has a good job (and gets a lot of bonuses for his good work) and his wife Jade has her own line of cosmetics called “Naturally Jade”.

They both currently live and work in Los Angeles in California.

Personal life:

After the show “Bachelor in Paradise” ended he married Jade Roper to whom he fell in love in the show.

They made their wedding public on a special episode of the 20th season of show. It was in 2016 and it had great ratings because the show had a huge fanbase.

After the wedding  the enjoyed each other company but soon they started to fight constantly so they became involved in the reality series called “Marriage Boot Camp”. It seems it helped a lot and that they saved their marriage from falling appart.

In 2017 the couple was blessed with the birth of a little girl in May. They gave her a beautiful name: Emerson Avery.

He likes to go skydiving on his free time and to watch football matches.

Quick summary

Full name: Tanner Nathan Tolbert

Date of birth: May 2, 1987

Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri

Age: 30

Profession: finance manager

Height: 1,91 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $500,000