Tay Keith is famous American producer, he is also known for writing songs and making music videos.  With only 23 years, Tay has become one of the biggest and most talented producers all over the world.

Even at the start of his career, Tay is making good results, he is working with famous artist, he is producing music, writing songs and living his dreams. We also need to mention that Tay is not just producing songs for other people. Last year, Tay announced that he is planning to start his own career, and that he will try his luck in music industry like musical artist.

We need to mention that Tay has won two awards for best production, and best song lyrics. Tay always mentions that music is his first love, but Tay has got great results when it comes to sport.

In the High School, Tay played basketball for school team, and he had good results, unfortunately he didn’t continue, instead he put all his efforts at music and production.

We also need to mention that Tay worked with lot of famous artists, he produced songs for Travis Scott, Drake and Jay Z. Song that are produced for these artists made a huge success, but Tay’s biggest success was with Travis Scott.

He produced a whole album for Travis Scott; he made all songs from his last album ‘Sicko Mode’, these songs had a huge success in America, they took high places on American top music lists.

Keith is just going into music industry, but even with these results and this big talent we are sure that Keith will be one of the most successful producers in America.

In this article we will talk about Keith’s biography, we will talk about his childhood, about his family, friends and early life. We will also talk about his career and we will give you many interesting facts about his life.

Keith is famous for his personal life and emotional relationship, he is living turbulent life and he has had a lot relationships. That is why we have decided to give you detail information about his private life.

We are sure that this text will help you to find out many interesting things about Tay’s life. Also, you can be sure that Tay’s life is telling a great story of young artist who can be a great example for young people.

Early years

Tay was born in 1993, in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the youngest member of his family. Tay has got three older brothers and one sister. His father was local taxi driver, but Tay admits that his music talent comes from his father. In fact, his father was good musician, he played guitar and he had his own band, when he was a teenager. Unfortunately, he didn’t use his chance in a good way, and he gave up from music very early.

In many interviews, Tay admits that one of the reasons why his father gives up of music is because he married too early. In fact, when he was just 22 years old, he had his first child.

On other side, Tay’s mother has very good education, she works at school and she is English teacher. We must mention that each member of Keith family has finished College. We must mention that this family is very sensitive when it comes to music; every member of this family has talent for singing, writing songs or playing instruments.

It is obvious that this family have roots when it comes to music, but only Tay has decided to be professionally engaged in music. We must add that Tay has made a good decision, and we are sure that in the future this young man will have a lot of big success and good results.

As we have already mention Tay was born in Memphis, in this city he has finished primary and high school. We also must notice that this town will leave a big impact in his music and production.

Tay had a dream to become a popular rapper and musician but his parents were not impressed with this idea. The truth is that they loved music, but they thought that this job will not bring him financial stability and independence. His parents thought that the best thing for Tay was to finish Law School, but his plans were obviously different.

When he was last year of high school, Tay made a decision to make music and to become a music producer that is why he started going to the University of Tennessee, to study art and music production.

His talent was notice first from his parents, then from his professors and soon after that from musicians who were famous all over the world.

Education had a big impact on his teenager ages; Tay’s admit that his teenager years were not same like years of other kids. His parents insist that he should study more, and devote his time to church and religion.

His family was very religious, his parents visited church every week and they were dedicated to religion and spiritual energy.

We can say that Tay had a nice childhood and that his family was living peaceful life, but Tay was not satisfied with this lifestyle. He was sure that he will not live this life and that his future will be completely different. He was determined to his ideas, he was ready to work hard and to prove the world that he has got talent and that he is ready for big things.

Tay doesn’t like to be interviewed, but a lot of people who have been working with him say that he is very determined, persistent and hard working, he doesn’t like to give up and he never loses hope.

Even, with the big success Tay still doesn’t underestimate his family, parents and friends, he has a good balance between personal and professional life.


We can say that Tay’s career started very early, and his first music steps started when he was only just 7 years old. When he was just a kid, Tay was aware that his life will be dedicate to the music and that his career will be focused to this direction.

His parents loved music and they encourage him to play instrument and to educate himself about music history, but Tay had one dream, and that was to become famous and to familiar to the lot of people.

He started going to the University of Tennessee, where he was studying art and music production. He found out that his place is in music production and he had a desire to work with famous singer and rapper, this desire soon has come true.

Tay plays guitar and piano, when he had 14 years he has started making videos, where he was singing and playing piano, he uploaded these videos on his You Tube channel.

His first serious work was with rapper Blac Youngsta, together they have produced his first album. This was the beginning of his career; we can say that producing this album helped him in many life areas.

After this, Tay got the offer from famous rapper Eminem; he produced song ‘Not Alike’, for this song Tay has also wrote a lyrics.

This was the breaking point in his career, after producing song for Eminem; Tay became one of the most popular names in music industry.

In 2016, Tay begins cooperation with rapper Drake. This cooperation was very successful; in fact, Tay has produced one album and two songs for Drake.

In 2018, Tay has got a chance to work with one of the most popular rapper nowadays, and that was Travis Scott. Together they have produced album called ‘Sicko Mode’, this album had a high place in many top lists around the world, in fact, if you are looking You Tube statistic, that you can see that this album is listened more than 600 million times.

He has been also nominated for producing the best rap song on this album.

Personal life

Tay doesn’t like to share his personal information, he is active on Social Platforms, but he doesn’t share information about his girlfriends or family. 

Quick summary

Full name: Brytavious Keith Chambers

Date of birth: November 23 1996

Age:  23

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Music producer

Net worth: 15 million dollars

Height: 174 cm (5 feet and 7 inches)

Weight: 58 kg