Corey Taylor is American singer and songwriter, he is known as a lead vocalist of two rock bands Slipknot and Stone Sour. Corey is very talented musician; he is also the founder of the band Stone Sour. This band was founded in 1992, at the beginning the band did not achieve big success that is why Corey decided to leave band.

In 1997 Corey got offer to became a member of Slipknot band, he accepted this offer and became the lead vocalist of this band. This band didn’t have a lot of success before Corey’s joining.

After two years, this band became one of the most popular rock bands in America, they recorded two platinum albums with Corey, they played a lot of concerts and they had two big tours. One tour was across America, but second one included Europe and Asia.

After huge success with Slipknot, Corey made an unexpected decision. He decided to leave the band, and refund his old band Stone Sour.

In the meantime, Corey decided to devote his time to writing and composing melodies. He wrote a lot of lyrics for popular bands like: Junk Beer Kidnap Band, Korn, Disturbed, Apocalyptica, Code Orange, Anthrax, Steel Panther, and Soulfly.

Corey has been also nominated for a lot of awards, but his biggest reward was a nomination for Best Rock Vocalist of all time.

Corey is one of the most popular rock vocalists, he voice is unique and he has different music perception. Corey is aware that rock music is not popular, but he is trying to help other people to feel the energy and power of this music genre.

Corey is living turbulent life, his emotional and private life are interesting for publicity.

In this article, we will tell you a story about Corey’s life, we will help you to understand his past, childhood and growing up. We will talk about his parents, family and brothers.

We will also talk about his achievements and career. We won’t skip the part about his emotional relationship and privacy.

Early life

Taylor was born in 1973, Des Moines, Iowa, but he was raised in Waterloo by his single mother. In early childhood Taylor didn’t have a chance to meet his father, so the main role in his childhood had his mother and older sister. Taylor often mentions that his grandmother had a big influence on him, when he was growing up.

Taylor grew up in old farmhouse, his mother had two jobs but even with them, it was hard to raise two children. Taylor describes his childhood as ‘hard period full of troubles’.

His mother was hard working women and she was trying to provide a better future for her children, she didn’t have a help of Taylor’s father and it was hard for her to deal with many problems.

In many of his songs, Taylor is talking about his mother; he is admiring her and asking her for a forgiveness. His mother wanted a better future for her kids, she wanted to educate them and help them to become independent and hard working people.

His older sister was quite and smart girl, she decided to listen mother’s advises, so she continue with her education, and right now she is English teacher.

Taylor has got American and German roots, his mother was Dutch and Irish, but his father was American. That is why Taylor has got the impact of both cultures.

His sense for music started very early, when he was only 7 years old. Taylor said that his mother was big fan of horror movies, and every night they were watching different movies of this genre. This was the beginning of his idea for music band, he wanted to sing and present different music and movies had a lot of similarity with his music taste.

While his mother was introducing him with horror and mysticism themes, his grandmother introduce him with rock music. She had a big collection of different rock bands; she also was a huge fan of Elvis Presley. She helped him to understand this music, and it was obvious that he loved it.

Soon after that, Taylor started listening to Black Sabbath, Police and other rock bands. His dream of forming a band started at this age, he didn’t want to be famous, rich or popular, and he only had a dream to play rock music with his band and to make other people happy.

In his songs we can see the influence of these bands, especially Black Sabbath. It is famous his comparison of his old house with Black Sabbath album cover. He describes his childhood as ‘dark period full of sadness’, and he mentions that he didn’t have a chance to be happy.

He finished primary school at Waterloo, he didn’t have any interests in school, but his mother was the only reason why he continued education. When he was in the first grade of High School, he got drug addiction; he even had overdosed with cocaine two times.

After this incident, his mother was devastated; he couldn’t find the solution for his problem. His mother blamed his friends for his addiction and she decided that it is best for him to move away and stay with his grandmother.

At the beginning, Taylor didn’t like this idea, he couldn’t stand a fact to be separate from his friends and school, but soon after that he accepted this and he decided to listen to his mother’s advice.

He stayed with grandmother till he was 18 years old, she enrolled him into High School and she gave him a chance to educate himself and learn something more about music.

He loved this idea, and he started taking music classes. He learnt how to play guitar, and he started writing songs. His granny also helped him to buy music equipment and she gave him a chance to become a good musician.

This was very difficult period of his life; he had a lot of issue. He wasn’t living with his mother and sister; he was separate from his friends and previous life, and his main problem was drug addiction.

When he moved to Iowa, he was so desperate that he had another overdosed with cocaine, his time he attempted suicide. Luckily, his girlfriend’s mother founded him and she took him to hospital.

Taylor admits that this was the hardest and lowest period of his life. He admits that taking drugs almost killed him, and after this he wanted to change his life and start a new chapter in his life.

In 2017, in interview, Taylor also admits that he was sexually abused by his older friend. He said that this event had a big impact on his life and music; he also admits that he was ashamed to tell anyone this secret.

All these problems had big influence on him, and they were the main reason why he attempted suicide. Luckily, he found the cure in music, it helped him to overcome all obstacles, to face with problems and move on.

When he was 18 year old, he decides to leave his grandmother house, and to start music career.

He also said that he met his father for the first time when he was 30 years. He admits that he was missing him through the childhood. Taylor says that he has good relation with him, but unfortunately, their roads are different.


When he moved to Iowa, Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, and Mick Thomson asked him to become member of rock band Slipknot and Taylor decided to join this band, and become a lead vocalist.

Taylor soon became popular as the number eight in this rock band. This rock band was famous because of their performances; on each performance they would have different face masks.

With Slipknot, Taylor has recorded their second album ‘Slipknot’, this album had a big role and it promoted band very good. Album had a lot of songs which were written by Taylor.

Taylor is also a founder of a rock band ‘Stone Sour’. This band wasn’t popular at the beginning, they had two albums. While the band was recording their third album in 1997, Taylor decided to leave this hard rock band, and he joined Slipknot. He didn’t return till 2002, after this band was reformed and they started recording at Catamount Studio.

Their album was self-titled, their songs were written by band members, and almost every song had Taylor’s significance. This album had number 46 at Billboard Top List.

After this they recorded album called ‘Come What(ever) May’, this album was more popular and it had bigger success. This album had 4th place at Billboard Top List.

In 2010, Stone Sour released album called ‘Audio Secrecy’.

In 2013, Taylor announced that the band is planning to release double album, with 23 songs. The album was named ‘House of Gold And Bones’. With this album, fans also got a chance to watch 5 episode of serial about Stone Sour and their members. This serial had 5 episodes, and each one described a life of different band member.

Taylor also worked with other musicians; he appears as a quest musician in many songs. He had a chance to work with Soulfly, Apocalyptica, Damageplan, Steel Panther.

Taylor is not only good musician, he wrote a lot of songs for band, but he had a dream to write a book about his life. In 2011, Taylor decided to publish a book called Seven Deadly Sins: ‘Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good’. This book had really good reaction from audience, even his fans very surprised with his unbelievable story.

In this book he is talking about his alcohol and drug addiction, he also admits that he attempted suicide few times. Taylor says that the cure for his soul is music, it helped him to become different person.

Personal life

Taylor is very open when it comes to his personal life. He admits that he made a lot of mistakes in past, but right now he is trying to open a new chapter, devote his time to family and find a peace.

Taylor had a lot of turbulences and problems in his emotional life. In 2002, he got engaged with Scarlett, and soon after that they got their first child. Taylor also has got a daughter, from her pervious relationship. Scarlett and Taylor got married in 2003, but after three years of marriage, they decided to get divorced.

After this, Taylor married Stephanie Luby, their marriage seemed happy, but in 2011 Taylor announced on Twitter, that he and Stephanie are not together more than 10 months.

After this Taylor started dating Alicia Dove.

Taylor admits that he is the main reason why relationship doesn’t work for him. He also says that he is grateful for his marriage with Scarlett, she was the only woman who understand him and helped him to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction.

Quick summary

Full name: Corey Taylor

Date of birth: October 18 1973

Age:  46

Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa

Profession/Occupation: Musician, author

Net worth: around $700.000

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 65 kg