If you are interested in different types of art then this topic will certainly be interesting for you. In today’s topic we will reveal some interesting information.

Today we will reveal some interesting information and this topic will bring you a story about a particular type of music and artist. In this text, we will introduce you to one of the most important things in life.

In this article we will talk about music and we will introduce you to different music directions. Music is a kind of art that exists from the origin of humanity and it has always helped us in all spheres of life.

Music is the meaning of life and without music the whole world would be empty. Music has always been a feeling of freedom and the feeling of emotion, and it has helped us to get rid of stress. Throughout history, music has always changed and various directions have been created. In this text we will talk about the type of music that came into being during the 80’s and which has become very popular in the world today.

We will talk about rap music today and we will talk about this musical direction that has been very popular in recent years. Rap music is a special type of music and this music has different styles that have changed over the years.

During the 1970s, rap music was a great success worldwide, helped many young artists find their musical direction and become successful musicians. Hip hop and rap music began to develop in America, and were usually performed by black musicians.

However, very quickly, this music became accepted throughout the world, crushed all prejudices and merged people of different beliefs.

This musical genre has proven that music does not know the difference it connects people and helps people to express their emotions, attitudes and opinions.

This music is different from the others because with it we can say everything that is on our souls. From the beginning of this music, to this day we can find different styles and different rappers that have gained popularity all over the world. If you are interested in this kind of music, then we will present you in this text more details about her and about the rapper and actor with whom we will meet today.

In today’s subject we will get acquainted with American rapper, actor and TV personality. His name is Timothy DeLaGhetto and he managed to make a successful career in music and film. He started his professional career in 2006 and has since been very active in music and television. During his career he managed to realize many projects and he is one of the most famous American TV personalities.

Timothy managed to publish many successful songs and his music gave a good impression to rap music fans. In this text we will get acquainted with his childhood and with his career and private life.

Early Years

Timothy DeLaGhetto or Tim Chantarangsu was born on March 6, 1986 in Billings, Montana, USA.

His parents are from Thailand and they have met in this city in America. Timothy grew up with his brother and with his sister and their parents tried to provide them with a good life in the USA. When he was 1 year old, his parents moved to Long Beach, California, and they started new jobs in that city. In this city, Timothy went to elementary school and he started with good success.

After finishing second year in elementary school, Timothy moved to Paramount and in this city he continued his education. His parents opened a Thai restaurant in this city and their work went very well.

During Paramount’s primary school, Timothy was a quiet and friendly boy, and finished elementary school with excellent success. After completing his primary school he enrolled Paramount High School.

During the high school he had plans to make an excellent career in the future. He wanted to be a successful musician and to appear on television and on the film. During the high school, Timothy showed a talent for music and acting and was always in the center of attention. During the third grade of high school, he recorded his first rap song and he presented this song to friends from his school.

After finishing high school, Timothy decided to return to his former city and to enroll at California State University, Long Beach. When he returned to his former city he met a girl from Japan with whom he started a relationship. They at one time lived together, but after a year, Timothy decided to interrupt with the faculty and dedicate himself to his career.

He began to seriously deal with music and acting and wanted to fulfill his goals. His first songs began to gain popularity on the Internet and Timothy slowly began to build his career.


Timothy DeLaGhetto began his career during 2006 when he recorded his first rap song. He promoted this song via Internet sites and through his friends from the city. After several months, Timothy recorded another song and then received an invitation to be a guest on the album of a famous American rapper. After this event, Timothy began to build a professional career and recorded his first mix tape.

This mix tape was called “The First Mixtape” and after a few months it has reached a lot of popularity on the Internet. After this album Timothy immediately started work on his second album and in 2007 he released a new album titled “Will Rap For Food”.

When we talk about his musical career, Timothy recorded his first studio album called “Rush Hour” after 3 years of pause. This album came out in 2010 and gained a lot of popularity. With this album, Timothy announced that he is still engaged in music and that he will not stop recording rap music. This album was among the top 200 albums and Timothy recorded 3 video clips for songs from the album.

After this album he made a new mix tape called “Cruise Control” in 2012. In 2014, Timothy recorded his latest mix tape and then released several more singles. After 2015, Timothy devoted himself to acting and television and he rarely recorded new songs.

In addition to his musical career, Timothy made an excellent film and television career. He recorded his first movie in 2006 and he was in the main role. This film is named “Thai Smile” and in this film, his name is Tim. During his career, he recorded another 2 films that came out in 2014 and 2016. Timothy, along with the film, made a much better career on YouTube and on television. His channel on YouTube has been operational since 2011 and has over 3.6 million followers. On his YouTube channel we can find many different videos and he has achieved great success on this site.

During 2011, he launched his show on a television called The Timothy DeLaGhetto Show. This show was a humorous content and he has achieved a lot of success with this TV show. In the coming years he appeared and led many TV shows and his popularity was growing and bigger.

In the following years, Timothy recorded various TV shows and was the main role in the most popular TV shows. He also appeared in episodes of several popular series and managed to build a good career on television.

Since 2014, he has begun a humorous TV show that is still on TV. Timothy succeeded in achieving his goals that he set in his youth and he is therefore very proud of himself. Timothy managed to gain popularity and he is still one of the more popular American personalities. During his career, Timothy earned over $ 20 million and managed to make a great deal of financial profit. He is still very active on television but he has paused in his music career.

Personal Life

Timothy DeLaGhetto very often appears on television and his videos can be seen on YouTube. He is very popular on YouTube and has about 4 million followers. He makes humorous videos, but also publishes his songs that he recorded during his career.

Timothy currently lives in Los Angeles and he bought a $ 1.7 million house last year. He is also known for his humanity and he has attended many humanitarian organizations. In 2014, his YouTube channel ranked 62 among the top 100 most popular channels in the world.

Timothy also frequently changes his locations and he has visited various countries around the world. In his pictures on social networks, we can see that he very much likes to meet other countries and people.

He has gained great popularity on social networks and he has more than 2.5 million followers on his Instagram profile, and he has over 950 000 followers on his Facebook and Twitter profiles. 

Quick Summary

Full Name: Tim Chantarangsu

Birthplace: Billing, Montana, USA

Date of birth: March 6, 1986

Age: 33

Profession: Rapper, Actor, TV Personality

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Net Worth: $20 million