The trick has earned quite enough reasonable popularity in the rapping world with his engaging singing ability. The rapper had also shown his dexterity as a lyricist and also record production. His caliber has also reached the floors of theatres. Initially, he started Trick Daddy Dollars but later curtailed dollars to be known as Trick Daddy on the stages.

The American rapper started his musical journey quite well but lost the initial rhythm in some legal hassles because of unlicensed possession of cocaine and arms. Autoimmune disease Lupus jeopardizes his quality to serve the world with his rapping proficiency. Nevertheless Trick managed to leave a mark on the rapping world and earned an estimated net worth of 500 thousand dollars which is not matching with his caliber.

Early life

Trick Daddy was born as Maurice Young and was born on 27th September 1973 at Liberty City, Miami, Florida, United States of America. He was born to Charles Young and was brought up by Pearl Brockington. The trick was not lucky enough to get a reasonable atmosphere to grow and is misdirected from the very beginning. While growing with ten siblings, he was taken up by his father along with his brother Derek.

But the purpose of living with his father didn’t help him grow purposefully. As a teenager, he started managing dis disgraceful days as a local pimp. Unfortunately, the disarrayed life succumbed to drugs and linked unsocial activities. Imprisonment further stamped the misdirected youth because of unlicensed arms and drugs; he was then at 15, the age which doesn’t see all the consequences before jumping on to something. The hopeless upbringing got the maximum thrust when he was 19.

The gloomy life went to the more darkened stage when he was arrested because of a murder in the bustle of a street; the teenage was perhaps bidding goodbye to the life of a miscreant. After coming out of the jail met Ted Lucas who made an immense contribution in molding Trick’s life to more purposeful engagements. Ted founded Slip-N-Slide Records and inspired Trick to put effort into his rapping ability.


He worked on his rapping and performing ability to build a career in music world. Initially, he remained a rapper in his locality. In 1997 Slip-N-Slide released his real-life debut album titled “Based on a True Story,” which was highly appreciated by the music lovers all over, he was then Trick Daddy Dollars. The album was enriched by the guest appearances of Jamal, J.T. Money, Buddy Roe and few more prominent figures. Over 127,000 copies were sold only in the United States. In Miami, the album touched all the shores of rapping beaches. Quite satisfied with his debut release next year he came up with his sophomore album titled ‘’ Over 500,000 copies were sold; with it, the endeavor gained an RIAA Gold Certification. In releasing the second album, he took off Dollars and became Trick Daddy. One of the tracks titled ‘Nann Nigga’ featured by Trina was a massive hit in the hip-hop arena. The track reached the third rank among the Billboard Rap singles.

The rapper got the attention of many music producers with his competent rapping. Soon he got into an agreement with Atlantic Records and ‘Book of Thug: Chapter AK Verse 47’ was released in 2000. The release was highly acknowledged by the audience, especially the track ‘Shut Up’ impressed most, and people made it the rawest hit of the time. The listeners also praised another song grounded on the political situation of the US titled ‘America.’ The Book of Thug has been considered as the most popular effort of the rapper. One of the major releases of his life came in 2001 when he released “Thugs Are Us.” The album hurled him to the popularity of the eminent rappers of that time. His rapping voice entered in the common playlist of various radio stations in the US. Particularly “I’m a Thug” was a big hit. In the next Trick brought out another album titled “Thug Holiday” which included a well appreciated single “In da Wind.”

During his musical career, he had come up with few more albums of which ‘Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets’ requires mentioning which was released in 2004. The album included “Let’s Go” which was produced by Lil Jon and “Crazy Train” was tuned with the strong metal of Ozzy Osbourne. His most recent rapping endeavor was “Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still, a Thug” which was released in 2009 from his label Dunk Ryders. With the due appreciation the album, on Billboard 200 chart reached #34. He was also invited to give the guest performance in many popular singles of his time, particularly “What’s Happening” received a high applaud in the music industry.

In 2012 Trick announced the launching of another label ‘Trick Daddy Music’ with his release of a mixtape titled “Dick & Dynamite.” During his musical career, he came up with nine albums and left enormous rapping artistry in the mind of innumerable music lovers. His four records were given the status of gold and some adjudged platinum. Perhaps his disgraceful childhood, addictions and to some extent notorious life had given scope for the lyrics. But the career could have gone little further if he had secluded himself in music and career.

Personal life

The life of rapper has spent with another rapper Trina from 1998 with the release of his second album. There has not been any promise from either side and finally, both bid adieu in 2002. There has been another lady named Karrine Steffans who had appeared in rapper’s life.

It is also said that the rapper does carry a relation of allegation with his wife Joy. It can be noted that Trick made his entry into a movie with “Just Another Day” where he acted with Wood Harris and Jamie Hector.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Maurice Young

Date of Birth: 27th September 1973

Birth Place: Liberty City, Miami, Florida, United States of America

Age: 45 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Record Producer, and Actor

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches / 177 cm

Weight: 97 Kg / 214 Pounds

Net worth: $500 Thousand