K Michelle Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

K Michelle Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

K Michelle is a known American R&B guitarist and a singer who joined a TV reality show “Love & Hip hop: Atlanta” in 2012.

Early life:

She was born as Kimberly Michelle Pate in 1982 in Atlanta.

She showed her talent for music at a very early age so she started taking piano and guitar lessons and she showed an exceptional ability in learning these instruments. She had no problems whatsoever while dealing with complicated tasks that her musi  teachers used to give her.

Bob Westbrook, who is a known vocal teacher of Britney Spears and other celebrities, gave her voice lessons.

She became a graduate of the millenium generation in Overton High School. She was great at music so she got herself a scholarship to Florida Art and Music University only by her great audition where she yodled. It gained her a weird reputation since her irregular audition had great feedback from the judges.

She shortly after stopped going to classes  in 2004 to gave birth to her son but she returned to finish her studies. She was really determined and she wanted to succeed in what she set as her goal.

She graduated from Florida Art & Music University with honors. She was accepted into law school but she decided to pursue her music career. Music was her escape during her hard times and that’s why she decided to stay with it for the rest of her life.

Career development:

She signed a contract with a record label “Jive Records” after what she released her first single which made to the charts and it was called “Fakin’ It”. The single was made in collaboration with Missy Elliot. Missy Elliot is the queen of hip hop and most of the girls find her a role model so it was a big deal for K Michelle to work with her idol.

“Fallin'” and “How Many Times” were released soon after and they all made their way to R&B charts.

She gained a lot of attention after she entered a VH1’s reality show “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. This widened her fanbase significantly since she was now searched for on social media and gained a hugr following.

In 2012 she released a single “Baby You”  made in a collaboration with R.Kelly who became her mentor and a friend, although many felt that they were also romantically involved. In 2014 she released “Build a Man” single in which she sang about him.

Her appearance on this series led to her new record deal with Atlantic Records. The record label released her first album in the summer of 2013 under the name “Rebellious Soul”. She released the lead single “V.S.O.P.” to advertise the track which was completely  produced by Pop & Oak.

The album came to No 1 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.

She was a creator of her own “The Rebellious Soul” Musical  which was aired on 2014 on VH1.

She became very popular so VH1 gave her her own reality TV show  called “K. Michelle: My Life”.

In 2014  K Michelle released her second album called “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?” which came again to the number one on the US Top R&B Hip Hop charts which was guite impressive.

She released a single called “Love ‘Em All” on iTunes as the first single on this album.

She went on a tour with Keyshia Cole where she promoted her reality show both with Cole’s album “Point of No Return”.

She joined Robin Thicke on his Blurred Lines Tour the same year. This was a big think because she met a lot of other celebrities that she could only dream about during her younger life.

Michelle released a new mixtape ” Still no Fucks Given” in 2014.

In the spring 2016 she released her 3rd album “More Issues than Vogue” and the third one also made it to No 1 on the US Top R&B and Hip Hop Albums charts. Her lead single was “Not A Little Bit” after which she released “Ain’t You”.

After that, she returned to the reality TV series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”.

She released a single “Forward” which was included in the film “Birth of a Nation”, a drama with Nate Parker and Armie Hammer.

She made a collaboration with DJ Feezy and Rick Ross in 2017, on a single “Got Me Crazy”. The single was followed with “Birthday” and “Either Way” featuring Chris Brown.

Personal life:

She has a sister Shalah Pate and they have a great relationship together. They have always been very close and since the young age they have worked together on projects. Her sister is her huge support.

She gave birth to a son in 2004. It was during her college years where she fell in love with one student. Unfortunately he left her and married one of her friends from the sorority. This was a hard time for the young K Michelle to balance her college and her pregnancy, but she decided to stay strong and independent and made her eay back to the college.

She is an award winner of “The Soul Train” contest.

She has almost two million followers on Twitter and five millions on Instagram.

At the begining of her career she was in a relationship with a man called Memphitz, who worked at Jive Records at the same time she recorded singles for the same label.

It seems that he phisically abused her and she couldn’t handle being in the relationship anymore. She left him and also left Jive Records. She was never the kind of person to live by someome else’s rules or to live under someone else’s authority.

Later she was in a relationship with doctor Kastan Simms. She was also connected with an NBA basketball player J.R.Smith.

She confessed at her reality TV show that she had to minimize her butt surgically because of years of receiving silicone injections.

People appreciate her honesty and the media claims that she is a really likeable person. She is nice to other artists and seems to love her child. She always puts the child’s privacy first and makes sure that nobody is in the position to hurt her or the child.

She likes to talk about women power too and she oftenly mentions domestic violence as something that should immediately be reported and taken care of. She talks to her female fans as if they are close friends and encourages them to stay strong and beautiful.

Quick summary

Full name: Kimberly Michelle Pate

Date of birth: March 4, 1982

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 35

Profession: singer, songwriter, guitarist

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 63 kgs

Net Worth: $ 1,5 million


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