Harry Potter, the most beloved and adored wizard on the planet, a fictional character from J.K. Rowling best seller book series and the movie adaptation of them, was a role that made Daniel Radcliffe rise to international stardom while still a little boy. The role got him an astounding fortune of more than $100 million, making him the youngest highest paid actor in Britain.

Few people know Radcliffe had tested his acting skills in “The Tailor of Panama” movie, before he tried wizardry. However, “Harry Potter” series were his amazing breakthrough to the halls of fame and glory. Millions of late 80s and 90s generations have grown up along Harry and his magical friends. Today, this remarkable young actor enjoys his luxury lifestyle, does a lot of charity work and goes on with his acting career.

Daniel Radcliffe was born July 23rd, 1989, Fulham, United Kingdom. He is the only son of Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham, a literary agent and a casting director. He has been expressing the interest in movies and acting since the early childhood. He wasn’t so unfamiliar with stage work before his “Harry Potter” debut. Dan had played his first role at the age of ten; he appeared in a television movie about David Copperfield, performing the main role of young Copperfield himself. His first big screen appearance came with “The Tailor of Panama”; Daniel later admitted he had never watched the movie.

The year of 2001 was life-changing year for young Dan. Entering the “Harry Potter” series’ wizardry world, Daniel earned international fame at the age of only eleven. At first, his parents didn’t encouraged him in his dreams about becoming an actor, because he was still very young. His mother, however, couldn’t deny Daniel has always been expressing a talent for performing while still a little boy.

His parents let him apply for “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” movie’s lead role and the rest is a legend. The series of “Harry Potter” movies kept the pace with J.K. Rowling’s books; the franchise ended up with eight films and an unimaginable income. Radcliffe and his co-stars and friends, Emma Watson, Rupert Grin and other young actors who also rose to global fame with the movies, all have literally grown up in the fictional Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry Potter character got dear to Dan’s heart, that’s for sure. He was quite sad about putting Harry to rest with the last movies in the franchise. According to his words, he thinks he may never have the opportunity to play another heroic role, as he did with Harry.

The international fame and fortune of “Harry Potter” movies were all but fictional. Daniel Radcliffe won the hearts of audiences all around the world and greatly contributed to the first and all subsequent movies’ success. Apart from his best known role, Daniel was engaged with other projects, such as comedy series “Extras” (2006), Broadway performance “Equus” (2007), a musical comedy “How to Suceed in Business Without Really Trying” (2011). Daniel’s first mature movie role was in “The Woman in Black”, a gothic thriller from 2012. I

n the last several years, it seems Radcliffe has returned to his wizardry skills. He appeared in “Kill Your Darlings”, where portrayed Allen Ginsberg poet’s younger days and “Horns”, a supernatural thriller. He also starred in a romantic comedy “What If” and a science fiction horror “Victor Frankenstein”.

Dan really knows how to enjoy his worldwide fame. He stands for the youngest highest paid actor in England and probably the wealthiest young man in the country. Although he is not yet married, he is seeing a production assistant Rosie Coker. The couple is often seen together taking a walk on NY streets, where Radcliffe owns a three-bedroom luxury condo. He also has another expensive apartment in New York, a stylish flat in modern glass walled building on 40 Mercer Street. His third New York property is a vintage nineteenth century house on Manhattan’s West Village.

Apart from expensive cars, gadgets and flats, Radcliff is doing a great deal of charity work. The most notable project he invested in is “The Trevor Project”, for helping people who fight cancer.

Radcliffe has also contributed to the charitable organization “Lupus Foundation of America”, along with other celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Natalie Morales. Daniel also supports “Book Aid International”, organization for helping people who cannot afford to pay for their education.

Daniel Radcliffe really does the wizardry work for causes of international importance, while indulging himself with all privileges luxury life and global fame had brought to him. Daniel is still a star in rising and we hope to see him in new roles, despite the fact that he is so rich that he doesn’t have to work at all. Radcliffe, however, continues to pursue his acting career and in the same time strives to help those in need.

Full Name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

Date of Birth: July 23rd, 1989

Birth Place: Fulham, United Kingdom

Age: 27

Profession: Actor

Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)

Weight: 53 kg

Net Worth: $110 million

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