Uberhaxornova is the name that man is earned by opening his channel has grown larger than his real name. He is James Richard Wilson Jr. In “The Creatures” under Let’s Playgroup he had gained the seat of top most players on the list.

After passing wonderful experience in The Creatures, he has founded a channel as “cow chips”. Presently he has another channel as “Nova Pipe Bomb” which is used to create videos exclusively for the WWE gaming. Proficient YouTube commentator is associated with the Machinima videos. Nova has also earned enough fame as a comedian of his own style and pattern of delivery.

His acceptance in the entertaining world can understand by noting his number of subscribers in his own channel; it has gone beyond 3 million. All his efforts have made him earn enough money at this young age and enabled him to become a wanted person. Nova has so far gathered not less than $3.5 million dollars.

Early Life

Nova was born in Canada but a resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America on 1st June 1990. When he was recording Screaming Bee, he is sound was much deeper because the seriousness was very much lacking in his commentary.


Nova launched his first YouTube channel on 4th July 2008, and the first video was uploaded on 13th June 2008. It accepted DragonBall Z Burst Limit, Over 9000 and was featured we the style of amine. In the same here he was busy and made several games for the Machinima along with short videos for Let’s Play. After a short break, he returned and started creating videos for Machinima Respawn. During this time both his channel and Machinima were voiced by his commentaries. During this time his attention was slowly moving towards the commentary.

Soon he began solo playthrough for Dead Rising 2 which has a multiplayer feature as Sp00nerism. In the next few months, he was busy in doing solo videos with the task of multiplayer game Sp00n.

In particular, he was very familiar with Happy Wheels. Over 1 million views have been recorded for the first 8 episodes of the series which is considered to be a great achievement on the part of uberhaxornova. He is quite famous for making an appearance in The Famous show Happy Wheels and Pogo Tick Man. Before quitting with all the creatures, he had subscribed almost all the members and the representatives. All the subscribers of cow chop and these games are considered as the best of his achievements. Uberhaxornova is a brilliant gamer whose main focus is on the commentary of the video games.

He has shown his dexterity in all the games which he played as Dark Souls 3, Super Mario Maker, Fall Out and many more exciting games. He is an inseparable part of Immortal HD. In the Pogo Stickman of the famous Happy Wheels, he voiced his own character. James has appeared in a gummy suit where he had danced and cast himself twice for making a film. The gummy suits included the uploaded versions of 100th Creature Hub,Ones for Creature Carl at the time of featuring King of the Web competition. He had taken out time to make the series of 24 hours live stream milestone and also had time to make Creature Coby.

James videos are fitted with an intro he was very much particular about the artwork which other title cards for intros in the past. But presently Nova has given up the intro, and he is videos are featured on the outro only. Recently Nova has uploaded Super Mario Maker, The hat and Life are Strange: Out of Time.

Personal life

For the purpose of charity Nova got his beard bleached with blonde along with his hair colored as pink. The charity was done for A Precious Child. Nova like all poop jokes. You cannot appreciate crab as he is very much allergic to this creature which is has stated in the 404 challenge.

Quick summary:

Full Name: James Richard Wilson

Date of Birth: 1st June 1990

Birth Place: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 27 years

Profession: Youtuber, Comedian

Height: 5 ft 9 inches / 1.79 m

Weight: NA.

Net worth $3.5 Million