Joe Sugg is a British by nationality. He regularly updates  3 of his  YouTube channels which is followed by huge numbers of fans. He is highly active on the social media networks like Twitter and Instagram.

In the year 2014, he came up with the release of 2 wonderful songs where he sang the part for the boys and even had recorded a number with her sister named Zoe Sugg. Her sister is also famous for her YouTube updates. Sugg has even gone for covering a voiceover for the animation movie Spongebob.

He also directed an adventurous film that was filmed on the adventures with one of his friend in Europe. Sugg is also the creator of 2 novels on the graphics context. His actually estimated net worth is  somewhere around $ 2.1 million.

Early life

Sugg was quite inclined to become a roof thatcher before becoming active in Youtuber and becoming a prominent Youtuber. Born in 1991, 8th September Joe Sugg was born to father Graham Sugg and mother, Tracey Sugg. During his school days, Joe ones was a dedicated member of the famous band “YouTube Boyband and only associated with it with raise fund for a British organization for a charity named “Comic Relief.”

Joe lived in a shared apartment with Casper Lee, the YouTube fellow star until the year of 2016. During that span of time the duo like to be known together as ‘Jasper.’ Joe’s short stature was a cause for being getting rejected for appearing in Harry Potter and the film released in 2001, Philosopher’s Stone. Joe had been quite attached to his mother from his childhood days, and Joe often involves his mother while making the YouTube videos. Her mother often appears on the YouTube shows and the photos that are shared on Instagram.


Sugg has been a proficient Skateboarder and is inclined to snails.  He is the inventor of the “Shock Ball Challenge” that is a well-known program among the YouTuber. Joe’s is famous for delivery of a quote where he acclaims about his potential saying: ‘Come on Suggy, You can do this’? Sugg even got acclamation for the ‘Best British Vlogger’ and won the prestigious award ‘Radio 1 Teen Choice’.

Sugg before launching his YouTube channel appeared along with his sister in several videos. He became quite a famous personality by launching a channel named ‘Thatcher Joe.’The videos that I uploaded when mostly based on Impressions,pranks played and challenges.

His channel by the year of 2017 awkward Fame and he decided upon expanding his portfolio by creating a separate channel for meeting vlogs. The two channels run by him had almost million of subscribers which initiated him for publishing of debut novel featuring on graphics. The names of the novels where quite interesting namely Evie in the year 2015 and soon went for publishing a sequel novel aligned to the previous release named Username: Regenerated. Zoo had given his voice for the cameo that was not credited in the movie the SpongeBob: Sponge out of Water. The very same year he started off preparing a documentary based on a comedy theme and names it Joe and Caspar Hit the Road.

The initial days of his career started off with his appearance in the TV show in the year 2014. The show was named Sunday Brunchaneh was a guest visitor there. Joe likes to work with different segments, and his channels on YouTube are catered with different genres and themes.

He is adequately helped by his sister Zoe Sugg, who is also an internet personality and famous YouTuber just like her brother. Television shows common for you for making an appearance but he also liked being a novelist who had fetched him a great net worth.

Personal life

Joe is reported to be single, but there was a rumor up in the air that he was dating the singer Perrie Edward and he often posted comments on the social networking site Twitter that he is bold enough to date the famous personalities like Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie.  Though these were mere jokes, he likes to mingle with girls and make a lot of fans. In one of his interview, he said that his dream girl must possess a terrific humor sense and consider him to be the most important person in her life

. He is quite involved with charities and had recorded a song for a charity organization along with his sister Zoe accompanied by her partner in the studio.His favorite band is one direction and is an excellent cartoonist. Dancing on my own is his favorite song which he often whistles.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Joe Sugg

Date of Birth: 8 the September 1991

Birth Place: Wiltshire, England

Age: 26 years

Profession: YouTube star, Vlogger, and Author.

Height: 5ft 8 inches

Weight: 62 kg

Net worth:  $ 2.1 million