Evan Fong conceived on the 31 July, 1992 and his famous for his online nom de plume, VanossGaming, or basically Vanoss, a Canadian computer game observer.

His channel fundamentally comprises of comedic genre gaming editorial.

He has combined around 17 million and more supporters and 4 billion perspectives in 3 years. These numbers keep on growing quickly day by day, as Fong presently increasing more than 11,000 endorsers and 7 million perspectives for every day.

At a certain point, he increased a larger number of endorsers than probably the highly subscribed channels on YouTube, even PewDiePie. He has additionally been contrasted with PewDiePie, for they have a comparable flair of gaming.

Vanoss’ substance principally incorporates funtages filmed on him with his companions playing Gmod and GTA V Online. Truth be told, it is an uncommon event for him to update content without no less any of his companions in the updated video.

His companions incorporate yet are not restricted to: I AM WILDCAT, Moo Snuckel, Daithi De Nogla, Lui Caliber, Mini Ladd, BasicallyIDoWork, Terroriser, fourzer0seven, Mr Sark, and H2ODelirious, and BigJigglyPanda, whom many consider is Vanoss’ closest companion.

Vanoss gets counted as the quickest developing YouTube channels, and now he has entered main ten in the classification. This has taken from a blend of comedic chat with his companions and the absolute most very much altered recordings on YouTube.

A fascinating thing to observe about his channel and posts is that not at all like the fanbases of another enormous channels on YouTube like Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie or Smosh, that are known not a somewhat out of control fanbases and additionally exceptional contentions in the remark segment between haters and fans alike.

VanossGaming fanbase has been a standout amongst the many.Vanoss’ remark areas are loaded with positive and inviting input and examinations, with contentions once in a while breaking out.

An uncommonly abnormal for a channel on YouTube surpassing 10 million endorsers, demonstrating that Vanoss benefits a vocation of conveying a positive peppy atmosphere for his fans.

VanossGaming, no doubt, gets counted of the quickest developing YouTube channel. As indicated by SocialBlade, after beginning in the September of the year 2011, Vanoss never started to begin developing until the beginning of the year 2012.

By the July of the year 2012, he got picked up roughly 18.9 thousand month to month subs.

He began to wind up increasingly prominent, as roughly after one year, he was picked up about 361.3 thousand month to month subs.

Vanoss’ fast development didn’t cease there, for the fact, he raised an extraordinary 1.1 million month to month subscription by the beginning of 2014.

From that point forward, Vanoss has developed to end up as the greatest competitors to defeat PewDiePie, alongside colossal Smosh and the HolaSoyGerman.

He has gained an estimated net worth of $5.5 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Evan Fong

Date of birth: 31st July, 1992

Birth place: Tonato, Canada

Age: 24 years

Profession: Gaming Commentator

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5.5 Million

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