The world of Instagram stars is lavish but also hardworking. They put plenty of work in everything they do, so their Instagram profiles have to be representative of their image. One of these influencers is Tammy Hembrow.

This beautiful fitness star and influencer has won over the world with her amazing physique and her beautiful face. She has several million followers and almost all of them are constantly liking her posts and sharing her images. Tammy has become a world-wide phenomenon and she is now famous all around the world.

Early Life

Tammy was born in 1994 at Gold Coast, Australia. On April 22, she is celebrating her birthday making the current age 25. Her sign of the zodiac is Taurus.

Tammy has Australian citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian and Trinidadian mixed ethnicity. She was born and raised with four sisters and two brothers in Mark’s family. She graduated with a Business Degree with a Communications Major.

While Tammy Hembrow was interested in sports as a child, she later gave up on bad habits and as a teenager she started living an unhealthy lifestyle. She says she “participated, drank, smoked, and did almost everything” she was not supposed to have done.

Nevertheless, she started to work out regularly until she heard about fitness and proper nutrition. Since starting to work out, she was shocked at how different she felt.

Many women think they can never regain their pre-pregnancy body once they get pregnant, according to Tammy Hembrow. She claims it’s completely wrong, and you can always make it better if you can’t get the same body back.

Her fitness regime is a mixture of regular exercise and clean diet. She practices 5 days a week, and on weekends she goes a little easier on her diet, enjoying healthy meals in restaurants.

When her fitness regime began to show her body results, she decided to share what she had learned with everyone. She has taken it upon herself to inspire and motivate women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She is born half-Australian and half-Trinidadian. She was also her personal trainer in a relationship with Reece Hawkins. We were engaged and had two children together; Wolf’s son and Saskia’s daughter. The couple have just called it quits.

Growing up in rural Australia, to experience urban life, Tammy decided to travel to countries such as Malaysia and Switzerland. She later moved back to Australia and enjoys spending time on the beach. She’s got four brothers and sisters. Often featured on Instagram is her daughter Emilee Hembrow.

Tammy is now a very successful influencer and has managed to create quite a huge net worth over the years. She is still young, so this number can even grow higher. Since there is no more information about her early life, we are going to continue talking about her career and personal life.

The six-month-old is resting on his mother’s muscular arm, in a photo released on February 3, 2017 on an Instagram account followed by 5.4 million fans. Tammy Hembrow is a famous blogger, an absolute fan of sports and bodybuilding pro. His body, according to the angle chosen for the taking of his photos, seems to challenge everything we thought we knew about the human body.

Like it or not, the girl quickly conquered the corner of the Web reserved for fitness enthusiasts. The young Australian seems completely fulfilled in this success, no offense to the haters, and his little Saskia Rose is simply chewable! One would think a little fairy tale (between us, the dad is not bad either …)!

Accused in September 2016 of having used Photoshop to modify a photo of her impeccable abs, just eight weeks after her second delivery, the beauty had not escaped the criticism: because when one displays his body and his mode of life to several million people, impossible to do without their opinion.

Career Path

On Instagram, there are fashion influencers, beauty Youtubers, food addicts and … fitness girls!  Alongside Jen Selter and Kayla Itsines, to name a few, Tammy Hembrow has been on the web in less than two years. Followed by more than six million people on the famous social photo sharing network, this 23-year-old Australian made the buzz thanks to the “before / after” photos of her two pregnancies.

Always more sexy and tonic, she trains her subscribers every day in her perfect life as a young mother and challenges herself to convince all mothers in the world that it is possible to have children and find a perfect body … Portrait.

If you follow on Instagram, the accounts that gather the most viral photos of the social network, you should certainly have come across the pictures of Tammy Hembrow.

Active since June 2013 on Instagram, this Australian bomb became a real phenomenon thanks to its plastic dream and especially its peach-shaped bottom. Of course, she is part of the popular circle of fitness girls adulated!

If we go back to his first publication (to date, there are 1268 photos posted on his account), exactly 204 weeks ago, we can see that the pretty blonde was already leading a near-perfect life.

Spoiled by nature, she spins the perfect love with her darling who responds to the name of Reece and spends his time taking pictures on the beach or in their beautiful apartment. Tammy Hembrow and Reece Hawkins are both passionate about fitness and each worship their perfect body.

So, when the pretty blonde gets pregnant, there is no question of giving up her fit girl lifestyle. The beautiful continues to post clichés of her sculptural body with her huge belly … and a few days after giving birth, she exposes her ultra-flat belly, showing that she has already found her wasp waist.

That gave her the idea to create a fitness program for pregnant women, to explain to them what exercises are possible during the nine months of pregnancy, as well as a second fitness program just after birth of baby. Her photos immediately make the buzz, her subscriber numbers explode and fitness brands line up to work with her.

Today, Tammy is a mother of two: the oldest is a little boy named Wolf and the youngest is Saskia. The pretty family lives in Queensland (Australia) in a sumptuous house with swimming pool…

In addition to promoting Protein World and Teami Blends products, Tammy markets its own website, books and fitness programs, as well as her fiancé Reece, who is also a personal coach.

Between snapshots of her muscular buttocks, her two adorable toddlers, her rides with her lover and her luxury cars, Tammy sometimes post photos of her figure before her transformation. She explains that it is thanks to squats, intensive sport and a strict diet that she has managed to carve this toned body.

And for once, everyone agrees that his buttocks are 100% natural, because his ultra-muscular thighs prove that it is indeed the results of the daily sport, which had a “pump” effect on his behind. On the other hand, his chest and his lips seem to have undergone some touch-ups!

In addition to encouraging women to tone their ass, she also tries to motivate moms to return to the sport to regain self-confidence and to prove that one can be a desirable and sexy mom.

Tammy Hembrow has been writing his own path for a long time, although much of it, especially in its beginnings, was nourished by the model and canons imposed by Kim Kardashian with which he maintains an intense tug of war since the Australian stole the prominence to the queen of Instagram at a party organized by her step-sister Kylie Jenner and in which, when she died, Tammy drank more than the account.

For Tammy, this anger of Kim is not justified, much less that he stopped following her on the well-known social network, an unmentionable affront to that of Oceania in this area of ​​life and artificiality in which both the kangaroo country moves and The American That, it seems, Kim worries little, she knows that she walks between the affection of millions of people and the contempt of many millions, of which we do not know if Tammy is already included.

Anyway, the most seen and named of the weekend was the dress that both Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner wore at the Emmy Awards gala, where the worst criticism was the biggest when wearing an ultra-tight black dress that he pressed his anatomy to exhaustion and barely let him walk, so much that he almost stumbled. The memes about it are abundant.

Whether looking at this aspect or not, Tammy today wanted to publish an image of her with her sister next to a red staircase in which the most famous blonde of the Australian fitness poses with a dress adjusted to her sculptural body while her sister does it with another more comfortable.

The glamor is less than that of the Kardashian, but they certainly seem more comfortable than Kendall and Kim were.

Personal life

Tammy Hembrow is a fitness model who lives in Queensland, Australia, and is known for his intense workouts. But many of her 4.1 million followers who follow her on Instagram are not convinced by a photo she posted less than two months after giving birth.

In just a few minutes, the photo was flooded with comments from people shouting scandal. Many Instagramers dream of being known. From fashion to cooking to sports, the topics are diverse, everyone reveals and shares his skills on this network more trend than ever. But the effervescence is such that it is difficult to stand out.

Back to Tammy Hembrow, the young woman who has managed to make a name for herself in the world of fitness on Instagram.

You may have noticed, but the trend is for a healthy lifestyle! To beat the Mac Do and KFC, if you want to rage on the network and want to prove that your lifestyle is irreproachable, take your meals “healthy” in photo!

It is well known, fruits and vegetables, it is colorful, it’s fresh, it’s ideal! And what better to be on top than to play sports and to show the world that you are motivated and determined to get the best version of yourself?

And yet a new Fit girl has appeared on Instagram: Tammy Hembrow. Her profile: 23 years old and mother of TWO children. At first glance, one would think that after two pregnancies, her body could not be as … fresh as that of an ordinary 20-year-old woman.

And yet, it is this difference that made her stand out. She publishes before and after pictures of her two pregnancies more than extraordinary and gives advice to her followers. While she exposes a huge belly during her pregnancies, after giving birth, it’s amazing! She finds more than quickly her original body!

Thus, she proved to all her users that being pregnant did not deform a body, if only the will to get back on the feet was in the game.

She encourages all moms to lead a healthy lifestyle, appears as a model to follow fitness and even created a sport program specifically dedicated to pregnant women. Registered for only 4 years on Instagram, the young Australian currently has 6.3 million followers.

Quick summary

Full name: Tammy Hembrow

Date of birth: April 22nd, 1994

Birthplace: Gold Coast, Australia

Age: 25

Profession: YouTube star, Fitness instructor

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million