For today we have prepared an interesting topic related to sports. If you are among sports lovers, then this topic will be interesting to you. We will do our best to reveal different details about a sport and we hope that you will discover some new information.

We will disscus about the sport that is most popular in the USA, but is also popular around the world. We will talk about American football and about one player who has achieved a lot of success in this sport.

American football is not a simple sport and there are a lot of strength and physical energy to be able to deal with this sport professionally. This sport has been very popular for many years in the USA and the NFL league is the best league in the world. The player about which we are talking today has managed to make a great success in this league.

His name is Wes Walker and he spent his career in playing for sussecfull severeal teams. He became one of the best players in the league and he played many good games in the NFL league. He won several awards during his career and he managed to win the title.

Wes Walker was successful in both high school and college and at that time he proved to be one of the best players in American football. During college, he was named as the best college player in the league and he was among the most promising young athletes.

When it came to the draft there were several interested teams but he signed a deal with San Diego Chargers. He played 2 seasons for this club and then continued his career in other teams.

During his career, Wes Walker was not a controversial personality and he tried to be a real athlete. He played his last season in 2015 and then decided to continue his career as a coach.

Wes Walker managed to make a good career and managed to make a good financial profit. In this text we will reveal the details of his childhood, but also of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Wesley Carter Welker was born on May 1, 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

He grew up in this city with 2 younger brothers and with parents who divorced when Wes was 5 years old.

When his parents divorced, he remained to live with his mother and a younger brother. His childhood was not easy, but his parents provided the necessary conditions for a normal life. He enrolled in a Primary school in this city and he was a solid student, but he always loved sports and music. In the 5th grade of the elementary school, he began to play the piano, but he started practicing karate.

After a year, he stopped training this sport because he started to follow American football and this sport he liked very much. He wanted to start training this sport and at the end of the primary school he started training at a local club. When he enrolled in high school, he decided to perform for the Oklahoma High School team and at the start he showed that he has the talent for this sport.

His coach advised him to remain persistent and continue to train because he would succeed in becoming a great player in the future.

In the first and second year of high school he achieved excellent results and was one of the best players in the country. Many coaches and scouts considered that he should continue to play this sport and offered him to play for their college teams when he finished high school.

In the third year of high school, he was named the best player and scored several awards. His team managed to win the title after many years and the fans of this club have highly regarded him.

In his last year for Oklahoma City High School Wes also scored good results but his team failed to enter the finals. He was again among the best players in the league and the best player in his team. He also successfully completed high school and had good success.

After finishing high school, Wes decided to enroll at Texas Tech University and decided to appear for Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The coach of this team felt that Wes had a lot of potential and that he would help to his team to make good results. In the first year of college Wes showed his potential and talent and in his first game he had very good statistics. His team made 13 victories in the first 13 rounds and they were the main favorites for the title. Of the 30 games which played they had a score of 26-4 and they played the best football in the league.

Wes was among the best players of this team and he wanted to continue to show his talent. They came to the final of the league, but they were not lucky and they lost. After this game, Wes has stated that he is not disappointed because he will certainly succeed in winning the title in the next season.

In the next season, Texas failed to win the title as they dropped in the semi-finals of the play off. Wes did not have good statistics as the previous season, but he still had a great team performance.

In his third season for this team, he managed to reach the final of the league and to win the title. After this game, Wes was very proud and was motivated to continue his success in the future.

In his last season for Texas he again was among the best players in the league and according to statistics he was among the top 5 league players. The coaches and scouts predicted that he would be successful and that he would go to a good club after the draft.


Wes Welker started his professional career when he was drafted by San Diego Chargers.

In his first season, he did not have much success because he missed half of the season for injury, but in the second season for this team he achieved solid results.

In the next year and a half he played for this team, but in 2007 he was traded in the New England Patriots.

Wes played for this team from 2007 to 2012 and scored a good performance for this team. In 2008 he reached the semifinals but was eliminated from his former team.

In 2010 and 2011 Wes was among the best players in his team and they reached the final of the league but failed to win the trophy.

In 2013 and 2014 Wes played for Denver Broncos and had a solid performance in this team. In 2015, Wes signed a one-year contract with St.Louis Rams and after that he decided to finish his career.

Personal Life

Wes Welker currently lives in San Francisco and works as an assistant coach of San Francisco 49ers. He had a successful career as a player and now he wants to become a successful coach.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Wesley Carter Welker

Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Date of birth: 1 May, 1981

Age: 38

Profession: American Football Player

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 91 kg

Net Worth: $13 million