Rap is the most astonishing segment of music where singers are prone to adopt exceptional research methods and strategies.  There are an exceptionally talented rapper all around the globe who have proofed the fact and making the rap version is really great art. The rappers are considered as major celebrities today for their extreme music senses. Rappers are experts in breaking the monotony of the same melodies and bring upon something new and exciting enough.

They believe in making new experiments and reach out to the pinnacle of success by making fans who are really die-hard fans of their hit numbers.

Along with his other fellow mates, Yung Lean has made it a task of his to come up with various soundtracks that would fetch worldwide appreciation, and people would eagerly wait for his next release one day. This happens to be the reality today.

Yung’s long stature shows it how much popular he is to his fans as his auditorium concerts get packed with people who are eager to hear him perform. Thus this talented rapper and record producer’s net worth is evaluated and estimated somewhere around 3.5 million dollars.

Early life

Young Lean whose birth name is Jonatan Leandoer Hastad was born on 18th July 1996 at Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.  His father was of Swedish descent and was a man of repute. He was brought up by his mother who is of a Russian origin. She was deeply associated with the LGBT group in Vietnam, Russia, and South America. She added an active social worker and had taught his son to have a philanthropic approach towards life.

He grew up in Minsk, Belarus. It was his mother decided to spend his childhood days there in Belarus so that he grows up just like her mother.

Before moving all the way to Stockholm, he grew up in the Sodermalm district for some days. He soon started learning Swedish and Russian simultaneously. He had interest in Hip-hop genre from the initial days of growing up. He initially got inspired by the hip-hop compositions like The Latin Kings’s Mitt Kvatar, 50 cent’s fabulous series titled “Get Rich or Die Trying.”  He has worked hard to gain this stature where people are much eager to keep records of his new mixtapes and releases.

The rapper is admired by all his true fans and is an extremely wanted personality who is loaded with talents and is ready to serve people with mesmerizing performances.


Yung met Yung Gud and Yung Sherman in the Stockholm park and soon shared a strong relationship. The group had the same taste in making rap music. They formed a group titled Hash Boys that included the people Sherman, Gud and Lean. The people individually also became integral members of the group Gravity Boys Shield Gang. But they couldn’t bring success as the group members lost interest to proceed further and taste success. The members further formed a group named “ Bad Boys.” By the year 2012, Yung Gud and his fellow mate Yung Sherman started producing series of mixtapes, and Yung Lean started concentrating and focusing on the lyrics section and decided to put more effort for making fabulous vocal recordings that made the group easily upload their series of songs in their existing SoundCloud profile.

He began to be successful with his mainstream career when the public started appreciating his performance. In 2013, his music album with the brilliant track “Ginseng Strip 2002” was highly viewed and the viewing rate crossed 2 million in YouTube channel. His official debut release was titled “Unknown Death” and an Electronic production named Lavender. It was also listed within the top 50 songs in the year 2013.

The Acclaim Magazine called for Yung to appear as their show guest for a Q & A series “Small Talk.”  In that segment, he was given ample of chance to portray all his brilliant styles and genres that he is interested in.

The arrival of 2014 heaped him with fortune and made him collaborate with Sad Boys to have the White Marble Tour.  This made him perform in almost 24 European countries and some of the countries in North America. The first show took place in Webster Hall in the city of New York, and the performances were reviewed by various eminent publishing houses like the XXL and the well-known platform “The New York Times.”

He even starred in the series of Studio PSL and got nominated among the top five finalists.  Yung got nominated for the Hip Hop in the category of P3 Guld.  Then he came up with his next release that was also a full-length debut series titled “Unknown Memory” in the year 2014. His second album was titled “Warlord,” and is considered to be a full-length studio album. That very year he also came up with another release featuring “Sad Boy Entertainment” clothing line. He never took much time come up with yet another brilliant production of Hennessey and Sailor Moon. In 2016, he came up with Frost God that consisted of 8 beautiful tracks including the hit number “Crystal City” and also featured for A$AP Ferg. His third and final release was the album titled “Stranger.”

He decided finally to move into the dark side of rap and decided to enter into the pop territory. Yung was successful in making a debut album with vocalist Yung Gud, and the duo is good partners and also works for Dog Mark band.

Personal life

Yungs has no such ideologies regarding getting settled with a girl and getting married. He is perhaps quite interested in making his career in pop music and is smart enough to waste no time being romantic.

He is a perfectly focused is making up his career and is proceeding further with his rap production unit. He is seriously involved in producing beautiful tracks that are widely appreciated for their unique lyrical content and extraordinary melodious texture. He probably would get his right partner one day or either who could tune to his pitch and temperament to live a happy life.  But still, it is not the right time for the rapper to ring the wedding bells. It time for him to grow more and come up with beautiful tracks one after the other.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jonatan Leandoer Hastad

Date of Birth: 18th July 1996

Birth Place: Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 22 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Record Producer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3.5 Million