It is a common practice for any rapper to have the stage name, and Diggy Simmons is no exception to the rule though all rapper does not rule the stage. But Diggy with his exceptional rapping ability has risen to prominence in the musical arena at this early age when most rappers try to get a foothold in pursuit of a career. The American rapper is simply exceptional. With his appearance on Run’s House, he has shown his talent and acquainted him with the world.

Being the youngest member of the All City Chess Club’s crew Diggy has been digging up gold from the musical excavations. His “Oh Yeah!” featured by Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams is coincidentally symbolic of his caliber has gained huge popularity.

He has already become a Billboard’s Artists of the Year in 2011 and has also entered in the Annual Freshmen List of XXL. In the elite shows like BET’s Award, Diggy’s splendid performances give the audience value for their presence. He is a common choice for any prestigious award and perhaps has a special consent for an automatic entry in any prominent chart.

He has already shown enough magic and has more to surprise the musical world in the future ahead. Undoubtedly he would elevate further and reach the pinnacle. The young splendor has not only gathered fame but had also accumulated a whopping amount of his net worth. His estimated net worth has already gone up to the range of 4 million dollars.

Early Life

The marvelous rapper was born as Daniel Dwayne Simmons III on 21st March 1995 in Queens, New York City, United States of America. He was born to quite a famous personality Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons. His mother was Valerie Vaughn. His deep inclination towards music has come up from the very early childhood days watching high interest among family members. The American rapper was born with the mixed ethnicity.

He was born as the fourth child of his parents. He grew up with his six siblings who are Angela, Russel II, Vanessa, Victoria, Miley, and Jo-Jo. His interest towards rapping has grown seeing the mesmerizing talents of Kanya West, Jay-Z and some personalities of the music world.


He was ready for the musical excavation and started his career much early at the age of fourteen. His talents were watched by many prestigious companies who wanted their label to accompany the musical genius. He was trying out with some raps and looking for an opening in the music world. It was 2nd December 2009 when Diggy came up with his debut album which he released through his blog. The album was quite prudently named as “The First Flight” which gave him the elevation that is always a dream for any performer.

He got a mind-blowing response from the followers of music. Over 100,000 people downloaded the mixtape, and overnight Diggy became the real look out for big label for his huge popularity which he had gathered within few weeks. He preferred Atlantic Records overall and got into an agreement for the release of his commendable endeavors.

The maker of destiny had made versatile in different fields. Already overscheduled with music and acting, he launched Chivalrous Culture, a line of urban sneakers. During that time he also opened Hamachi his first model which is later discontinued. So it is highly appreciable that the rapper along with his art performing talents had also shown interest towards enterprising ability from the very young days. Cover for the “Made You Look” was released in 2010 and that went viral on the internet. Everybody remembers him “Oh Yeah!” The popularity of the youngster was beyond the scope of any wild human imagination. The song was somehow leaked before the release in 2010 and was ruling the young hearts at that time. On 23rd December 2011, the much wanted young American rapper came up with his third mixtape titled “Past, Present(s), Future.” By this time the indomitable rapper had convinced the world of the arrival of a marvelous artist for their entertainment.

For quite some time Diggy was happy with his mixtape in the musical arena but gradually realized that the innumerable followers of his music want something more from their hero. He can quench the demand a bit only through the release of an album. The huge expectation of the music world was met on 20th March 2012 when Diggy released his much-awaited debut album titled “Unexpected Arrival.” The huge appreciation of the music lovers was not unexpected, and the popularity of the star went up further. During this period when the lovers of rap music were enjoying his musical endeavors, Diggy showed another talent. The huge popularity of the rapper had opened up the gate of acting, and he became active with his acting since 2012.

In the famous comedy show titled “Parental Guidance,” he took up the role of character Bette Midler and Billy Crystal. It was observed by the audience that the rapper has equal prudence in acting and soon his acting is also started receiving an acknowledgment from the public. Diggy has got enough popularity with his appearance in one MTV reality show titled “Run’s House.”

It is now the turn of his various recognitions. BET is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the musical arena. In 2011 Diggy was first time nominated for the award in the category of Young Star Award. Next year he got catch hold of the award with his continuous flow of excellent musical creations. In the same year, the excellent rapper was nominated for another prestigious award NAACP Image Awards. He clinched the award on the first nomination and was declared as the most Outstanding New Artist.

He started delivering his efficiency to the world from the teenage and was rightly nominated for the Teen Choice Awards. Diggy has also gifted the world his fourth mixtape titled “Out of the World” which was highly appreciated by the audience. In 2013 a single “Mama Said” was released, and the rapper maintained his reputation. After this, another single titled “My Girl” is also appreciated by the fans.

Personal Life

Diggy has the real talent and is focusing more on the musical career. As a famous and popular person, he is obviously liked by many warm hearts who want him in their lives. But few names have emerged so far in his life, who had won the close relationship with Diggy. Previously it was Destiny Thompson who got into his life during 2010, but the relationship did not last long. Later he got into some relationship with Jessica Jarrell, but this relation also ended early.

Before ending the relation with Jessica, numerous gossips were rumored by the public and circulated by the media without any convincing proofs. Presently the terrific rapper-singer has imbued himself with music, and there is no rumor even of any relationship.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Daniel Dwayne Simmons III

Date of Birth: 21st March 1995

Birth Place: Queens, New York City, United States of America

Age: 23 Years Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor, and Singer

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $4 Million