Zachary Scuderi has such a conniving skill that his shrewd manipulating technique of the game has earned him a name. The world recognizes him as Sneaky has been playing professionally in the League of Legends.

Recently he is busy in AD Carry playing for Cloud9 under the League of Legends Champion Series North America. With Cloud9 he had bagged Summer NA LCS in 2013 and in the very next year won 2014 Spring NA LCS. For the Challenger Series Team of Cloud9, he has been listed as a sub on 17th July 2015.

With his stunning performance, Sneaky has earned a high reputation in the arena of an online video game.

Till date, he has earned enough prize money, which is more than $128 thousand dollars. It is quite evident that this terrific multi-gamer of LOL has accumulated enough money. His estimated net worth comes around in the range of $1.5 million.

Early life

C9 Sneaky is actually born as Zachary Scuderi on 19th March 1994 in Winter Spring, Florida, United States of America. Not much is known about his father, and Beth is his mother. Sneaky has a sister with a name Hannah. There is no doubt that his family has been with their boy in his endeavor. He has earned a separate identity only through his severe talent in the video gaming.

Before getting into the world of video gaming Champion Series, Sneaky was learning computer science at the Florida Atlantic University. But his attention gradually shifted to the gaming and his effective playing techniques and recognition he slowly shifted from his academic line. The American talent in the gaming world is also recognized as SneakyCastro and has started his career in 2012. Before getting into the League of Legends, Sneaky had augmented his skills in the Heroes of Newerth and World of Warcraft.


On the invitation of Beta, he got into the arena of League of Legends. Initially, LOL sucked as he was going without a map and other than towers, champions or the minions he could see nothing else. But slackness has come in the Heroes of Newerth, and slowly he started putting more effort on the LOL. He was in the Ordinance Gaming in 2012.

The first champion with whom he played was Gangplank but he believes it to be Veigar has given him the initial thrust. While playing in the Solo Queue, his adept was noticed, and he got the signal of entering into the League of Legend on the competitive level. He has been offered to join the jpak. To prone up further his talent and to experience the enjoyment with jpak he entered Absolute Legends North America and remained for few months in 2012.

His teaming with jpak did not continue further. Sneaky created a new team under Pulse eSports with Support Daddy, Kevîn, Onion bagel, and Kenikth. After a while, he realizes the team is not working well as it fails in the qualifiers of IPL and MLG. He was losing hope for the promotional tournament. Again in the same year in the month of February, he was into Team Dignitas, but that too does not work well.

On 6th April 2013, he linked with Quantic Gaming and successfully qualified for the NA LCS Summer Split in 2013. Later he joined Cloud 9 when Quantic roster is re-acquired by the Cloud 9. After becoming a core player of Cloud9 in May 2013, Sneaky has been one of most vital part of his team. So far Snaky had participated in 23 tournaments and had bagged enough richness to prove his caliber and success.

Personal life

He wants to become a coach as far his future planning concerned. Else he would return to the campus of his academics after retiring from the gaming world. Still, he loves to watch Dexter, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad as any other normal boy.

This high talented boy has been followed by 950,000 followers on his Twitch channel which has already got more than 60 million views.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Zachary Scuderi

Date of Birth: 19th March 1994

Birth Place: Florida, United States of America

Age: 23 years old

Profession: Video Gamer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 million