Aesop Rock is an American rapper, musician, songwriter, poet, visual artist and producer.

His net worth has been evaluated to be around $2.2 Million.

Early Life

Ian Matthias Bavitz was born on June 5th, 1976 in Syosset, New York to his parents Paul and Jameija. Bavitz has one older brother and one younger brother. Growing up, Bavitz was a Catholic, after he grew up, he turned agonistic.

For schooling, Bavitz went to North Port High School during 1990 and then graduated in 1994. After that he attended Boston University, Massachusetts to pursue a course in visual arts. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1998.

During this time, he met Blockhead who was then pursuing his school education. Aesop Rock’s style of music was Blockhead’s influence to focus in production. Bavitz started rapping in the early 1990s after being influenced by the hip-hop culture. He credits BDP, Run DMC, Public Enemy and KMD as inspiration. He followed the acts of Ministry, Dead Kennedys and Fugazi.


During his college years, Aesop Rock recorded and released two projects which were self-financed. It was named Music For Earthworms and featured the underground rap artist Percee P. Aesop Rock then released music video for the song ‘Abandon All Hope’ which was included in the CD. The album was successful in selling over 300 copies which was fuelled by the promotions done on Bavitz’s website and After that he released Appleseed EP in 1999 which was well received by the critics of the underground hip hop. All these tracks were produced by Blockhead and Dub-L.

After Bavitz conquered the underground hip hop scene, he was spotted by Mush label and he signed his debut record deal in 1999. Aesop Rock dropped his first album Float in 2000 which included guest appearances from artists like Slug, Dose One and Vast Aire. The tracks were produced by him and Blockhead.

After Float, Bavitz was signed by Definitive Jux, a Manhattan-based record label. He released his second album Labor Days (2001) and ‘Daylight was the lead single from the album. The album brought light to the topic of wage slaves and labour problems in America. This album was a chartbuster on Billboard and also bagged number 15 of United States Independent Charts.

Bazooka Tooth was the third album by Aesop Rock which was mostly produced by him. The album included appearances from Mr.Lif, Camp Lo, Party Fun Action Committee and El-P. The single ‘No Jumper Cables’ and ‘Freeze’ made it big which extended and took forth Aesop Rock’s recognition.

In 2005, Rock released a brand new EP Danger, Fast Cars, Fire and Knives. The package of this EP included a 88 page booklet which included lyrics of all his work, starting from Float.

Nike+iPod commissioned Aesop Rock to produce a 45-minute long instrumental track for their running system which was named All Day. This was released in 2007and was available on iTunes. The track featured many artists like his wife Allyson Baker and DJ Big Wiz. Aesop’s style was further influenced by this release as he claims this to be fresh and somewhat new.

Aesop Rock’s fifth album None Shall Pass was released in the same year and the artwork was done by Jeremy Fish.

The duo has also worked together in a project named ‘Ghost of the Barbary Coast’. Aesop produced a song ‘Tomorrow Morning’ to match the drawings of Jeremy Fish which was made available online for downloading. This album was a fresh style for Rock and was well received by the fans and critics. Till 2011, the label was put on a hiatus and no new albums were made by Bavitz.

In early 2012, Aesop Rock recorded his next album Skelethon. The first single from the album ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was dropped on YouTube and SoundCloud and was well received. He set on a US tour for promoting Skelethon where he was joined by Kimya Dawson and many more. 2016, witnessed the release of ‘Rings’ which was a part of his latest album, The Impossible Kid.

Personal Life

Bavitz married Allyson Baker who is a part of rock band, Dirty Ghosts in 2005. The couple resided in San Francisco. Their relationship ended when they decided on a divorce.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Aesop Rock

Date of Birth: June 5th, 1976

Birth Place: North Port, Long Island, New York, U.S.

Age: 41 years

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Visual Artist and Musician

Height: 1.93 m or 6’4’’

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2.2 Million