Jimmer Fredette is American professional basketball player.

From 2016 he is playing basketball for club “Shangai Sharks” which belongs to Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

In 2011 he won the title National Player of the Year in the category college basketball.

Before he became the player of “Shangai Sharks” he played basketball for several famous teams such as “Sacramento Kings”, “New Orleans Pelicans”, “Chicago Bulls” and some others.

Jimmer is in marriage with Whitney Fredette (ex Wonnacott) from 2012. In 2017 they got their first child, daughter named Wesley.

Whitney was Jimmer’s girlfriend from his college days. They were rumors that he is gay but he didn’t care for these speculations and he proved that he is happy husband and father.

More about successful career and private life of this famous basketball player you can read in the text below.

Early years

The real and full name of Jimmer Fredette is James Taft Fredette but his mother Kay gave him nickname because she wanted that he had unique name.

He was born on February 25th 1989 in Glens Falls, New York, United States.

Jimmer grew up with his brother TJ who is seven years older than him and also with his older sister Lindsay so he was the youngest kid in his family.

Jimmer started to show interests in sports when he was a little boy. At the beginning he was interested in athletics but later he began to play basketball. His brother TJ was big support to him so he always let the Jimmer to play basketball with him and his friends at the backyard court of their house.

According to TJ’s claims Jimmer was very talented as a boy and he even was hitting three-pointers when he was only five years old. He also learned to make such moves so that other players couldn’t take the ball from his hands and stop him in his excellent play.

When Jimmer was 10 years old TJ was saying that his younger brother will be NBA player one day and he were right. Besides TJ the other members of Jimmer’s family also support him in playing basketball.

Jimmer’s father Al who was financial adviser also helped him in developing his basketball career. He let the Jimmer when he was eight years old to play basketball games within competitions with adults at schoolyard.

Later Al from time to time took Jimmer with him to New York and Hartford with aim to provide to his son more serious competitions.

Jimmer’s mother Kay let him to play basketball in their family house and Jimmer even made a dribbling space in their basement.

Jimmer’s older sister Lindsay won the title Miss Teen New York in 1998.

Jimmer’s mother Kay is a Catholic while his father became the member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter”. Kay and Al let their children to choose the religion they want so TJ, Jimmer and Lindsay became Latter-day Saints as their father.

Career development

Jimmer was successful basketball player since his high school days when he was took place on the ESPN list of nation’s top 75 shooting guards. He was leading scorer during his high school days and he also took 16th place on New York’s all-time scoring list where he had  2,404 won points.

When he enrolled the American studies at the Brigham Young University (BYU) he was playing basketball at the college from 2007 to 2011. The number of his jersey was 32. Besides successful basketball career in that period he succeed to complete his studies.

In 2011 Jimmer won the title of “National Player of the Year” in college basketball. Before that he was proclaimed as leading scorer in all NCAA Division during his senior season for the BYU Cougars.

He started his professional NBA career when he finished college.

In 2011 Jimmer became the player of  “Sacramento Kings”. He played basketball for this team all until March 2nd 2014 when he signed the contract for Chicago Bulls for the rest of the season 2013/2014.

He was very successful and popular player in this team. His jersey with number 7 was sold out in Sacramento stores and also online for a very short time so merchandise sales increase for an amazing 540 percent.

On July 24th 2014 Jimmer signed out a contract with “New Orleans Pelicans”. On December 31 2014 he earned 14 points which was his season best game.

On July 22 2015 he signed out contract with the “Spurs” and on October 31 same year he was transferred to  “Westchester Knicks”.

On November 10th 2015 he came back to “New Orleans Pelicans” to help them to overcome hard season caused by many injuries of basketball players.

Only few days later on November 18th Jimmer signed a contract with Westchester Knicks. Just two days later he earned 37 points in the game and he had eight assists.

On January 29th 2016 he was selected for the East All-Star team of NBA D-League All-Star Game.

On February 22 same year Jimmer signed a contract duration of ten days with the New York Knicks.

Since the New York Knicks didn’t signed another contract with Jimmer when first expired he became free agent.

On March 6th Westchester engaged Jimmer to play in their team and at the end of 2015/2016 season he was selected for All-NBA D-League Second Team.

On August 2nd 2016 Jimmer signed a contract with Shangai Sharks that belongs to Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

At the beginning of new season Jimmer earned 51 points in the game against the Guangdong Southern Tigers.

On July 23 2017 Jimmer again signed a contract with Shangai Sharks and he still play basketball for that team.

 Personal life

Jimmer is married with Whitney Fredette (ex Wonnacott).

Jimmer and Whitney started to date when he was sophomore year at the Bringham Young University. In that time Whitney was cheerleader and they liked each other from the start.

Whitney is one year younger than Jimmer. She was born on April 16th 1990. She completed the studies of broadcast journalism at the Bringham Young University and after that she finished internship at one television station which is located in Salt Lake.

Jimmer proposed Whitney on August 27th 2011, three years after they hooked up, and she accept of course. Jimmer was so excited and happy when she said yes that he posted twit on his Twitter account: “I’m officially engaged everyone. She Said yes and she was completely surprised! It was perfect!! #perfectnight”.

They got married on June 1st 2012 at the Denver LDS Temple.

In February 2017 this couple got their first child, daughter named Wesley.

Net worth

It is hard to estimate Jimmer’s net worth and salary in total since he played basketball for many clubs. It is known that he earned about $6 million while he was playing basketball for several American NBA teams.

In 2016 when he became the player of “Shanghai Sharks” his salary for first year was about $1.1 million and in 2017 he signed a two year contract with that club with provided fee of $1.8 million so his earnings in total are about $9 million.

Quick summary

Full name: James Taft Fredette

Nickname: Jimmer

Date of birth: February 25th 1989

Age: 30

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Birthplace: Glens Falls, New York, United States

Profession/Occupation: professional basketball player

Net worth and salary: about $9 million

Height: 1.88 m or 6 feets and 2 inches

Weight: 88 kg or 195 Ib

Body Measurement: Unknown

Marital status: married with Whitney Wonnacott

Children: daughter named Wesley

Residence: he is from New York, United States of America although he currently live in Shangai, People’s Republic of China (PRC) where he play basketball for club “Shangai Sharks”

Religion: Latter-day Saints, member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter”

Nationality: American

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Social media accounts and web site:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimmerfredette_32/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimmerFredette

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmerfredette