Riley is a keen musician, an outstanding singer, an exclusive songwriter. He is also an excellent keyboardist and an eminent record producer. He hails from the city of New York and has come up with a new form of tunes that are absolutely unique.

He describes them to be as “Rolling Stones.”  He is the founder of the brand Wreckx-N-Effect,  Blackstreet, and Guy and written dozens of music for numerous host stars namely Bobby Brown,  Kool Moe Dee, Stevie Wonder and even Michael Jackson.

His net worth is estimated to be around 3.5 million dollars.

He is an excellent legendary music artist whose contemporary albums have helped him immensely to gain fame and prosperity. He has also helped the eminent singers namely Usher and Jackson. He has worked hard to know the different trends of music, and his net worth is increasing with each of his album releases.

Early life

Edward Theodore Riley is the birth name of Teddy Riley who was born on 8th October 1967 at Harlem, New York City, United States of America.

He was born to mother Mildred and stepfather Edward along with two other siblings. He was not much interested in building his academic career and was keen to make his foundation in the know much more about music. He got himself enrolled in the Manhattan School of Music and Composition at Columbia and also got his diploma degree from Columbia University.  When he was just in his twenties, he had no guardian around him to show him the perfect way.

He used to perform as a street singer and work upon a new genre of music.  He found out a new type of music named “Jack Swing.” According to him, the exclusive genre was a unique version of the common pattern of jazz, pop, and rap.

The rapper had a disturbed childhood, and by the time he reached 16 years, he knew how to make a living.  On his 10th year, he had already mastered upon probably all the musical instruments although he gave special attention to learning Keyboard. He started getting associated with the street concert organizers and started giving performances there.  Finally, hard work had made him form his first ever band named “Wreckx-N-Effect.


Riley came up wt several single numbers one after the other. As an exclusive songwriter, he came up with Doug E. Fresh’s “The Show” in the year 1985. Just after two more years, he came up with Wreckx-N-Effect that belonged to a new genre “New Jack Swing.” He was the co-organizer and the co-arranger of Jhonny Kemp, the album “Just Got Paid.” He served as a producer for the series of “Classic Two,” “Rap’s New Generation.

He was an arranger of the soundtrack “If I’m Not Your Lover” that was produced by Warner Bros in the year 1988. He also worked for Billy Ocean for the title track “Tear Down These Walls” in the year 1988. After the release of his three albums including the “Guy,” he came up with another band named “Blackstreet.” He served as a church singer for Paterson, New Jersey. He went for dubbing a hit number in “The Ebony Man.” He was declared by the Village Voice Music arranger Barry Michael Cooper as a real genius out of the entire sound recorder. Soon after he went for producing his associated group “Kids At Work” in the year 1981. He soon came up with a record hit number and an exclusively recorded soundtrack “New Jack City.” He also worked for Steve Wonder and Jane Child. He also founded his independent recording studio with the help of LOR Records and Management and moved on to form his own company named “Future Entertainment Group Ltd situated at the Virginia Beach, VA.

He made some of the exclusive soundtracks namely’ “The Future,” “Guy” and finally “Guy III” soon after he came up with four albums consecutively in the form of a compilation. The soundtracks were titled uniquely like “Finally,” “Level II” and “Another Level.”  He has also associated with many other eminent rappers namely, Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, Girl’s Generation. He even collaborated with several Korean Bands because he was wise enough to understand that Korean Bands would soon capture the rap industry in America. He was flamboyant enough to get associated with some of the eminent Korean Bands. He made his way through hardships and sincere efforts to make a position in the industry. Some of his latest creations are “Do the Right Things,” “Wanna Get with U,” “My Fantasy,” “You Can Call Me Crazy” which made him win the Grammy’s for the category of “Best Engineered Album.”

Personal life

The rapper claims Donna Roberts to be his partner. He is happy to be with Donna is planning to get married soon. There is no such rumor about the eminent rapper. The eminent rapper has won several prestigious awards and even had been enlisted as the “Blues Songwriter of the Year” that was awarded by the American Society.

In the year 1992, he was awarded the platinum degree for the album “The Future,” MCA in the year 1990.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Edward Theodore Riley

Date of Birth: 8th October 1967

Birth Place: Harlem, New York, USA

Age: 51 Years Old

Profession: Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, and Record Producer

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches / 1.7 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3.5 Million